Fiu On The Fiesta - OSU Should've Played LSU
Posted Jan 2, 2012

Pete Fiutak's thoughts on Oklahoma State's win over Stanford in a thrilling Fiesta Bowl.

By Pete Fiutak

- It's about the PROCESS. Oklahoma State deserved to play LSU for the BCS Championship even if it lost to Stanford 38-0.

- But the win helps the argument.

- It has to keep being said. Do I think Alabama is better than Oklahoma State? Yes. Do I think LSU is better than Oklahoma State? Yes. Does it matter what I think? No. All that matters is what we all know. We know LSU is better than Alabama. Is LSU better than Oklahoma State? We don't know.

- No, it doesn't matter what you think in this debate.

- Yes, the national title should be split if Alabama wins. It should be split with LSU.

- Alabama and LSU don't have Andrew Luck.

- LSU played one team that could throw – West Virginia – and got lit up through the air.

- Oklahoma State can throw.

- Yeah, it worked out, but Wile E. MikeGundy, Super Genius, WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLAYING FOR THE FIELD GOAL? I'm sure there are stats somewhere on this, but how many things can go wrong on a field goal vs. having the ball 1st and goal from the one? Snap, QB sneak, win. Miss? Snap, QB sneak, win. Miss? Then you can go for the field goal.

- Jim Kelly isn't a Super Bowl winning quarterback because Scott Norwood missed a kick. Andrew Luck came up with a masterful performance, but he's a Fiesta Bowl loser because Jordan Williamson choked – sorry, but the sky is blue – on the game-winning field goal attempt and in overtime. Fair or not, that's how this works.

- No Heisman. No national title. No Pac-12 title. It might have been worth it for Luck personally to come back for his junior year, but football-wise, no, it didn't work out.

- Luck is getting all the credit and the post-game love for his 27-of-31, 347-yard, two score, one pick day, but as was the case all season long, Stanford got just as much out of its offensive line and the ground game.

- If you had told the Cardinal coaches that Luck would have the game he had, and Stepfan Taylor would run for 177 yards and two scores and the Stanford running game would outgain Oklahoma State's 243 yards to 13, they'd have assumed an easy win.

- Unless Justin Blackmon went ballistic.

- Don't think for a second that a big bowl performance can't improve a draft position. Now it's an easier sell to take Blackmon in the top five.

- Seriously, Stanford had 590 yards – and lost.

- Shaw and the coaching staff tightened up late, though. Luck was making every right decision and every right play, and he should've been throwing the ball every play. This was his game to win or lose.

- Oh, by the way, Brandon Weeden threw for 399 yards and three touchdowns. He deserved to be in the Heisman discussion as the conductor of this phenomenal offense.

- Congratulations, Indianapolis. Luck didn't get hurt.

- More impressive than his game against Oklahoma State was the way he politely answered question after question after question about his pro career, Peyton Manning, and the Indianapolis Colts just a few minutes after getting his guts ripped out in a painful loss.

- Of course you take him at the No. 1 if you're the Colts. Of course you do.

- After a terrific Rose Bowl and now this, you're up, Sugar. Be brilliant.