Sallee On The Fiesta - Shaw Lost It
Posted Jan 2, 2012

Barrett Sallee's thoughts on Oklahoma State's win over Stanford in the Fiesta

Stanford's Loss Falls On David Shaw

By: Barrett Sallee
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Did Mark Richt e-mail his Outback Bowl game notes to David Shaw before the Fiesta Bowl?

Some lessons are better learned by doing, because if David Shaw had his television on earlier Monday afternoon, he would have known better than to play for a field goal at the end of the fourth quarter and overtime.

Stanford took over after Oklahoma State tied it up with 2:35 to play, with a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist taking the snaps, and Shaw took the ball out of his hands. Andrew Luck drove his team down to the 25-yard line, completing five straight passes in the process.

Shaw then took the ball out of his All-American's hands.

Two straight runs, his kicker Jordan Williamson - who looked completely petrified - pulled a field goal wide left. Don't feel bad for Williamson, he souldn't have been in that position. The ball should have been in Andrew Luck's hands.

But wait, there's more.

In overtime, when it was apparent that Williamson was in his own head, Shaw calls two runs and a short pass, which left Williamson with a 43-yard field goal. Again, he shouldn't have been in that position, and Shaw should have done more to protect him.

It's a bowl game. It's an exhibition. You empty the deck and leave it all out on the field in games like this, because if you go conservative in games like this, you lose more times than not.

Shaw's a young coach, and he'll learn a lot from this experience, but this loss falls on him.