S.O.C. - 2012 BCS Champ. 2nd Quarter

Posted Jan 9, 2012

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2012 BCS Champ. - 2nd Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2012 BCS Championship

Second Quarter

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Alabama with the ball on the LSU 39

- "He has a wide open Smelley." That's just fantastic work.

- McCarron had him, Smelley for a touchdown, and missed.

- Still no Trent Richardson.

- Eddie Lacy still in.

- It would make my 2012 if Brent says the word Underall.

- 4th and 4. Here we go with Cade Foster  from 49 yards out ... no chance they're actually going to do this. They're going to pooch punt ...

- Fake! First down by an inch.

- A Trent Richardson sighting!

- Marquis Maze goes back to the locker room.

- Mathieu comes up with a nice broken up pass against Norwood. LSU will be happy to have McCarron throwing on Honey Badger all game long.

- Let's try this again. Jeremy Shelley field goal from 42 ...

- Block. Michael Brockers tips it.

- Bama: "Uh oh ... here we go again."

- The H&R Block rebate ad loses the message as soon the oddly gigantic-boobed old woman with the microphone comes on.

LSU on its own 25

- Penalty. Jordan Jefferson isn't getting anything positive going.

- LSU, go with what you do. Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball. Wear down the Tide defensive front for the second half.

- LSU, you're not going to win this game on Jordan Jefferson's passing arm.

- Fine. Alabama's defense really might be special, but let's admit the sky is blue. This LSU offense is awful when it's not pounding away.

- It's not becoming more and more clear why this rematch sucks. There's nothing noble about mediocre quarterback play.

Alabama on its own 23

- I promised myself I'd enjoy the game as is and not start whining about what it's not. That's becoming harder and harder.

- OOOOOH. Eric Reid came up with a big pop, but LSU gave up the first down.

- AJ McCarron is outplaying Jordan Jefferson. that's the difference.

- The Alabama offensive line is owning the LSU defensive front. Center William Vlachos is killing freshman DT Anthony Johnson.

- Trent Richardson gets a step, and then he's off for a 20-yard dash. The LSU linemen are staying blocked way too easily.

- Alabama is pulling an LSU. It's rotating the running backs to work behind a dominating offensive front.

- Yippee. A field goal. Jeremy Shelley nails the layup.

Alabama 6 ... LSU 0

- I have no problem with great defense, but just because the Ds are great doesn't mean the offenses don't suck.

LSU on its own 21  

- LSU appears to be waiting for the big play that isn't guaranteed to come.

- From the e-mails and tweets I'm getting as the game is going on, one thing is becoming very, very clear: the world outside of the southeast part of the country isn't impressed.

- LSU has absolutely nothing offensively.

- Remember, LSU was a three-and-out machine in the first half against Georgia in the SEC championship.

Alabama on its own 23

- Alabama is just going to run out the clock in the final minutes. It'll take 6-0 into the locker room.

- Or maybe not. Alabama is hurrying up and going for one more score in the final score.

- Bama, DON'T GET CUTE. Don't let LSU come up with a gamechanger in the final :37.

- Uhhhhh, Tyrann Mathieu, you might want to wrap up. 

- And here we go again ... Jeremy Shelley from 42 yards ... good.

- 9-0 ... Take that into the locker room and run with it. AJ McCarron is coming up with a game.

- Going into the locker room, Les Miles didn't talk or act like a guy with any answers for his offense. 

Second Quarter Score: Alabama 9 ... LSU 0