5 Thoughts - Bring On Oklahoma vs. Alabama

Posted Sep 19, 2011

Oklahoma vs. Alabama would be a great national title, but not yet

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5 Thoughts, Sept. 19

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By Rich Cirminiello

I want to see Alabama versus Oklahoma for the whole enchilada in January. However, I also reserve the right to spend the next couple of months eyeing other candidates capable of earning a spot in the Jan. 9 National Championship Game in New Orleans.

Now that almost one-quarter of the season is completed, I'm becoming more and more convinced that preseason pollsters were correct—the Crimson Tide and the Sooners are this season's two premier squads. The ‘Bama D is air-tight. OU owns arguably the best victory of the month so far, knocking off Florida State in Tallahassee, 23-13. Still, no one ought to lose sight of the next tier of programs that are capable of smashing through the predictability and wire-to-wire potential that currently exists with the two favorites.

LSU has been every bit as ornery on defense as Alabama, and houses a signature win over Oregon. Wisconsin is for real now that it has a top-notch quarterback calling the shots. Stanford has Andrew Luck and a defense and offense that currently rank in the top 10 nationally. The winner of this week's showdown between Oklahoma State and Texas A&M will feel as if it has enough offense and momentum to bump the Sooners down a peg. And Boise State is always eager to show off its resume to anyone who's interested.

Alabama and Oklahoma are the class of the 2011 season … today. Today is Sept. 18, which means there's a ton of football left to be played, and enough twists and turns in the road to make any foregone conclusion about the title game disappear like the warm weather and long days. There are still a handful of very strong programs not called the Tide or the Sooners that have performed in September as if they might have championship chops.