2011 CFN SEC Week 3 Roundup & Predictions

Posted Sep 20, 2011

2011 CFN SEC Week 3 Game Recaps, Standings, Roundup, & More

2011 SEC Week 3

East Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt 
West Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Ole Miss | Miss State 
SEC Roundup: Week 1 | Week 2


Player of the Week

South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore ran 37 times for 246 yards and three score, and caught four passes for 25 yards, in the win over Navy..

Three Best Games of the Week

1. at Clemson 38 … Auburn 24
2. at Florida 33 … Tennessee 23
3. Louisville 24 ... at Kentucky 17

Conf. Overall
Florida 1 0 3 0
S. Carolina 1 0 3 0
Vandy 0 0 3 0
Kentucky 0 0 2 1
Tenn. 0 1 2 1
Georgia 0 1 1 2
  Conf. Overall
LSU 1 0 3 0
Auburn 1 0 2 1
Alabama 0 0 3 0
Arkansas 0 0 3 0
Ole Miss 0 1 1 2
Miss St 0 2 1 2
Players of the Week
9/3 S Tyrann Mathieu, LSU
9/10 RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
9/17 RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

Games of the Week
9/3 at Auburn 42 … Utah State 38  
9/10 at Auburn 41 ... Mississippi State 34
9/17 at Clemson 38 … Auburn 24

Alabama ... at Alabama 41 .. North Texas 0 … The offensive line decided it was time to blast someone in the running game as the Tide cranked out 347 yards and five touchdowns. Eddie Lacy continues to be one of the nation's top home run hitters, while Trent Richardson averaged 15.2 yards per carry with 167 yards and three scores on 11 carries. The passing game was fine with A.J. McCarron and Phillip Sims combining to complete 21-of-29 passes for 239 yards. Play time is over. Now it's time to show just how good the team is with Arkansas and Florida up next.

Arkansas ... at Arkansas 38 ... Troy 28 … If it's possible to go through the motions and come up with 454 yards in an easy win, Arkansas did it. The pass protection was spotty, but Ronnie Wingo ran well with 109 yards and two touchdowns and Tyler Wilson held tough with 303 yards and two scoring passes. However, the late pick six made the game more interesting than it should've been, and the defense had too many problems against the Troy passing game. Are there holes, or was this a case of looking ahead to Alabama? It might have been a little bit of both, and the Hogs need to be better on the lines to have a shot against the Tide and Texas A&M over the next few dates.

Auburn ... at Clemson 38 … Auburn 24  … Auburn has to figure out how to tackle. The Tigers were slipping off Clemson runners time and again and had several chances to come up with stops to shut down plays, and didn't. The run defense was the third-worst in America coming into the game, and Clemson, who is just average on the ground, rumbled for 238 yards. On the plus side, Michael Dyer was tremendous, running for 151 yards and two scores on just 16 carries, but Barrett Trotter only completed 12-of-25 passes for 198 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Playing Florida Atlantic next week will make everything look better, but reality should return the week after against South Carolina unless the Tigers get more physical.

Florida ... at Florida 33 … Tennessee 23 … The Gators should've put this game away earlier. They showed off speed, flash, and tremendous athleticism as they had few problems early on. However, the O had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, and it continues to be a problem that the attack seems to wait for the home run from Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps. Fortunately, they keep hitting them. The defensive front had a nice game continues to be phenomenal, not allowing a thing on the ground, and the offensive line is keeping John Brantley upright. Slowly but surely, this is starting to look like the elite version of Florida again, but the attack needs to be a bit more efficient and effective, needing to use Kentucky next week to fine tune everything before facing Alabama.

Georgia ... at Georgia 59 … Coastal Carolina 0 … Whoopee. Yes, Georgia needed a week off after all the drama from the first two games, and it needed a week off from all the Mark Richt hot seat talk. The Dawgs came out and did whatever they wanted to do, and it might have allowed everyone to exhale for a moment as Isaiah Crowell ripped off some nice runs, including the 27-yarder for a score to kickoff the fun. The offense was crisp, the defense was dominant, and Coastal Carolina never stood a chance against a team trying to come up with a big blowout to quiet everyone down for a week. With the way Ole Miss is playing, Georgia has to do the same thing in Oxford next week.

Kentucky ... Louisville 24 ... at Kentucky 17 … Kentucky finally got a good day out of Morgan Newton, but it wasn't enough as he couldn't come through in crunch time. The offensive line still can't pass protect and Newton is always under pressure, but his 255 yards and two touchdown passes were a big plus compared to the first few games. The running attack is non-existent, with Josh Clemons and CoShik Williams combining for just 57 yards on 18 carries, and the lack of balance was a problem for the inconsistent attack. The team needs to find an identity, but more than anything else, it needs to get better offensive line play in a hurry or Newton will get destroyed by Florida, LSU, and South Carolina over the next here weeks.

