5 Big 12 Recruits You Need To Know

Posted Feb 1, 2012

Every Big 12 team's five new recruits you need to know.

Recruiting 2012 

5 Big 12 Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012

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Top 5 Baylor Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DE Javonte Magee
6-6, 273, Scout.com 11th ranked, four-star defensive end. Magee has a great frame to either play strongside defensive end or move to the interior and play defensive tackle in college. His frame, with high-cut hips, suggests that he could stay on the end. He is relentless in his pursuit of the ball and will purse from the backside. He is extremely athletic for a bigger defensive lineman. He chews up the run and can put pressure on QBs. He needs to continue to work on is technique.

2. WR Corey Coleman
5-11, 178, Scout.com 23rd ranked, four-star receiver. A versatile weapon which is used in a number of ways on offense. He has the reputation for being a speedster so that is what everyone will say his best attribute is and there is nor doubt that it is his best weapon, but he also shows some nice catching skills by having the ability to make adjustments to the ball while it is in the air. He can take an underneath route and turn it in to a massive gain with a little room to get going.

3. S Aiavion Edwards
6-1, 200, Scout.com 22nd ranked, four-star safety. Edwards is a hard-nosed player. It's easy to see that he has the size and ability to be factor at a number of positions in college. He could be an excellent linebacker or he could possibly even play some safety, the spot he got reps at early in his prep career. Do not rule out running back, He can run, does not go down on first contact and has vision. You want that talent on your roster and you find a spot to get him on the field.

4. LB Brian Nance
6-3, 210, Scout.com 31st ranked, three-star outside linebacker. This guy has a knack for making big plays. He has great coverage skills and is a great asset against the spread offense. Against the run he explodes to the ball and will initiate the contact on the ball carrier on his terms. He is extremely athletic and his body will only be more impressive once he dedicates himself to football full-time in college. Because of his explosion and speed he is also effect in blitz based schemes.

5. LB Kendall Ehrlich
6-1, 215, Scout.com 34th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

Top 5 Iowa State Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. QB Brant Rohach
6-2, 185, Scout.com 74th ranked, three-star quarterback. Rohach has good size for a quarterback, has a strong arm on downfield throws but throws the short and intermediate routes well as well. Has had several good games against quality competition. Needs to continue to work on his progressions. Usually puts the ball so that only his receiver can get to it. Good mobility and footwork.

2. OG Duaron Williams
6-4, 296, Scout.com 52nd ranked, three-star guard. Williams says he can bench 375-pounds, squat 475 and has a 25-inch vertical jump.

3. S Charles Rogers
6-1, 182, Scout.com 89th ranked, three-star safety.

4. OG Daniel Burton
6-4, 275, Scout.com 97th ranked, three-star guard.

5. DE Pierre Aka
6-4, 253, Scout.com 117th ranked, three-star defensive end.

Top 5 Kansas Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Schyler Miles
6-2, 225, Scout.com 59th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

2. OT Brian Beckmann
6-6, 310, Scout.com 63rd ranked, three-star offensive tackle.

3. TE Jordan Smith
6-5, 225, Scout.com 44th ranked, three-star tight end.

4. DT Tyler Holmes
6-3, 270, Scout.com 64th ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

5. RB Taylor Cox
5-11, 195, Scout.com two-star JUCO transfer. As a freshman Cox posted 1305 yards on 212 carries (5.8 YPC) and 14 touchdowns. He also added 148 yards and three touchdowns receiving.

Top 5 Kansas State Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Will Davis
6-1, 210, Scout.com 41st ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

2. QB Tay Bender
6-2, 205, Scout.com 77th ranked, three-star quarterback.

3. OT Tavon Rooks
6-6, 280, Scout.com three-star offensive tackle.

4. OG Aderius Epps
6-2, 275, Scout.com 79th ranked, three-star guard.

5. TE Cody Small
6-4, 232, Scout.com 58th ranked, three-star tight end.

Top 5 Oklahoma Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. WR Trey Metoyer
6-2, 185, Scout.com five-star receiver.

