Cirminiello: Can We PLEASE have a Plus One?
Posted Nov 14, 2011

Cirminiello Week 11 Thought: Desperate for a Plus One


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Week 11  Thoughts, Nov. 14 

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 This week's musing is less of a thought than it is a dream. A fairy-tale. A likely figment of my rather active and colorful imagination.

Plus-one. Say it. Text it. Tweet it. Like it. Do whatever is necessary to get the word out that this simple tweak to the bowl system would be a monumental step toward improving not just the postseason, but the regular season as well. All we need is one additional bowl game, a postscript that allows three more deserving programs to have a crack at a National Championship. On or around New Year's Day, two of the BCS bowl games will host No. 1 vs. No. 4 and No. 2 vs. No. 3. A week or so later, those winners square off to determine this year's champ. And just like that, without disturbing the current bowl system or adding too many games to the athletes' plates, a far more compelling and equitable method gets installed. Yes, this soapbox is beginning to crumble, but it's a message that's too important not to repeat over and over again. The time has come to institute a plus-one.

Let's bring this discussion to a more relevant topic, such as the current season. For beginners, I'm asking for there to be an immediate moratorium on referring to the regular season as "college football's version of a playoff". Insert Jim Mora rant here. It's one of the more ridiculous and overly recycled comments in all of sports. So, with that rationale, are we supposed to believe that Oregon had its "playoff" game in the opener with LSU? Since the Ducks lost that evening in Arlington, Tex., they were naturally eliminated from National Championship contention, right? Digest this in order to fully understand the lunacy of the current system: An outstanding and surging Ducks team, now 9-1, was virtually knocked out of the "playoffs" … two days before Labor Day. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous in American sports? You failed your test against the Tigers in the opener, now be careful not to bump your head on the glass ceiling.

How about Alabama? The Crimson Tide might be good enough to win a National Championship, but they had the misfortune of losing their "playoff" game a week earlier to LSU. You know, that unique "playoff" twist and seeding arrangement inherent to only college football that pits the No. 1 team against the No. 2 squad a month before the regular season ends.

I need to see a system that allows more than two teams into the playoff mix, thus injecting more intrigue into a bland postseason, and even more into an already exciting regular season. Think of all of the new possibilities and November twists and turns if there were twice as many spots available in the hunt for the BCS National Championship Game. LSU vs. a new and improved Oregon in a rematch. Alabama vs. the winner of Bedlam, either Oklahoma State or Oklahoma. No, it's not going to happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?