LSU ... LSU 19 … Mississippi State 6 … LSU beat up Mississippi State with tremendous line play, power running, and a shockingly effective passing day from Jarrett Lee. It's one thing for the Tigers to be able to wait out the Bulldogs with its toughness, but it's another to pull out the win because Lee, who's considered a liability, was able to push the ball down the field and keep the chains moving. LSU might have only converted 4-of-12 third down chances, but it held on to the ball for over 36 minutes and controlled the game throughout. No, Lee isn't a top talent, but the offensive line gave him time to work, MSU had to worry about the Tiger ground game, and the results created an effective mix that showed why this year's LSU team might be the best yet under Les Miles. Against West Virginia next week, the key will be to control the ball again to keep the high powered Mountaineer offense off the field.

Ole Miss ... at Vanderbilt 30 … Ole Miss 7 … Ole Miss needs to come up with a better quarterback option> Zack Stoudt tried to keep the team alive by bombing away, but his five interceptions made the game a laugher and not being able to get on the board until late in the fourth against Vandy is unforgivable. The O line that was supposed to be such a strength kept screwing up with penalties and poor protection, and there was no running game to speak of to try to calm the game down. If the Rebels can regroup and be much, much tighter in a win over Georgia next week, the team and the season might calm down, but this was a game the team needed to have with a trip to Fresno State along with battles with Alabama and Arkansas coming up soon. Now, a 1-7 start going into the road trip to Kentucky is more than possible.

Miss State ... LSU 19 … Mississippi State 6 … Mississippi State now has a problem on its hands. Chris Relf was fine, completing 11-of-17 passes for 96 yards, but he wasn't able to get going on the ground and he wasn't moving an offense that finished with 190 yards. Even so, LSU wasn't running away with the game and it was still there for the taking, and Relf was benched for Tyler Russell. The goal was to try to get the passing game going a little more effectively, but it didn't work. Yes, Relf held on to the ball a bit too much, and yes, he didn't make quick enough decisions, but LSU had a lot to do with that. With Louisiana Tech up next before going to Georgia, MSU has to establish whether or not this is Relf's team or not, but at 0-2 in the SEC, there can't be any panic.

South Carolina ... at South Carolina 24 … Navy 21 … South Carolina has a strange way of always playing up or down to its competition. Navy took it to the Gamecock defense and was fearless in moving the ball on the ground, but Marcus Lattimore showed what an NFL caliber back looks like with 246 yards and three touchdowns. There has to be some fear that the tread is going to wear off the tires as the season goes on; it's mid-September, and Lattimore just ran 37 times in a non-conference game. In just three games, the franchise back already has 96 touches, and now comes dates against Vanderbilt and Auburn that the team can't afford to give away. Stephen Garcia is the only other player to carry the ball.

Tennessee ... at Florida 33 … Tennessee 23 … The Vols lost WR Justin Hunter to a knee injury, and they seemed to lose their firepower and their deep ability. Tyler Bray, as always, was fearless, and he spread the ball around extremely well with his star out of the picture. The offensive line that's been such a problem so far in pass protection didn't have a prayer against the Gator offensive front to get the ground game going, finishing with -9 net yards with Tauren Poole coming up with just 18 yards on nine carries. This was Bray's offense and he did what he could, but Tennessee was overmatched. With winnable home games against Buffalo and Georgia up next, the Vols have to get the ground game moving a bit, but they mostly have to tune up the passing game even more with LSU and Alabama coming up soon. Forget about moving the ball on the ground against the Tide and Tigers.

Vanderbilt ... at Vanderbilt 30 … Ole Miss 7 … Vanderbilt will never be an offensive powerhouse, but against Ole Miss it looked like Wisconsin. The ground game was efficient and effective with Zac Stacy picking up the slack with 169 yards – 77 on the game sealing touchdown run – in place of Warren Norman, while Larry Smith didn't make the big mistake completing 13-of-20 passes for 103 yards. The team needs to win on turnover margin and others' mistakes, and while the three turnovers and seven penalties were way too many, the Rebels kept screwing up worse. Reality is about to set in with road games at South Carolina and Alabama up next, but the secondary is playing at a high level and the D is doing a terrific job of taking the ball away. Again, if Vandy can win the turnover margin, things might get interesting against the better teams.

Thursday, Sept. 15

LSU 19 ... at Mississippi State 6
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CFN Prediction: LSU 24-16  
Line: LSU -3.5   O/U: 49.5

Saturday, Sept. 17

at Clemson 38 ... Auburn 24
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CFN Prediction: Auburn 31-30 
Line: Clemson -3.5  O/U: 59

at Vanderbilt 30 ... Ole Miss 7
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CFN Prediction: at Vanderbilt 20-17  
Line: Ole Miss -1.5   O/U: 48

at Georgia 59 ... Coastal Carolina 0
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at South Carolina 24 ... Navy 21
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at Florida 33 ... Tennessee 23
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Louisville 24 ... at Kentucky 17
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at Arkansas 38 ... Troy 28
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at Alabama 41 .. North Texas 0
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