2. RB Alex Ross
6-1, 205, Scout.com 14th ranked, four-star running back. Ross is a big runner, who excels in the middle of the field. He has good vision and when he sees the hole there is no wasted movement, he hits the hole and hits it hard and fast. He has the power to bounce off of tackles and his frame will hold another 25 pounds of muscle when he matures. In the open field he is explosive and he has the tendency to make long touchdown runs. Could also play on defense at linebacker.

3. C Ty Darlington
6-3, 275, Scout.com, 2nd ranked, four-star center. Darlington says he can bench 315-pounds and squat 550.

4. WR Courntey Gardner
6-3, 215, Scout.com four-star JUCO transfer. Had 22 receptions for 405 yards and five scores in just eight games for Sierra as a freshman in 2010.

5. CB Kasseim Everett
5-10, 180, Scout.com four-star JUCO transfer. An undersized, but physical corner, Everett plays bigger than his listed size because of his willingness to support the run and make a big hit. A terrific hip turn and change of direction, Everett has little trouble turning and running with receivers. He gets good elevation on his jump making up for his lack of size.

Top 5 Oklahoma State Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. WR Brandon Sheperd
6-2 185, Scout.com 17th ranked, four-star receiver. A great playmaker at wide receiver, but the first thing that you notice when watching his film is that fact that he plays extremely hard on every snap. He takes the game seriously and the results speak for themselves. He has the extra gear needed to blow by defenders. When he gets the ball in his hands he is dangerous -- he makes people makes people miss in the open field and makes his moves at full speed. He plays with swagger.

2. OG Greg Brantley
6-6, 305, Scout.com 12th ranked, four-star guard. Throughout his high school career Brantley is a player who has continued to develop his skill set on the field and his strength and power off the field in the weight-room. He is quick off of the ball and will finish plays off. He plays tackle in high school, but could also play on the interior in college. He could be a very valuable member to any offensive line. He has quick feet that allows him to be a successful pass blocker.

3. OT Michael Wilson
6-6, 250, Scout.com 22nd ranked, four-star tackle. Wilson has quick feet and hands and a good drop step. He has good flexibility and covers a lot of ground in his backpedal without sacrificing balance. He uses his hands and arms well keeping an on rushing defender at bay. Wilson can change directions and pull block upfield and engage linebackers or even safeties. He'll need to get bigger and stronger and add weight as he matures, but the tools are all in place.

4. TE Blake Jackson
6-4, 232, Scout.com four-star JUCO transfer. Named first team All-ACCAC as a freshman after catching 33 passes for 540 yards and 9 TDs.

5. DT Calvin Barnett
6-3, 295, Scout.com three-star JUCO transfer.

Top 5 Texas Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DT Malcom Brown
6-2, 280, Scout.com 1st ranked, five-star defensive tackle. A beast on the defensive line, he is physical, fast and relentless. Tough to block one on one because he knows how to use his hands and knock away the lineman's hands. Can make tackles from sideline to sideline because he is relentless. Good on pass rush because of his quick first step and strength allows him to get upfield quickly.

2. RB Johnathan Gray
5-11, 195, Scout.com 2nd ranked, five-star running back. Gray has blistering speed and he does not waste any time hitting his top gear. He is a one cut and done type of back. He puts his foot on the ground, makes a cut and then he is gone. He looks lean, muscular and appears to have room to add some more good weight. He is a north and south runner that doesn't dance in the backfield. Along with having good speed, and size, Gray also has good vision. He is a touchdown machine.

3. OG Curtis Riser
6-5, 300, Scout.com 2nd ranked, five-star guard. A steady performer on the line. He rarely makes a bad play and that makes cutting his highlights difficult because every play is a positive. He gets his fair share of pancake blocks and plays hard until the whistle. He plays tackle in high school, but will make the move to the interior on the next level. When watching film you can see that he has the feet and quickness to play tackle. He is technically sound and should see the field early.

