5 ACC Coastal Recruits You Need To Know

Posted Feb 2, 2012

Every ACC Coastal team's five new recruits you need to know.

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5 Coastal Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012 

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- ACC Atlantic Recruits To Care About
Five Duke Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Keilin Rayner
6-3, 210, Scout.com 36th ranked, three-star middle linebacker. Moved from defensive end to linebacker. Had 127 tackles -- including seven for a loss and two sacks -- and two forced fumbles

2. RB Jela Duncan
5-9, 180, Scout.com 37th ranked, three-star running back.

3. RB Shaquille Powell
5-9, 200, Scout.com 44th ranked, three-star running back.

4. PK Ross Martin
5-10, 180, Scout.com 2nd ranked, three-star kicker.

5. TE Dan Beilinson
6-5, 230, Scout.com 29th ranked, three-star tight end.

Five Georgia Tech Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DE Francis Kallon
6-5, 241, Scout.com 19th ranked, four-star defensive end. Kallon is new to the game of football, but you wouldn't know it when watching him make plays on Friday nights. He has great size, long arms, he plays with so much effort, he is very fluid, and he is quick off the ball. He is still learning from a technical standpoint and he needs to improve his footwork and his strength, but his ceiling is high. He has the right attitude, mindset, and the ability to be very productive in college.

2. WR Justin Thomas
5-11, 180, Scout.com 28th ranked, four-star receiver. Thomas is a play-maker. He lines up at quarterback now, but will likely move to wide receiver on the next level because of his size. He has a good arm, but he is best when he is using his legs in the open field. He has good acceleration and he can make people miss. He has good wiggle, great top-end speed, and he is a real weapon when the ball is in his hands. He will be best as an inside receiver on next level.

3. LB Beau Hankins
6-2, 230, Scout.com 40th ranked, three-star middle linebacker. 121 tackles, 24 tackles for a loss, five sacks and two interceptions. Birmingham News West Player of the Year.

4. OG Chase Roberts
6-3, 292, Scout.com 32nd ranked, three-star guard.

5. DT Pat Gamble
6-4, 273, Scout.com 44th ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

Five Miami Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. CB Tracy Howard
6-0, 175, Scout.com 4th ranked, five-star cornerback. Howard is an elite cover corner. He has very good feet, his back pedal is very smooth, and he can change direction with the best of them. He is more of a finesse coverage guy at this time and he needs to improve the use of his hands at the line and his ability to play press coverage. He has the ability to play very early on the next level. He is sound fundamentally, he plays hard, and he has the skills to slide right in and play.-

2. RB Duke Johnson
5-9, 188, Scout.com 5th ranked, five-star running back. Johnson runs bigger than his listed 5'9 and 188 pounds. He is blessed with great acceleration, balance and vision. He uses his off hand as a weapon to fend off would-be tacklers as well as any running back in the nation. He can push a defender to the ground with his hand, turn, and accelerate all in one motion. Johnson also has terrific hands, lining up at times as a wide receiver and is a threat out of the backfield.

3. DE Jelani Hamilton
6-5, 245, Scout.com 15th ranked, four-star defensive end.

4. LB Raphael Kirby
6-2, 218, Scout.com 17th ranked, four-star outside linebacker.

5. S Deon Bush
6-1, 185, Scout.com 18th ranked, four-star safety. Bush finished his junior season with 55 tackles, three interceptions, and two defensive touchdowns. Bush can bench 295-pounds, squat 400 and claims a 37-inch vertical jump.

Five North Carolina Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. CB Tyreece Jiles
6-0, 175, Scout.com 26th ranked, three-star cornerback. Jiles is a former QB that successfully transitioned to CB as a junior. He has great length, instincts, and jamming ability with plenty of speed. Jiles has terrific ball skills and can make an impact on offense as well. He possesses smooth hips which enable him to open up and run with top WRs. He has added considered strength over the last year.

2. DT J.J. Patterson
6-4, 310, Scout.com 30th ranked, three-star defensive tackle. An anchor in the middle of his defensive line, Patterson is the ideal nose guard type that absolutely owns his own area. It's almost diabolical what he does to high school centers with his combination of strength and quickness off the ball. But most of Patterson's damage is done between the guards. He's quick in 3 yard bursts but quickly slows down as the play goes away from him. He's not one to change direction and chase a play.

3. OG Caleb Peterson
6-5, 295, Scout.com 27th ranked, three-star guard. Peterson, a self-described gym rat, says he can bench 415-pounds, squat 560 and has a 22-inch vertical jump. Peterson broke into the starting lineup as an offensive right guard during his sophomore season (2009) at Auburn High School.

4. QB James Summers
6-2, 196, Scout.com 32nd ranked, three-star quarterback.

5. CB Malik Simmons
6-0,185, Scout.com 40th ranked, three-star cornerback.

Five Virginia Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Eli Harold
6-3, 230, Scout.com 1st ranked, five-star outside linebacker. Harold is one of the best big athletes in the country playing both wide receiver and defensive end. He has an incredible burst off the ball and the ideal frame to play outside linebacker on the next level. He has a good wingspan and great closing speed. Athletic enough that he could be a wide receiver in college, but the build and frame that's ideal for the linebacker position. Just needs more experience and stick with 1 position.

2. QB Greyson Lambert
6-5, 195, Scout.com 9th ranked, four-star quarterback. Lambert can throw the football. He has the size to comfortably survey the field over the linemen, he has shown great field vision, and his arm strength speaks for itself. His arm and size are his biggest strengths, but he really needs to work on his footwork and mobility. He is always going to be a drop-back passer, but his improving in those areas will allow him to buy time for his receivers and help with his consistency.

3. LB Kwontie Moore
6-1, 242, Scout.com 12th ranked, four-star middle linebacker.

4. DE Michael Moore
6-4, 255, Scout.com 30th ranked, four-star defensive end.

5. RB Kye Morgan
5-11, 180, Scout.com 48th ranked, four-star running back

Top 5 Virginia Tech Recruits To Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DE Ken Ekanem
6-3, 240, Scout.com 25th ranked, four-star defensive end. Ekanem finished his junior season with 75 tackles and 17 sacks. He also played tight end and had four touchdowns receiving. He says he can bench 315-pounds, squat 485 and has a 32-inch vertical jump.

2. RB Drew Harris
6-1, 205, Scout.com 26th ranked, four-star running back. As a junior, Harris carried the ball 227 times for 1960 yards and 28 touchdowns and was first-team All-League, All-Conference and All-State Class AAAA. He was also the Ches-Mont League Player of the Year.

3. WR Joel Caleb
6-2, 200, Scout.com 31st ranked, four-star receiver. Caleb plays quarterback for his Clover Hill team in a spread option that lets him dictate the action on every play. He has a strong enough arm to entertain the idea of playing quarterback on the college level, but he's more of a thrower than a passer at this point of his career. He is a big, strong runner who has good vision and breaks arm tackles rather than making players miss or out running them. Good size for DB as well as WR.

4. RB J.C. Coleman
5-7, 170, Scout.com 32nd ranked, three-star running back.

5. S Dahman McKinnon
6-1, 195, Scout.com 37th ranked, three-star safety.

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