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5 Big East Recruits You Need To Know
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Every Big East team's five new recruits you need to know.

Recruiting 2012

5 Big East Recruits To Care About

Recruiting 2012

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Top 5 Cincinnati Recruits To Care About
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1. QB Bennie Coney
6-2, 210, 35th ranked, three-star quarterback. Coney only played in four games in 2010 due to “a small infraction,” but still passed for around 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also rushed for 359 yards and five touchdowns. He says he can bench 285-pounds, squat 495 and has a 31-inch vertical jump.

2. CB Tion Green
6-0, 185, 35th ranked, three-star cornerback.

3. DT Alex Pace
6-3, 260, 43rd ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

4. QB Trenton Norvell
6-5, 205, 75th ranked, three-star quarterback.

5. RB Deionte Buckley
5-9, 190, 55th ranked, three-star running back.

Top 5 Recruits To Care About
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1. LB Jason Sylva
6-2, 250, 39th ranked, three-star, middle linebacker. As a sophomore, Sylva rushed for 900 yards and nine touchdowns. On defense, he had 83 tackles, eight sacks, three forced fumbles, four forced fumbles, three interceptions and a blocked punt that he returned 70 yards for a touchdown.

2. DT Mikal Myers
6-0, 310, 48th ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

3. LB Jon Hicks
6-3, 235, 49th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

4. LB Jazzmar Clax
5-11, 235, 51st ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

5. QB Chandler Whitmer
6-2, 190, three-star JUCO transfer.

Top 5 Louisville Recruits To Care About
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1. LB Keith Brown
6-2, 230, 7th ranked, four-star middle linebacker. One of the state's top LB prospects, Brown helped lead his team to the state championship game. He finished the season with 142 tackles and four sacks.

2. LB Nick Dawson
6-2, 215, 13th ranked, foru-star middle linebacker.

3. S Gerod Holliman
6-0, 185, four-star safety.

4. OG Abraham Garcia
6-6, 340, 34th ranked, three-star guard.

5. LB Larry Jefferson
6-3, 215, 39th ranked, three-star outside linebacker.

Top 5 Pitt Recruits To Care About
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1. RB Rushef Shell
5-11, 215, 4th ranked, five-star running back. Shell is a rare back that can do it all and he does. The bad thing is, since he plays on defense and special teams, we rarely see him at full strength. Wait until he gets to college and can focus solely on being an every down back. He is a franchise back that every team wants. He can run inside or outside. He is very patient and has outstanding vision. He has a thick build which allows him to be able to tote the rock 20+ carries.

2. TE J.P. Holtz
6-4, 235, 10th ranked, four-star tight end. As a senior, Holtz ran for 337 yards on 72 carries. He caught 19 passes for 332 yards and scored 15 touchdowns. J.P. Holtz says he played mostly running back during his junior season and had 14 total touchdowns (rushing and receiving). He says he can bench 305-pounds.

3. QB Chad Voytik
6-0, 185, 12th ranked, four-star quarterback. Voytik is a true game-manager who can throw and run. He gets rid of the ball quickly, he throws with very good accuracy, and he spins the ball well. He is a true consistent passer. He is barely six feet tall, so he seeing over the offensive line could be an issue. He can throw on the move and him rolling outside the pocket may give him better passing lanes. He brings good mobility, good pocket awareness, and smarts.

4. LB Deaysean Rippy
6-2, 200, 18th ranked, four-star outside linebacker. Rippy is an exceptional and versatile athlete. Rippy is explosive off the edge in pursuit or when blitzing the quarterback. He is tough against the run and can play inside or outside. He is also as good in coverage as defensive backs. A lot of schools are looking at Rippy as a potential safety prospect.

5. DT Tyrique Jarrett
6-4, 315, 28th ranked, three-star defensive tackle.

Top 5 Rutgers Recruits To Care About
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1. DE Darius Hamilton
6-4, 245, 6th ranked, five-star defensive end. As a junior, Hamilton posted 63 tackles and 13.5 sacks for Don Bosco Prep. He is the son of Keith Hamilton who played defensive tackle for the New York Giants from 1992 until 2003

2. WR Leonte Carroo
6-2, 200, 11th ranked, four-star receiver. Carroo finished his junior season with 49 receptions for 1,100 yards and 18 touchdowns. He says he has a 38-inch vertical jump.

3. OT J.J. Denman
6-6, 310, 17th ranked, four-star offensive tackle.

4. C Brandon Acciadiacono
6-5, 250, 9th ranked, three-star center.

5. LB Quanzell Lambert
6-2, 245, 15th ranked, three-star middle linebacker.

Top 5 South Florida Recruits To Care About
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1. TE Sean Price
6-4, 225, 7th ranked, four-star tight end. Price is an elite tight end when talking hands and creating mis-matches. He can really separate from linebackers and get down to field to make big plays vertically. He has played more of a big wide receiver role most of his career, so he will need to work on blocking, playing off the offensive tackle, and getting off the ball when lined up on the line of scrimmage. He is very athletic, he loves to compete, and he's talented.

2. WR D’Vario Montgomery
6-3, 211, 22nd ranked, four-star receiver.

3. OG James Hamilton
6-4, 335, 29th ranked, three-star guard.

4. CB Chris Bivins
6-0, 170, 41st ranked, three-star cornerback.

5. OT Kameron Davis
6-5, 290, 81st ranked, three-star tackle.

Top 5 Syracuse Recruits To Care About
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1. TE Ron Thompson
6-4, 215, 13th ranked, four-star tight end. A matchup problem waiting to happen, Thompson is a tight end-receiver tweener with excellent hands and ball skills. Goes up and gets the ball with the best of them and makes it look easy. Good ability after the catch, although he's not a blazer. Needs to add strength to his game if he's going to be a true tight end and be an inline blocker. Overall effort and conditioning can be improved.

2. TE Ashton Broyld
6-3, 235, four-star tight end.

3. DE Markus Pierce-Brewster
6-4, 235, three-star JUCO transfer.

4. RB DeVante McFarlane
6-1, 195, 74th ranked, three-star running back.

5. OG Kyle Knapp
6-4, 260, 58th ranked, three-star guard.

Top 5 West Virginia Recruits To Care About
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1. OG Tyler Orlosky
6-4, 290, 13th ranked, four-star guard. Orlosky is a throw back guard. A mauler. He blocks to the whistle and finishes strong. He's a good run blocker, who does a great job with his hands and feet and is able to redirect defenders and move them. He's a strong kid. In space, I wouldn't say he's a ballerina, but he's no klutz either. He is coordinated, keeps his feet very well and finds people to block in the second level. He also shows good footwork in pass protection.

2. LB Sam Lebbie
6-2, 235, 6th ranked, four-star middle linebacker.

3. WR Deontay McManus
6-1, 210, 33rd ranked, four-star receiver.

4. QB Ford Childress
6-5, 210, 26th ranked, three-star quarterback.

5. S Jarrod Harper
6-0, 200, 34th ranked, three-star safety. Rushed for 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior while earning area player of the year honors. Was also a second-team small school all-state pick.