TQ: Predicting Urban Meyer's Future

Posted Nov 29, 2011

Tuesday Question: What Will OSU Do Under Urban Meyer?

Tuesday Question 

Predicting Urban Meyer's Tenure

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Fast forward ten years from now. What has Ohio State accomplished under Urban Meyer?  

By Richard Cirminiello 

: I think it's obvious, or at least it should be, that the Buckeyes made a terrific hire today, landing the best free agent within the coaching ranks. The University got a proven winner, someone who won't take too long to restore the order in Columbus. Heck, this is Ohio State, where landing blue-chippers is virtually unavoidable. Plus, you can bet that Meyer will further enrage the folks in Florida by bringing some of the state's talent back to the Midwest.

He'll win.

He'll win big. And he'll win fast. Do we really need a refresher of how quickly Meyer elevated programs in Bowling Green, Salt Lake City and Gainesville? Ohio State will afford him all of the resources needed to be back on the top of the heap within two or three years.

Meyer and the Buckeyes are an ideal marriage, but how long will it last? College football's version of Dick Vermeil left the game less than a year ago, citing burnout and a desire to spend more time with his family. Have those two personal issues really been solved after just 10 months away from the sidelines? It'd be a surprise if that was true. He's not Frank Beamer or Mack Brown, able to calmly process the rigors of the job without allowing them to wear him down. No, Meyer is the quintessential Type A personality who only knows one speed.

Ten years from now, Urban Meyer will be but a memory in Columbus. He'll only last about five years at Ohio State, winning around 80% of his games, ticking off about 80% of the media at one time or another and bringing a national championship back to the Shoe.

By: Barrett Sallee
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Ten years from now, Ohio State will have bought itself a whole lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Well,not nothing, but at least not what Buckeye fans expect. Sure, Ohio State may get back to top 10 status, re-establish its dominance over Michigan and perhaps win a few Big Ten titles. But Urban Meyer isn't going to Columbus for that purpose. His goal is to win national titles - plural.

That's not going to happen.

The SEC has a stranglehold on the crystal football because of its speed, particularly the speed of the big uglies. Just because Urban Meyer is going to Ohio State doesn't mean that Alabama, LSU, Auburn and the rest of the teams in the SEC are suddenly going to stop recruiting and developing NFL caliber talent up front. As a matter of fact, after five (and likely six) consecutive national titles, Meyer would be lucky to pluck one or two top tier high school players from his former SEC stomping ground.

Meyer will do well in Columbus; but his ceiling will be the same ceiling that Jim Tressel couldn't break through during his last eight years as the Buckeye head coach. It's the Jimmy's and Joe's, not the X's and O's; and the SEC will still maintain an advantage in that department. Ohio State will probably enjoy a few Big Ten titles, perhaps a BCS Championship Game appearance, and probably even a few Urban Meyer retirements. For $4 million per season plus incentives, that won't be good enough.

By Matt Zemek

Speculating on the next full decade of Urban Meyer's coaching career is like speculating on the 2014 Western Athletic Conference season or the 2015 Big East Conference season. We don't even know if it will exist that long.

For what it's worth, though, Meyer's quick re-entry into the coaching ranks doesn't merely suggest that his health problems were overstated. It basically declares that they were overblown from the start… at least, of course, if Meyer is to be taken at his word.

Therefore, if Meyer does last 10 years in Columbus, one should expect two national championships and a few more Big Ten titles, although Michigan's Brady Hoke will prevent those numbers from becoming too big. Michigan is in position to thrive over the next two seasons while Ohio State gets its bearings. Braxton Miller will certainly improve in 2012, but he has a lot of work to do to become a complete player.

Ohio State's other skill people were hardly impressive this season, reinforcing the notion that the Buckeyes won't immediately zoom to the top of the Big Ten next year. With that said, the Wolverines need to strike before 2014, because Meyer should have a fully-loaded juggernaut and a polished set of players by the time his third season rolls around.

The Buckeyes should be favored to win the Big Ten in even-numbered years (when they host Michigan). The recruits Meyer will pull into Ohio (beyond the state's borders) should supplement local talent and create top-of-the-line college football teams with the speed needed (especially at linebacker and the skill positions) to take down the SEC's best at least some of the time.

If Meyer stays healthy, Ohio State will win big… just not in 2012 as a starting point.

By: Russ Mitchell
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What's the debate? He's won at Bowling Green. He's won at Utah. He's won at Florida.

Why in the world wouldn't he win at Ohio State?

Particularly when you think of everything he'll have at his disposal in Columbus. The table is set for success for Meyer...AND The Ohio State University.

In fact, we'll take it one step further - this might be the single greatest college football coaching hire in OSU history. Tressel turned out to be a great coach (in terms of winning on the field), but you can't tell me with a straight face you were absolutely sure of that when the call came down. You are with Meyer.

And now we'll get to see how the rest of Big Ten will be able to handle a great spread offense at a power; and no, RichRod was never given enough time in Ann Arbor, although we see glimpses of it with Denard Robinson. Week in and out, the B1G is built for smash mouth football...to defend smash mouth football. We may see the advantage with Meyer that we expected to see with Rodriguez.

