5 SEC East Recruits You Need To Know

Posted Feb 1, 2012

Every SEC East team's five new recruits you need to know.

Recruiting 2012 

5 SEC East Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012

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- 2012 Recruiting - SEC West 5 Recruits You Need To Know

Top 5 Florida Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. CB Brian Poole
5-11, 185, Scout.com 2nd ranked, five-star cornerback. Poole rushed for close to 1,000 yards, but figures to be a big-time CB at the next level because of his size (5'10, 195), burst, toughness, and ability to get physical at the line of scrimmage. As he gains experience going against top WRs he will let his natural play-making ability take over. He is very thick for a CB and is one of the most explosive athletes in the state. - Geoff Vogt, Florida Recruiting Analyst

2. OT D.J. Humphries
6-6, 262, Scout.com 3rd ranked, five-star offensive tackle. Humphries has great feet and flexibility. He really gets in and out of his stance well and he can both run and pass block. He is very explosive off the ball and he can drive his opponents down the field. He is still a little light, specifically in the lower-body, but he is still strong enough to be dominant on the high school level.

3. DE Jonathan Bullard
6-4, 250, Scout.com 4th ranked, five-star defensive end. Bullard is a very balanced defensive end. He is built very well, he plays strong, and he really contains his edge nicely. He is equally effective against the run and the pass and he will be a very good strongside end on the next level. He can still develop more moves off the ball and just explode off the line of scrimmage a little better. He does a nice job with his hands in contact and he will be ready to play early.

4. TE Kent Taylor
6-5, 230, Scout.com 1st ranked, four-star tight end. Taylor has an excellent frame with room to grow. He lines up at tight end and receiver, and he's a good enough athlete to do both on the next level. He has outstanding feet letting him get off the line and change direction quickly. He is a tenacious blocker, but will need to add size and strength to have the same effectiveness in college. Taylor can outrun most linebackers and all but the fastest safeties.

5. TE Colin Thompson
6-5, 255, Scout.com 2nd ranked, four-star tight end. Thompson is a complete tight end who can block inline and also be a vertical threat in the passing game. He is deceptively quick for a player of his size and a match-up nightmare for opposing teams. He runs good routes and shows tremendous ball skills. I don't care how fast his forty time is the kid is fast enough to have SEC teams offer him, so that is fast enough in my book.

Top 5 Georgia Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Keith Marshall
5-11, 190, Scout.com 1st ranked, five-star running back. Marshall has elite speed. He hits the hole quickly and he gets through there before many have a chance to wrap him up. He has such quick feet, he is very balanced, and he has elite top end speed that makes him a threat from anywhere at any time. He can continue to fill out physically and he can run with more authority behind his pads as well. He is just a play-maker with speed to burn. He will be a big weapon on the next level.

2. OT John Theus
6-6, 292, Scout.com 2nd ranked, five-star offensive tackle. If there is any type of weakness in Theus' game at this time, it would be in his pass protection. He is solid there, but his biggest strength is run blocking right now. He drives opponents off the ball, he has very good feet, and he has that nasty streak you love in offensive linemen. He is the total package as an OL and will be a national recruit.

3. DE Jordan Jenkins
6-3, 246, Scout.com 5th ranked, five-star defensive end. Jenkins is an explosive athlete that fires off the ball at defensive end. He has a very quick first step and that gives him an advantage against most offensive tackles. His speed gets him to the quarterback in a hurry as well. He pursues the ball as well as anyone. He is still raw in technique and he can improve his package of moves too. Once he gets one on one coaching, he will take his game to another level.

4. DT Jonathan Taylor
6-3, 307, Scout.com 9th ranked, four-star defensive tackle. Taylor is a physical defensive lineman with a lot of power and athleticism. He moves well, he can change direction quickly, and he likes to overpower his opponent. He still is raw when talking technique and he needs to improve his pad level and consistency. He needs to bring attitude every down and make use of his natural ability. He has a lot of upside and could become quite a dominant force years from now.

5. CB Sheldon Dawson
5-10, 185, 11th ranked, four-star cornerback. Dawson is a football player. He could play cornerback, safety, or running back on the next level. He has good football instincts, he has quick feet, and he is a very physical player for his size. As a corner, he plays physical and he can change direction well. He still needs to work on the basics like footwork and technique, but he has a very high ceiling as a football player in general.

Top 5 Kentucky Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DT Thomas Chapman
6-4, 286, Scout.com 32nd ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

2. QB Patrick Towles
6-5, 232, Scout.com 33rd ranked, three-star quarterback.

3. PK Landon Foster
6-2, 190, Scout.com 8th ranked, three-star kicker.

4. OG Jordan Watson
6-4, 289, Scout.com 39th ranked, three-star offensive guard.

5. QB Jalen Whitlow
6-3, 200, Scout.com 57th ranked, three-star quarterback.

Top 5 Missouri Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. Dorial Green-Beckham
6-6, 220, Scout.com 1st ranked, five-star receiver. All of the athletic tools a coach looks for in a wide receiver prospect. Most taller receivers are deep receivers, fade guys who can out body and out jump smaller defenders, etc, but what sets Green-Beckham apart is that he can not only do those things, but he can do things smaller receivers do as well. He is a very good open field runner who can take short passes and turn them into big plays. May be the best receiver to come out in years.

2. C Evan Boehm
6-3, 290, Scout.com 1st ranked, four-star center. He's not the most physically impressive guy on the hoof, but he knows how to play and his technique is strong. He also has some toughness to him. He can move pretty well, but struggled at times in one-on-ones when he was matched up with a quicker end on his outside shoulder. But rarely in game situations will Boehm be in that sort of situation.

