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Sallee On The Rose - Offensive Power
Posted Jan 2, 2012

Barrett Sallee's thoughts on the offensive explosion at the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl Proves That Good Football Can Be Offensive

By: Barrett Sallee
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“Offense wins games, defense wins championships.”

You hear that expression all of the time, especially in SEC circles - where defense reigns supreme. After Baylor’s 67-56 shootout win over Washington in the Valero Alamo Bowl, the noise only increased.

“That’s bad football.”

“Do you think they’d be able to score like that against good defenses?”

I want one question answered from the people who ridicule shootouts as bad football: Was the Rose Bowl bad football?

No...not even close.

There is good football played in 9-6 defensive slugfests and 45-38 bowl game explosions - as demonstrated by Oregon and Wisconsin.

The Badgers entered the game with the nation’s No. 8 defense, having given up an average of 293 yards per game, while Oregon finished in the top 20 in turnover margin and No. 3 in sacks. Do the Ducks give up yards? Sure, but that’s mostly due to the fact that Oregon’s offense is on the field for short periods of time.

Just because there are a lot of points scored in a game doesn’t mean that it’s bad football or because the defenses are mediocre. Oregon and Wisconsin both have top tier athletes, and the schemes employed by both teams in Pasadena put those players positions to make things happen.

I was wildly entertained by the Alabama/LSU game earlier this season, as I was with the Rose Bowl and the Alamo Bowl. Two different kinds of games, and both displayed elements of the game at its finest, and areas that need some work.

Don’t let conference pride or preference in style ruin your perspective of the game. Great teams can win via shootout too. That trend will only continue as offenses in college continue to get more creative.