Another thought...as ESPN gets cozier and cozier with our sport, how will the four letter network cover their ex-employee, now at one of our sports signature institutions? How will Fowler, Herbstreit and crew critique their friend and ex-colleague?

Phil Harrison
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The worst kept secret in college football over the last decade finally game to fruition Monday night. That's right, Urban Meyer is now head coach at The Ohio State University. It is the hire that all of Buckeye Nation was looking for--and finally we can begin to speculate what this will look like if we could peer a scarlet and gray crystal ball ten years from now.

First of all, before we lay out the tarot cards and summon ghosts of college football lore, we need to all take a deep breath and read the the college football disclaimer that past success is not always indicative of future gains, especially when one has had a health scare and life balance realization...

That being said, Urban Meyer has the track record, and once he gets into the football offices in the shadow of the big ‘ole Horseshoe, the itch is going to alive and well again. Meyer may be saying that he now knows the life balance needed and blah, blah, blah. Let's not kid ourselves though, once a competitor, always a competitor and you can bet that the only balance that he is going to strive for is on offense. This man is going to go after it, but more than likely with the understanding there are more important things in life--thus leveling the stress he has put on his own self.

So, now we are ready for the reading....everyone hold hands while we play some edgy new age music, turn down the lights, and fire up some candles:

Urban Meyer will be the right guy for Ohio State. He has purchased himself a college football vehicle that is loaded with all of the options and packages you could ever want. There is a fertile recruiting ground in a state where OSU is king, there are finances upon finances, great facilities, and a top five, if not top three pedigree to pull from. A lot of programs don't want to hear this, but he is going to be working with a set of power tools unlike many other places in the country.

The man with entrenched roots in the state of Ohio will recruit, outwork and out-scheme other coaches, and ultimately pile up wins because of it.

You see, OSU has never really gone for a big splash hire, never put all of the variables out there together to cook the ultimate championship meal--yet it has always done just fine missing a key ingredient. Now that Meyer is on board, all of the things that you would want in the main dish will be a delight to the palette of Buckeye fans, and he may just serve up a several course meal of championships.

Now before we get too carried away, some breaks have to go OSU's way as well--like the NCAA playing nice in the sandbox, and a few plays and games that could go either way--going the right way. All those factors however, should only determine how much he wins, and not if he wins. After all, if the man can win at Bowling Green and Utah, he'll win at tradition rich Ohio State.

So now, the bottom line--when we are a decade past and looking in the rear-view mirror, Urban Meyer will have won several Big Ten Championships, beaten Michigan more times than not (though close), will have played in multiple BCS bowl games, and have a BCS National Championship trophy (or whatever its called then) or two sitting in the Woody Hayes Athletic Facility.

Okay, our time is up, cue the lights and lets get back to real life.
By Terry Johnson

Meyer will be successful because he has won everywhere that he has coached.

In 2001, Meyer took over a Bowling Green program that went 2-9 the year before, and had not had a winning season since 1994. Under his leadership, the Falcons went 8-3 and throttled MAC Champion Toledo 56-21 in the season finale.

After posting a 17-6 record at BG, Meyer headed west to coach at the University of Utah. In his two seasons in Salt Lake City, Meyer led the Utes to a 22-2 record with two Mountain West titles. More impressively, Meyer's 2004 team defeated every opponent by at least 14 points, and became the original "BCS Buster" by demolishing Big East champion Pittsburgh 35-7 in the Fiesta Bowl.

Despite his success at his first two head coaching jobs, it was not until Meyer took the job at Florida that he established himself as one of the game's elite coaches. Meyer took over a Gator program that had declined mightily since the resignation of Steve Spurrier, and lead them to two national championships – including a win over Ohio State for the 2006 title.

Meyer will have no trouble succeeding at Ohio State right away. Unlike his previous jobs, he already has the type of talent on campus to run his trademark spread offense. In addition, the Buckeyes fielded top 20 recruiting classes every season playing under Tressel's conservative offensive scheme. Meyer should be able to get even better players to come to Columbus year after year with his exciting style of offense. And recruiting top defensive players to OSU will never a problem with all of the former Buckeyes that play in the NFL.

More importantly, Meyer will last longer at Ohio State than most people expect. While coaching at OSU is a tough job, it pales in comparison to rigors of coaching in the SEC where football is literally a religion. Big Ten fans are intense, SEC fans are rabid. Meyer is also allegedly assembling an All-Star cast of assistant coaches suggesting that he will delegate more of his duties to his assistants than in past seasons. This should prevent him from suffering the type of burnout that he suffered through at Florida.

Gazing into my crystal ball, I project that Ohio State will contend for the Leaders Division title in every season that Meyer is on the sidelines. Given Meyer's coaching ability and the amount of talent that he will bring in, I predict he will win the Big Ten Title in half of the years that he coaches. I also expect the Buckeyes to be the team the breaks the SEC's stranglehold on the national championship.

In other words, he will be in the same conversation with the legendary Woody Hayes – sans the theatrics - when his tenure is complete.

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