3. QB Maty Mauk
6-2, 190, Scout.com 14th ranked, four-star quarterback. Mauk is a winner who has been amazingly productive throughout his career. He has a lot of polish, sees the field well and makes good decisions. He has solid zip on his short to intermediate passes and can throw on the move. He has a great sixth sense for feeling the rush and getting away from defenders and making plays when his first read breaks down.

4. LB Donavin Newsom
6-2, 225, Scout.com 9th ranked, four-star middle linebacker. He has great speed and quickness which he uses to cover sideline to sideline from his MLB position, and he also brings a lot of pressure on the blitz and has good cover skills as well. He is physical and plays with a mean streak on the field. He has very good hands and ball skills. He could probably be a very talented tailback with his size, speed, vision and natural ability to make plays with the ball in his hands.

5. DT Edmond Ray
6-5, 290, Scout.com 26th ranked, three-star defensive tackle. Ray is an athletic big man with good speed and quickness who explodes off the line of scrimmage. He has good speed and shows the ability to get after the quarterback, run down plays to the opposite side, or play the run in the middle of the line. He is aggressive and has a good motor. He also plays offensive tackle for the Huskies and rarely leaves the field.

Top 5 South Carolina Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. WR Shaq Roland
6-1, 180, Scout.com 4th ranked, five-star receiver. Roland is one of the top athletes in the South. He's special and he could play wideout or safety on the next level. As a receiver, he has great body control and can go up and get a ball anywhere on the field. He has long arms, strong hands, and he is someone that can stretch the field. He has moved around a lot and played multiple positions, so he needs to work on route running and getting off jams at the line.

2. RB Mike Davis
5-10, 195, Scout.com 10th ranked, four-star running back. Davis runs with patience and he just has that natural feel for the position. He is a downhill runner, but a graceful runner at the same time. He has very good vision, he lets things develop, and he knows when to turn it up field. He may lack top end speed and he can still work on his agility, but he is a strong back that produces at a high level.

3. WR Kwinton Smith
6-5, 195, Scout.com 21st ranked, four-star receiver.

4. OT Brock Stadnik
6-5, 290, Scout.com 18th ranked, four-star tackle. Stadnik says he can bench 370-pounds, squat 450 and has a 31-inch vertical jump.

5. OG Joe Harris
6-4, 285, Scout.com 14th ranked, four-star guard. Harris is an athletic big man who also participates in basketball and wrestling. He says he can bench 385-pounds and squat 500.

Top 5 Tennessee Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. S LaDarrell McNeil
6-2, 190, Scout.com 6th ranked, four-star safety. A long and rangy safety prospect who has been one of the best players on the field since a very young age. He is the defensive leader of his team and is a head-hunter from the safety position. He is very aggressive against the run and will deliver big blows to receivers attempting to go across the middle. Because of his size, length and speed he can cover a lot of ground as a safety.

2. DT Danny O'Brien
6-3, 287, Scout.com 18th ranked, four-star defensive tackle. High intensity, high effort player with an outstanding motor. Plays tough and plays mean, and has excellent lateral agility and footwork to go with it. Light on his feet, and has a good variety of interior moves to beat offensive linemen with. Technically sound and good with his hands. The question is if he can carry enough weight to take on double teams and hold up against the run. Right now, he's more of a penetrator/disrupter.

3. DE Trent Taylor
6-3, 250, Scout.com 29th ranked, four-star defensive end.

4. WR Jason Croom
6-5, 233, Scout.com 44th ranked, four-star wide receiver. Croom is a real weapon at wide receiver on the high school level. He could be used there or in a hybrid role in college. He has very good size, he is athletic, he is tough to jam at the line of scrimmage, and he can be a real weapon inside the red zone. He can still work on exploding off the line, being more explosive out of his cuts, and running more crisp routes. Overall, he is an offensive weapon with versatility.

5. QB Nathan Peterman
6-2, 205, Scout.com 18th ranked, three-star quarterback. Peterman has gotten better and better over the past few years. He really stands tall in the pocket and he allows his receivers time to get open. He has shown the ability to scan the field, look off defenses, and not to focus on one receiver. He has a better than average arm, he throws with touch, and he is very mature. He still needs to become more consistent with his release and that will help his accuracy as well.

Top 5 Vanderbilt Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. RB Brian Kimbrow
5-9, 165, Scout.com 27th ranked, four-star running back. Kimbrow is one of the fastest football prospects in the country. He has that initial burst that can't be taught and he is very tough to touch in the open field. His size limits him a bit as a running back, but he is very tough and not afraid to stick it up inside. He needs to really work on catching the football. It is not a natural thing to him. Improving that will make him a lot more valuable, but his speed sets him apart.

2. QB Patton Robinette
6-5, 200, Scout.com 38th ranked, three-star quarterback. Robinette has long, lean frame, nice touch on his passes, including underneath and the long ball, better than average accuracy. Excellent decision making running the spread whether it's the run option or making reads downfield. Good athleticism, will keep a defense honest when he keeps the ball making them respect his ability to keep the ball. Stands tall in the pocket and has a smooth, easy delivery.

3. OT Andrew Jelks
6-6, 260, Scout.com 43rd ranked, three-star offensive tackle.

4. LB Jacob Sealand
6-1, 220, Scout.com 45th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

5. OT Will Holden
6-6, 271, Scout.com 49th ranked, three-star offensive tackle.

- 2012 Recruiting - SEC West 5 Recruits You Need To Know