CFN Analysis - Rutgers Beats ISU In Pinstripe
Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison
Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison
Posted Dec 30, 2011

CFN Instant Analysis on the Rutgers win over Iowa State in the Pinstripe

CFN Analysis   


By Pete Fiutak

- This was a big win for Rutgers as it goes on to what should be a huge 2012, but it wasn't worth playing the game to lose Khaseem Greene for any extended length of time.

- Rutgers needs a better passing game and it needs Chas Dodd to become more of a playmaker. All that might be missing from next year's team is consistent quarterback play.

- Jawan Jamison isn't Ray Rice, but he's a nice back who'll be the focal point of the Scarlet Knight offense. The O line has to come together and be better than it was throughout the year.

- This was a time win. Had this game been played with just a week to prepare in the middle of October, Iowa State would've looked much better. Greg Schiano and his coaching staff had the defense dialed into everything the Cyclones were doing.

- Steele Jantz had his moments, but there's a reason he was benched halfway through the year for Jared Barnett.

- Barnett looked like he got dinged up, but the 2-of-7 start meant a change needed to be made no matter what.

- The unsung star of the game? Rutgers punter Justin Doerner. Considering how much the Iowa State offense was struggling, blasting away for almost 50 yards per kick made a huge difference.

- This game didn't help Oklahoma State's cause in the theoretical debate.

By Richard Cirminiello 

That gift basket headed to Piscataway is coming courtesy of the BCS. The swath of critics who feel Oklahoma State belongs on the dance card with LSU shrunk considerably after the Cowboys' lone loss, to Iowa State, just got a whole lot worse in Yankee Stadium.

Absolutely no one expects Scarlet Knights WR Mohamed Sanu to be back for his senior year since he's already NFL-ready. However, if he decided to pull a Matt Barkley, and flip the script, he'd be returning to a Rutgers team that just might be good enough to finally win a Big East title.

I love what Paul Rhoads does in Ames, but his Cyclones didn't look nearly as prepared as Rutgers did for this Pinstripe Bowl. Since the talent gap between the schools is nominal, it goes to figure that the Knights staff just did a much better job throughout December of having its kids primed for this one.

Where was this Rutgers offensive line during the regular season? For a team that was averaging just 91 yards and 2.6 yards a carry entering the game, it sure did a surprisingly good job of springing Jawan Jamison, and keeping the young quarterbacks from throwing with Cyclones in their face.

If this Rutgers victory had a theme song, it would be Billy Joel's Pressure. Greg Schiano and his assistants crafted a perfect gameplan for Iowa State, making it impossible for Steele Jantz or Jared Barnett to set his feet in the pocket. Good news, Knights. Just about everyone from that assertive D is expected back in 2012.

By Matt Zemek

Iowa State called the great trick plays and threw the kitchen sink at Rutgers in the first quarter, but it was the Scarlet Knights who possessed the fundamentally better scheme and, ultimately, the superior team on Friday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Iowa State personnel told Ralph Russo of The Associated Press that Rutgers brought more pressure than anyone in the Big 12 did… and that was BEFORE this game.

Iowa State knew the heat was coming, and it still couldn't handle Rutgers' assortment of blitzes. That says a lot about the performance of Greg Schiano in the second Pinstripe Bowl. It also represents a searing indictment of Big 12 defenses over the course of the regular season. In Glendale, Arizona, a young man named Andrew Luck might have grown that much more confident in his ability to attack the Oklahoma State defense Iowa State was able to exploit on Nov. 18.

Indeed, what's hard to ignore in the wake of this game – a game in which Iowa State quarterbacks once again failed to throw the ball with any sustained accuracy – is that Iowa State was able to torch Oklahoma State throughout the second half of that contest, played six weeks ago in Ames. Rutgers's ability to clamp down on the Cyclones gives the Scarlet Knights a huge boost heading into a changed (and West Virginia-free) Big East in 2012. It should also give Stanford more reason to think it can win the Fiesta Bowl on Monday night.

By: Barrett Sallee
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- If Rutgers can play in the trenches all season the way it played against Iowa State, the Scarlet Knights would represent the Big East in the BCS every season. That offensive line was flat-out dominant up front. Jawan Jamison had a big night, but the offensive line was the primary reason.

- Rutgers will undoubtedly tout its bowl streak, but bragging about winning mediocre bowls is just bad form. Win a big one, and then we'll talk.

- Rutgers defensive back Logan Ryan made a name for himself tonight. He'll get some national pub heading into next season.

- Paul Rhoads will be "proud of his football team," but he shouldn't be proud of his offense. The Cyclones didn't make an appearance in the red zone until five minutes to go in the fourth quarter. That's unacceptable at any level.

- Steele Jantz needs to be Iowa State's starting quarterback next season. Despite the loss, Jantz is the real deal.

By Terry Johnson
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- This was the complete opposite of some of the other bowl games, as defense ruled the day. Both defensive lines whipped their counterparts, which kept the offenses behind on a down and distance. As a result, the teams combined to convert on just 4 of 26 on third downs.

- Even with both defenses dominating, didn't everyone expect Iowa State to mount another fourth quarter comeback?

- After their head-scratching loss in the season finale to UConn, people asked, "Exactly, how good is Rutgers?" Now that the Scarlett Knights have thoroughly dominated a Big 12 opponent, we can safely say that they have a solid team.

- Why did Rutgers keep kicking the ball to Jarvis West? West took one to the house in the first half, which was negated due to a holding penalty. Leading by 14 with just under 6 minutes to play, Schiano curiously elected to kick to West, who broke a 42-yard return, placing the Cyclones in prime position to mount a comeback. I guess that is one way to tell your defense that you believe in them.

- Expect RB Jawan Jamison to emerge as the focal point of the Rutgers offense next season. Jamison proved tonight that he could handle the load as a feature back, rushing for 133 yards while receiving the bulk of the carries. With the departure of all-start WR Mohammed Sanu next season, this could be just what the doctor ordered for the Scarlet Knights.

- How ironic is it that the team that had one of the longest bowl droughts, now has the most bowl wins in a row?