5 MAC Recruits You Need To Know

Posted Feb 1, 2012

Every MAC team's five new recruits you need to know.

Recruiting 2012 

5 MAC Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012

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Five Akron Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. QB Steve Franco
6-3, 180, Scout.com 66th raked quarteback

2. OG Rodney Carroll
6-6, 290, Scout.com 117th ranked guard

3. OT Kevin Mills
6-5, 290, Scout.com 153rd ranked tackle

4. LB Daryan Martin
6-4, 210, 155th ranked linebacker

5. OG Quaison Osborne
6-4, 308, 171st ranked guard

Five Buffalo Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. QB Collin Michael
6-6, 235, Scout.com 41st ranked, three-star quarterback

2. DT Corey Madlock
6-4, 280, Scout.com 77th ranked, three-star defensive tackle

3. OT Robert Riche
6-6, 275, Scout.com 80th ranked, three-star offensive tackle

4. OT Jaden Cotton
6-5, 291, Scout.com 151st ranked offensive tackle

5. QB Mason Schreck
6-5, 215, Scout.com 104th ranked quarterback.

Five Kent State Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Julian Durden
Durden had an outstanding season against good competition after transferring from a smaller school. He is very patient and has great vision. His ability to stop and start on a dime and then to accelerate to top speed. he lacks ideal size, but it shouldn't hinder him in the right offensive scheme. He is a very capable receiver and a hard nosed kid who will block.

2. PK Anthony Melchiori
5-11, 185, Scout.com 14th ranked kicker.

3. DE Colton Kmetz
6-5, 220, Scout.com 142nd ranked defensive end

4. OLB Jake Kincaid
6-1, 245, Scout.com 159th ranked outside linebacker

5. TE Kyle Crum
6-45, 210, Scout.com 72nd ranked tight end.

Top 5 UMass Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Stacey Bedell
5-10, 175, Scout.com 103rd ranked running back. As a junior, Bedell carried the ball 208 times for 1658 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also caught 12 passes for 177 yards and two touchdowns and returned a kickoff 91 yards for another score. On defense, he had 105 tackles, five pass deflections, two interceptions, two fumble recoveries and returned two turnovers for touchdowns. Bedell was named first-team All-Division, All-County, All-Long Island and All-State by the NYSSWA. He was named both offensive and defensive MVP for his division and was also named second-team All-Metro by MSG Varsity.

2. QB A.J. Doyle
6-3, 224, Scout.com 84th ranked quarterback

3. S Julian Kaminoff
5-11, 175, 167th ranked safety

4. OT Michael Boland
6-7, 294, Scout.com 186th ranked offensive tackle

5. RB Joe Jones
5-11, 202

Five Miami University Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. C Brandyn Cook
6-2, 265, Scout.com 16th ranked center

2. DT David Deleon
6-1, 270, Scout.com 78th ranked defensive tackle

3. OG Terry Davis
6-3, 280, Scout.com 82nd ranked guard

4. QB Austin Gearing
6-5, 200, Scout.com 87th ranked quarterback

5. DE Wesley Scott
6-3, 240, Scout.com 133rd ranked defensive end

Five Ohio Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DT Trae Clark
6-4, 300, Scout.com 21st ranked defensive tackle. A nose guard whose best attribute is his ability to occupy blockers, Clark fits into a 3-4 type of scheme where his biggest job is to hold his ground. Size can be considered a strength and a weakness, as he carries too much bad weight as a high school player, but is a naturally large kid. Will be much more effective at 320 as opposed to 340. Could end up as an offensive guard should his quickness not improve

2. MLB Kurt Laseak
6-4, 220, Scout.com 63td ranked middle linebacke

3. TE Michael Roberts
6-5, 235, Scout.com 85th ranked tight end

4. OG Troy Watson
6-4, 275, Scout.com 166th ranked guard.

5. DE Wade Wells
6-4, 245 JUCO transfer from Mississippi Gulf Coast

Five Temple Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Montrell Dobbs
5-9, 185, Scout.com four-star back. As a senior at Ansonia, Dobbs led the state of Connecticut in rushing with 3,445 yards and 40 touchdowns.

2. RB Brandon Peoples
5-8, 180, Scout.com 85th ranked back

3. FB Rob Dvoracek
6-2, 220, Scout.com 10th ranked fullback. Dvoracek has a max bench press of 275 pounds and a max squat of 505 pounds.

