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5 ACC Atlantic Recruits You Need To Know
Posted Feb 2, 2012

Every ACC Atlantic team's five new recruits you need to know.

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5 Atlantic Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012 

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Five Boston College Recruits You Should Care About

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1. TE Michael Giacone
6-5, 230, 28th ranked, three-star tight end. Giacone is a surprisingly smooth athlete for his size and has excellent body control. He can get his footing after the catch and quickly cut up field to pick up extra yards. Giacone also has absolutely excellent hands, catching everything away from his body and then tucking it into his pads to protect it. He has continued to add the size and strength he'll need at the collegiate level. While he's not a burner, his speed is adequate.

2. LB Mike Strizak
6-3, 225, 38th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

3. TE Dan Crimmins
6-5, 225, 46th ranked, three-star tight end.

4. LB Bobby Wolford
6-3, 225, 61st ranked three-star middle linebacker. Wolford finished the season with 122 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, two interceptions including one for a touchdowns, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. He also had 11 receptions and five touchdowns from his tight end position.

5. OG Frank Taylor
6-3, 285, 57th ranked, three-star guard. Taylor is a tenacious blocker who finishes his blocks and goes until he hears the whistle. He is solid in pass pro and run blocking. He keeps a nice low pad level and gets under the defender and uses leverage well. Shows good footwork getting to the second level.

Five Clemson Recruits You Should Care About
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1. S Travis Blanks
6-1, 194,, 13th ranked, four-star safety. Blanks finished his junior season with 104 tackles and four interceptions. Offensively, he had 35 receptions for 356 yards and eight touchdowns. He also returned two punts for scores. He says he can bench 290-pounds, squat 335 and has a 33-inch vertical jump.

2. DT Carlos Watkins
6-4, 280, 8th ranked, four-star defensive tackle.

3. WR Gemone Hopper
6-0, 166, 20th ranked, four-star receiver.

4. S Ronald Geohaghan
6-1, 190, 23rd ranked, four-star safety.

5. DE Martin Aiken
6-3, 250, 24th ranked, four-star defensive end.

Five Florida State Recruits You Should Care About
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1. DE Mario Edwards
6-4, 291, 1st ranked, five-star defensive end. A dominating defensive end who will get pressure and make tackles and plays behind the line of scrimmage. He is well-schooled and much quicker and stronger than most of the players that he goes up against in high school. He has a motor that does not stop and that will help him make a quick adjustment to the college game. His best attribute is his ability to play well against the run. He has the strength to get off blocks and closes quickly.

2. CB Ronald Darby
5-11, 175, 1st ranked, five-star cornerback. Darby has D1 track ability, but he's a football player running track, not vise-versa. He has better hip turn and change of direction than most track athletes enabling him to cover the shiftiest of receivers. He plays the game with a quiet confidence and doesn't feel the need to draw attention to himself, preferring to let his play do the talking. He is instinctive in coverage and makes the play when he's in position

3. QB Jameis Winston
6-4, 190, 2nd ranked, five-star quarterback. There are many more strengths that could be added to Winston's Scouting Report because he has a lot of tools you like in a QB. Number one, he is a leader. The players listen to him, he leads them, and he has a lot of poise. He also has good arm strength, nice pocket presence, and he makes both quick and good decisions. His legs are a weapon as well. He can still improve his accuracy. He can be a streaky thrower.

4. DT Eddie Goldman
6-4, 315, 4th ranked, five-star defensive tackle. Lightning quick hands help him keep offensive linemen off balance with a quick punch. Excellent balance makes him tough to cut block. Strong enough to hold his ground against a double team. His initial burst is off the charts, but he needs to do a better job of following plays going away from him rather than watching. Has good flexibility and pad level.Potential is limitless with his size and athleticism

5. RB Mario Pender
6-0, 210, 6th ranked, five-star running back. Pender is an elite back that can stay on the field all three downs when he gets to the next level. He has learned to run with patience, how to set up his blocks and to allow holes to develop. Combining that patience with his explosiveness and acceleration is what makes him special. He has the size to run through tackles and the speed to beat defenders to the edge.

Five Maryland Recruits You Should Care About
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1. RB Wes Brown
6-0, 190, 11th ranked, four-star running back.

2. RB Albert Reid
5-10, 195, 25th ranked, four-star running back

3. QB Perry Hills
6-3, 200, 29th ranked, three-star quarterback.

4. QB Caleb Rowe
6-3, 180, 30th ranked, three-star quarterback.

5. OG Mike Madaras
6-6, 270, 22nd ranked, three-star guard.

Five NC State Recruits You Should Care About
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1. QB Manny Stocker
6-3, 200, 64th ranked, three-star quarterback. Stocker passed for 1,200 yards and 18 touchdowns last season while completing nearly 67% of his passes. Extremely athletic, Stocker was timed at 4.60 at the NC State camp.

2. DT Kā€™Hadree Hooker
6-2, 270, 29th ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

3. DE Kenderius Whitehead
6-4, 212, 45th ranked, three-star defensive end.

4. TE David Grinnage
6-5, 240, 21st ranked, three-star tight end.

5. OG Bryce Kennedy
6-3, 285, 55th ranked, three-star guard.

Five Wake Forest Recruits You Should Care About
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1. CB Laronji Vason
5-10, 178, 32nd ranked, three-star cornerback.

2. LB Kevis Jones
6-3, 210, 41st ranked, three-star outside linebacker.

3. QB Tyler Cameron
6-3, 216, 53rd ranked, three-star quarterback.

4. DT Josh Banks
6-4, 250, 63rd ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

5. TE Anthony Rook
6-3, 215, 43td ranked, three-star tight end.

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