4. WR Cayleb Jones
6-2, 185, Scout.com 3rd ranked, five-star receiver. Jones is as fearless a wide receiver going over the middle as any in the country. He has sticky hands and is capable of making highlight reel catches on balls thrown high. He elevates well and is spectacular at making the tough catch in traffic. He plays bigger and stronger than his listed 6'2/185, partly because how big a target he becomes leaping for passes. Is good enough at safety he could stay there if he was needed.

5. OT Kennedy Estelle
6-7, 305, Scout.com 7th ranked, five-star offensive tackle. Estelle is a big offensive tackle with a great wingspan. Just looking at his frame it almost seems like he was born to be destined to play offensive tackle. He is a hard worker and seems to really enjoy being around the game. He is a true road grader in the sense that he gets downfield and wants to finish off his blocks, but he has a lot of potential to be an excellent pass protection specialist as well.

Top 5 TCU Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. TE Griffin Gilbert
6-5, 200, Scout.com 6th ranked, four-star tight end. Griffin was born to be a flexed out tight end. He can make a living with the intermediate routes, but the deep out and the dig routes were where he is most impressive. The times the ball is thrown deep, he makes the over-the-shoulder grabs with relative ease. With his 6-foot-5 height, it makes it difficult for any defender to defend him when the ball is thrown high. Great route runner with soft hands and a knack for big plays.

2. DE Devonte Fields
6-4, 225, Scout.com 16th ranked, four-star defensive end. Fields seemed to get better game by game as a junior. He is a versatile end who could probably put his hand on the ground or possibly even stand up as an edge rusher in college. He can really get after the quarterback and he also has the ability to get out and cover the flats. The size/speed combo is impressive.

3. OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai
6-5, 270, Scout.com 21st ranked, four-star tackle. Vaitai's arms are extremely long which he uses to his advantage to keep defenders at bay. His athleticism and speed allow him to get to the second level in a hurry while run blocking. When he plays controlled and with leverage you almost always see his defender picking themselves up off the turf. He is the leader on his team. With added weight, strength and better technique he could be a dominating left tackle at the next level.

4. RB Benjamin Catalon
5-8, 185, Scout.com 30th ranked, three-star running back. Catalon finished his junior season with 115 carries for 1,116 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also had 12 receptions for 245 yards and one touchdown. He says he can bench 350-pounds, squat 525 and has a 33-inch vertical jump. Catalon plans to graduate early and hopes to be available for spring ball in 2012.

5. QB Tyler Matthews
6-3, 195, Scout.com 34th ranked, three-star quarterback.

Top 5 Texas Tech Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. OG Michael Starts
6-4, 275, Scout.com 5th ranked, four-star guard. An amazing physical specimen in addition to being a player with feet and explosion good enough to play on the offensive or defensive line in college. He plays offensive tackle, but could easily slide in to play guard. He pulls well and is able to get down field to block on the second level. He is good in pass protection and super strong when making first contact. He has a wide base and will only be better as he adds weight with maturity.

2. WR Javon Bell
6-0, 185, Scout.com four-star JUCO transfer. A true deep threat, Bell covers a lot of ground quickly off the line of scrimmage. He's not just a straight line runner though, as he has good quickness and change of direction. Must be jammed at the line of scrimmage or he's going to get open. Can work on getting bigger and stronger, and making the catches he should. Capable of making the tough catch and then dropping an easy one. Consistency is key

3. LB Will Smith
6-3, 220, Scout.com four-star JUCO transfer.

4. WR Reginald Davis
6-1, 185, Scout.com 24th ranked, four-star receiver. Davis does not play against high level competition in high school, but he dominates against that level, which is what you are looking for in a player that is rated as highly as he is. He is a terrific athlete who could also end up playing in the defensive backfield if things do not work out for him on offense. Speed is the name of his game.

5. WR Dominique Wheler
6-1, 180, Scout.com 34th ranked, four-star receiver. No matter where he lines up Wheeler makes big plays. He is a wiry, super athletic player. As a wildcat quarterback he shows that he can make people miss in the open field and make plays. As a receiver he has a tremendous vertical leap and concentration. He makes touch catches. Put it all together and you get the sense he will be a star at receiver in college.