S.O.C. - 2012 BCS Champ. 1st Quarter
Alabama QB AJ McCarron
Alabama QB AJ McCarron
Posted Jan 9, 2012

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2012 BCS Championship - First Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2012 BCS Championship

First Quarter

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LSU starting on its own 28

- One play, one run. No points yet.

- The Alamo Bowl was 27-23 by this point.

- Rueben Randle gets a quick catch. He's the one gamebreaker who has to stretch the field, but he comes out on third down.

- Jordan Jefferson does his best Peyton Manning impression trying to get everyone set, and then blows the snap.

- And here's the possible 2012 BCS Championship MVP. Punter Brad Wing.

- BOOOOOOOM. On a field full of pro prospects, Wing might have the longest NFL career of anyone in this game.

Alabama on its own 10

- Bama starts out with its possible 2012 BCS Championship MVP. Brad Smelley. He'll have eight catches tonight.

- First down Tide. AJ McCarron goes two plays to Smelley.

- WOOOOOSH. The LSU back seven can fly. Brandon Taylor flew to the ball to make the tackle.

- Nick Saban and Alabama are outthinking themselves. Trent Richardson has yet to touch the ball.

- LSU, why are you worrying at all about the deep ball? The safeties are way to deep.

- Middle linebacker Kevin Minter was staying with Marquis Maze step for step. This LSU defense can really, really move.

- NO, Herbstreit ... A "physicality?" Really? We're only five minutes into the game and you're going Jesse Palmer on us? 

- Nick Saban will take away punter Cody Mandell's scholarship on the spot if Tyrann Mathieu gets his hands on this punt.

- Yippee. The punters are doing a good job. 

LSU on its own 21 

- If you're wife/girlfriend doesn't understand that there's a big game on, and you probably want to watch it on your phone, she needn't be your wife/girlfriend.

- LSU is the shakier of the two teams so far.

- That'll work. LSU pounds it a bit up the gut with the offense. Keep pounding and pounding and pounding, and it'll be open on the outside.

- Jordan Jefferson is going half speed. He's not looking good so far, but he didn't look good against Georgia or Arkansas, either.

- There's no horse collar rule in college football? My bad.

- Marquis Maze blew a tire. Remember that hamstring pull, because he looked like he was one cut away from being gone for a score on his big punt return. If he's out, LSU will sell out everyone from here on against the run because there's no one who can torch the secondary deep.

- Maze going to the locker room.

- Darius Hanks, your table is ready.

Alabama on its own 31

- McCarron hits Hanks on the first play. McCarron is having a terrific first quarter.

- Trent Richardson was apparently left back at the hotel.

- (cue the circus music) ... Jeremy Shelley hits a field goal!

- Remember, the misses in the first game were from deep.

- Tweet from kensing45: "David Shaw loves this play-calling."

- Points! ... Precious, precious points!

Alabama 3 ... LSU 0

- Again, remember, it's probably 7-0 if Maze doesn't get hurt.

- If AJ McCarron and Alabama can be productive on the short-to-midrange throws, what would Brandon Weeden and Oklahoma State have done?

LSU on its own 32

- LSU going up tempo. There's a bit of panic to find something that works. Jefferson isn't playing well.

- This is when the up-tempo attack sucks. If you don't move the ball, your offense is off the field in a hiccup.

- As much as LSU might like being LSU, right now it would like to be Oregon. It's not going to work.

- Jarrett Lee ... The new Brady Quinn?

Alabama on its own 10

- Eddie Lacy? Seriously, check the milk carton for Trent Richardson.

- Marquise Maze coming back out.

- Is Bama trying to keep Richardson fresh?

- McCarron is this close to getting picked off. He's telegraphing his passes.

- Bama is moving the ball. The right side of the line is killing the Tigters. 

- WHAT A GRAB. Kevin Norwood goes up over Mathieu for a brilliant catch.

- Tyrann Mathieu just lost a ton of money. NFL receivers can jump. 

- Yeah, LSU is worried. Remember, the Tigers suck in first halves of big games.

First Quarter Score: Alabama 3 ... LSU 0