S.O.C. - 2012 BCS Champ. 3rd Quarter

Posted Jan 9, 2012

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2012 BCS Champ. - 3rd Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2012 BCS Championship

Third Quarter

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Alabama on its own 32

- Tyrann Mathieu is getting abused. Obviously, AJ McCarron thinks he has an advantage every time he gets a one-on-one matchup.

- Kenny Bell rips it up the right sideline, and that might be the national title. LSU's defense got burned on two straight plays and doesn't seem to have anything new coming out of the locker room.

- The halftime didn't cool off McCarron.

- THAT WAS IT. McCarron's pass was deflected by Bennie Logan and almost picked off. That was the type of play LSU always makes.

- Ball game. Jeremy Shelley nails another field goal.

- Alright, LSU. If you have something in the bag offensively, now's the time to show it.

Alabama 12 ... LSU 0

LLSU on its own 22

- Odell Beckham is open, but Jordan Jefferson doesn't drive his throw and it gets broken up.

- The Tigers go back to the same play and Jefferson hits it. Basically, LSU is going to get Jefferson winging it. 

- Courtney Upshaw just made 32 NFL defensive coordinators plotz. He killed LSU's promising drive by flying into the backfield to sack Jefferson.

Alabama on its own 17

- LSU got nailed with a strange personal foul call. Apparently it really was a fair catch call.

- But it doesn't matter. As long as AJ McCarron is getting ten days to throw, and as long as he's as hot as he is, it doesn't matter where the Tide is on the field.

- But he blew that one. Darius Hanks was wide open down the sideline, and McCarron missed him for a sure touchdown.

- The LSU secondary is being abused. That's the one area of this game that seemed like the Tigers would have a huge advantage.

LSU on its own 20

- Jordan Jefferson is doing an AWFUL job of running the option, but what beats the option? Great linebacker play.

- Jefferson tries a bizarre shovel pass after he looks like he's about to take off. Spencer Ware turned around to block, and C.J. Mosley picked it off.

- With 6:50 to play, Alabama is your 2012 BCS Champion.

- If you think Jarrett Lee is the answer in this game, you shouldn't be asking the question.

Alabama on the LSU 28

- Time to take the air out of the ball. Welcome to the No. 3 show.

- Jarrett Lee is stretching on the sidelines like Billy Hoyle.

- And there's the first break. Jeremy Shelley misses the field goal, pushing the 41-yarder to the right.

- LSU's defense saves the LSU offense.

LSU on its own 23

- They're not booing. They're saying we don't really want Jordan Jefferson to come back out and suck.

- LSU is 0-for-6 on third downs ...

- 0-for-7. 

- Oh no. ... As we speak, Tom Rinaldi is busy creating emotional exploitation pieces on how this win will heal Tuscaloosa.

Alabama on its own 49

- It's 10:$5 EST. If I'm Allstate, I ask for a makegood after losing half the country by this point.

- Seriously, we're going to go two straight games between these two without a touchdown.

- Eric Reid comes through with another big play. He knocks the ball loose from Brandon Gibson at the one.

- We almost had a touchdown. We can dream.

- That Eric Reid play in the first game didn't really matter. There still would've been a rematch.

- Yippee! Another field goal attempt!

- Give it up, though. Jeremy Shelley nailed a 43-yarder.

Alabama 15 ... LSU 0

LSU on its own 21

- Jefferson STILL in.

- Freddie Bauer: "When something works for me, I stick with it."

Third Quarter Score: Alabama 15 ... LSU 0