Sallee: Where Was Jarrett Lee?
LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee
LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee
Posted Jan 10, 2012

Barrett Sallee on the BCS Championship: Would Jarrett Lee have been the answer?

By: Barrett Sallee
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The crowd chanted for him, the Internet roared for him, but Les Miles never called on him.

Jarrett Lee, BCS Championship Game Man of Mystery.

Lee, the quarterback that led LSU to a 9-0 start as a starter in place of fellow senior Jordan Jefferson, was MIA on Monday night. Yes, even after Jefferson looked wildly uncomfortable running the option, erratic in the passing game and utterly confused with a pass rush in his face; Lee never got the call from head coach Les Miles.

Good move? I say yes.

Don't get me wrong, Jordan Jefferson was abysmal against Alabama. Actually, he was worse than that; but would Jarrett Lee have been the answer? Nothing on Lee's resume suggests that he would be.

In fact, he might have made matters worse.

Lee was solid early in the year; but he is a caretaker, not a playmaker. If you bring Lee in down two scores in the second half, you're looking for momentum; but the only way to do that is to take some chances. In that scenario, Lee is much more likely to give more momentum to Alabama rather than to his Tigers.

The numbers don't lie, Lee has been awful against Alabama. In his four years in Baton Rouge, Lee completed 24-of-58 passes for 316 yards, one touchdown and seven interceptions against the Crimson Tide.

Would that magically of changed against an Alabama defense that is BETTER than the one that led the Tide to the crystal football in 2009 AND was getting boat loads of pressure on Jefferson only rushing four?

No way.

The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on campus, and Jarrett Lee will certainly be the most popular guy in Baton Rouge after this debacle. But let's not pretend he's Cam Newton or Tim Tebow.

Don't blame Les Miles for sticking with Jefferson, blame him for not having a quarterback better than Jordan Jefferson on the roster. That's inexcusable for LSU.