Stream-of-Consciousness - BCS Champ.
Posted Jan 9, 2012

Forget all the controversy and all the screaming and yelling. The two best teams in college football are getting it on in the rematch for the national championship. Check out Pete Fiutak's pregame notes, and then the play-by-play, quarter-by-quarter analysis of the 2012 BCS Championship.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2012 BCS Championship

Alabama vs. LSU

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- I know this is supposed to be college football's Super Bowl, and I'm so angry that it's just not. It's big in SEC country, and people in New Orleans are through the moon, but there's no one else talking about this anywhere across the country. It's all Tebow, Baseball Hall of Fame, and more Tebow.

- As I was told by a couple of different media types, the problem is that we did this already. The Super Bowl hype came back in November. How many more storylines can there be?

- And SEC fans couldn't give a lick. If the season was just a battle of SEC teams and the season ended with the conference title game, many SEC fans would be more than fine.

- This game and this matchup really is special. It deserves a bigger stage than it's on.

- Leave it to Bill Hancock and the BCS types to take the life out of the biggest game of the year. By saying "everything will be on the table" when it comes to discussions about a Plus One or a playoff, they're saying that the system as it is sucks and they're acknowledging that this matchup isn't exactly ideal.

- Diplo. One of the few people on the planet with a job cooler than mine. Drop it.

- I have no rooting interest one way or another – all I ask for is an interesting game – but if I have to be honest, I don't know if I have the fight to argue for the LSU Is Still The National Title argument if Bama wins close.

- Even if Alabama wins, though, it won't even come close to getting past LSU in the CFN Historical Season Rankings. The formula is based on schedules and performances against the top teams, and Alabama isn't even close, while LSU will have had the greatest season in college football history by a huge margin with a win.

- Gene Chizik is a terrific analyst.

- There might not be as many crazy new offensive wrinkles as many might think. Alabama, from all accounts, basically thinks it's the better team and it lost the first game; LSU didn't win it. LSU doesn't care what anyone does. It's going to do its thing and dare Alabama can come up with the win.

- You just know that Chip Kelly would love to get his cuts. That was a vastly different Oregon team in the Rose Bowl than it was in the season opener.

- The "mayhem" ad campaign isn't nearly as interesting or as relevant as the Allstate people think it is.

- No man between the ages of 17-to-55 is allowed to wear a jersey.

- Unless it's the national championship.

- Flo Rida gets the intro song for LSU and Alabama.

- Happy national title night, all. It's going to be a long eight months.  

- Tim Tebow really is a bad professional quarterback.

- 12 bachelorettes try out for a community theater production. The Bachelor should be on ESPN and this should be on ABC.