S.O.C. - 2012 BCS Champ. 4th Quarter
Alabama RB Trent Richardson
Alabama RB Trent Richardson
Posted Jan 9, 2012

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2012 BCS Championship - 4th Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2012 BCS Championship

Fourth Quarter

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LSU on its own 38

-  An LSU first down! Hazzah! Hazzah!

- Alright. If LSU scores a touchdown, there's still time on the clock and this might get interesting ...

- If the Tigers can cross midfield first.

- 4th and 3 on its own 40. Kick the ball deep and hope to get a stop and get field position.

- Brad Wing's worst punt of the night. He put it on the 14.

Alabama on its own 14

- My favorite shot. The aerial coverage of the game ... PLAYED IN A DOME.

- LSU's defense is still dealing. This game is still on IF the offense can take advantage of the good field position with ten minutes to play ...

- But Tyrann Mathieu makes an awful decision letting the punt bounce.

- LSU on its own 30.

LSU on its own 30

- Brent is treating a possible move past midfield like a touchdown. And he'd be right.

- Jefferson takes off to get to the 32. The Tigers are finally marching.

- Jefferson doesn't know how to run the option.

- Has Alabama been penalized?

- Apparently not.

- Jefferson and Spencer Ware aren't on the same page on any passes.

- 6:27 to go and 3rd ad 18. Rueben Randle needs to show up.

- Jarvis Landry is open for a score, but Jefferson couldn't hit him.

- Dont'a Hightower sacks Jefferson on 4th and 18.

- Bama, take three knees and punt.

Alabama at midfield

- AJ McCarron apparently didn't go do the Marion Barber school of staying in bounds.

- Trent Richardson rips off a touchdown ... A TOUCHDOWN!

- Barrett Jones sealed things off and it's over.

- The left side of the line pulled an Angry Birds and toppled over the LSU defense.

- Ha! Jeremy Shelley hits the upright on the extra point.

Alabama 21 ... LSU 0

LSU on its own 20

- Stopping Jordan Jefferson isn't like shutting down Andrew Luck.

- Alabama has been great, but LSU has been AWFUL. The gameplan was miserable.

Alabama on its own 48

- Alabama gets an offsides call, and Saban pretends to be really, really mad. 

- We're going to Wal-Mart!

FINAL SCORE: Alabama 21 ... LSU 0