4. S Sam Benjamin
6-0, 190, Scout.com 103rd ranked safety

5. OLB Raysean Richardson
6-2, 190, Scout.com three-star linebacker


Five Ball State Recruits You Should Care About

Player writeups by Scout.com

1. C Josh Smith
6-4, 260, Scout.com 17th ranked center

2. DT Darnell Smith
6-0, 265, Scout.com 118th ranked defensive tackle.

3. S Selwyn Frazier
6-2, 205, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer

4. DT Aaron Woosley
6-4, 250, Scout.com 127th ranked defensive tackle

5. QB Ozzie Mann
6-3, 225, Scout.com 131st ranked quarterback 

Top 5 Bowling Green Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. OT Logan Dietz
6-5, 265, Scout.com 65th ranked, three-star offensive tackle

2. S James Sanford
6-2, 185, Scout.com 81st ranked, three-star safety

3. CB James White
6-1, 175, Scout.com 83rd ranked, three-star corner

4. CB Josh Pettus
5-11, 195, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer

5. OG David Kekuewa
6-3, 315, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer

Five Central Michigan Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. S Jordan Fields
6-1, 180, Scout.com 43rd ranked, three-star safety. Good athlete with good speed and change of direction. Smart, heady kid who always seems to be around the ball. Great ball skills and knack for making plays. Covers a lot of ground and smarts keep him from getting beat. A striker who will come up and hit, he is on the thinner side and he will get even more effective in run support once he gets bigger and stronger, because he definitely has the willingness and aggressiveness as a hitter.

2. QB Cooper Rush
6-3, 225, Scout.com 78th ranked, three-star quarterback

3. RB Saylor Lavallii
5-10, 205, Scout.com 90th ranked, three-star running back

4. OG Kelby Latta
6-3, 293, Scout.com 92nd ranked, three-star guard

5. QB Cody Kater
6-4, 230, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer

Five Eastern Michigan Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Juwan Lewis
5-10, 200, Scout.com 81st ranked, three-star running back

2. OT Matthew Thornton
6-5, 300, Scout.com 99th ranked, three-star offensive tackle

3. OG Darien Terell
6-4, 330, Scout.com 90th ranked, three-star guard

4. WR Quincy Jones
6-3, 200, Scout.com 167th ranked, three-star receiver

5. DT Cy Maughmer
6-1, 295, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer

Five Northern Illinois Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. OT Mike Cotton
6-3, 210, Scout.com 70th ranked, three-star linebacker

2. DT Mario Jones
6-3, 255, Scout.com 110th ranked defensive tackle

3. TE Destory Maxwell
6-2, 240, Scout.com 76th ranked tight end

4. QB Matt Williams
6-3, 190, Scout.com 110th ranked quarterback

5. OT Josh Ruka
6-6, 290, Scout.com 126th ranked tackle

Five Toledo Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. WR Corey Jones
5-10, 165, Scout.com 41st ranked, four-star receiver. He may not possess ideal size, but he plays bigger than he is. He likes to work the middle of the field where he can catch short passes and turn them into big gains. He can hit the seam and beat most defenders deep. He has very good hands and runs solid routes. He is very dangerous as a return man where he can make plays in the open field. He also rises up to the competition level as well as anyone. Size limits him to being a slot.

2. MLB Jaylen Coleman
6-0, 230, Scout.com 19th ranked, three-star middle linebacker

3. QB Brian Blackburn
6-6, 215, Scout.com 52nd ranked, three-star quarterback

4. RB Damion Jones-Moore
5-7, 175, Scout.com 61st ranked, three-star running back

5. S Chaz Whittaker
6-2, 170, Scout.com 100th ranked, three-star safety

Five Western Michigan Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. QB Anthony Maddie
6-2, 195, Scout.com 76th ranked, three-star quarterback.

2. QB Zachary Terrell
6-3, 205, Scout.com 85th ranked quarterback

3. TE Ben Arnold
6-6, 205, Scout.com 101st ranked tight end

4. OT Taylor Moton
6-6, 270, Scout.com 120th ranked offensive tackle

5. DT Jonathan Harden
6-0, 300, Scout.com 145th ranked defensive tackle