Recruiting 2012 - Class Rankings 21 to 30
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Ranking the recruiting classes from 1 to 124 ... 21 to 30

Recruiting 2012 ... CFN Rankings

Class Rankings No. 21 to 30

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30. Cincinnati | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Secondary. After a few years of going after receivers and skill player, the Bearcats need to strengthen a secondary that’ll be fine for the next two years but needs prospects for 2014 and beyond. Offense won’t be ignored, with head coach Butch Jones going after as many top players for the passing game as possible. Small and speedy Dennis Norfleet could be an instant impact running backs used in a variety of ways.

Team Concerns For 2012: The offensive line loses three starters and need a new left side. This year’s class isn’t going to address he line, but it’ll be the biggest concern this offseason. Defensive tackle is also a problem with Derek Wolfe and John Hughes leaving, but don’t expect anyone from the 2012 haul to make a difference this year.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Receivers. If head coach Butch Jones wants to bomb away, he has the class to do it. The defensive line got the biggest stars with Demetrius Alston, Silverberry Mouhon and Chad West three dangerous ends who can all get into the backfield. Throw in 300-pound Daniel Murray for the inside, and the line is set. Patrick Coyne should be the team’s star quarterback down the road, and Jameel Poteat is a speedy back who’ll be the focal point of the attack sooner than later. The big offensive push is at receiver with Shaquille Washington leading a loaded corps of seven prospects.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 52. That Class Was Heavy On ...
Receivers. Butch Jones had to try to keep Brian Kelly's recruits coming to Cincinnati. Only three receivers were signed, but they'll be the key to the class with Dyjuan Lewis, a 6-2 target with 4.4 speed, the likely No. 1 man in the near future. The line got the most help for the defense with five prospects signed and needing Josh Russ and Cameron Beard to grow into roles on the end by 2013. Safety Arryn Chenault is too good to not get an early look at playing time.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 51. That Class Was Heavy On ... tight ends. Can you say overkill? Cincinnati has signed four of the country’s top 100 tight ends, providing plenty of depth for Ben Guidugli and Kazeem Alli. From the program that turned Connor Barwin into the Big East’s sack leader a year ago, you can count on one or two of these tight ends, like Will Saddler and Mitch Kessel, to switch position at some point in their ‘Cat careers.

29. Michigan State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. The Spartans have mostly gone after defensive prospects over the last few years, and it shows with few defensive linemen coming in this season. There’s a little something for all the skill spots with the emphasis on receiver, and head coach Mark Dantonio is bringing in some strong tight ends to play around with the offense. There aren’t any superstar prospects compared to what Michigan is getting, but it’ll be a good class full of variety.

Team Concerns For 2012: The passing game loses QB Kirk Cousins and receivers B.J. Cunningham, Keith Nichol, and Keshawn Martin. It’s going to take some rebuilding, and a heavy reliance on the running game, but the early loss of RB Edwin Baker won’t help the depth. The defense lost anchor Jerel Worthy in the middle and free safety Trenton Robinson, but all the other key parts are back.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Defensive end. The Spartans didn’t exactly capitalize on its breakthrough co-Big Ten championship season – the overall class is mediocre - but they loaded up on the the defensive line with some nice-looking tackles and three phenomenal end prospects. Lawrence Thomas is a potential pass rushing terror on the outside and is the crown jewel of this class, while Joel Heath is a big, talented option. The young running backs corps got even stronger with Onaje Miller, a speedster who could add another element to the offense this year.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 29. That Class Was Heavy On ... Diversity. The Spartans got a little of everything with a strength-in -numbers class. The best prospects are OT Skyler Schofner, a big athlete who'll get a chance to be the anchor up front soon, and DE William Gholson, a big, fast, dream of a 3-4 end when he grows into his 6-6 frame. Max Bullough will get a yet to work behind Greg Jones, and next year he could be the starting middle linebacker. Corner Mylan Hicks is a lockdown coverman with the athleticism and potential to erase just about any Big Ten team's No. 1

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 35. That Class Was Heavy On ... linebackers and running backs. MSU’s early success under Mark Dantonio has come from a strong running game and athletic linebackers, and this class reflects that. Edwin Baker and Larry Caper are in to help try to replace Javon Ringer in the backfield, while Chris Norman and Tyquan Hammock are linebackers who can move. Norman, especially, was a coup for the program with the athleticism and toughness to be a star early on.

28. Oklahoma State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Pass catchers. Oklahoma State is becoming known for developing top-shelf receivers, and the recruits are noticing with several good ones signing on along with JUCO transfer Blake Jackson and some excellent tight ends. Last year’s class brought in a ton of top skill prospects, and this year’s class looks even stronger in the receiving corps. The defense went strong on pass rushers a few years ago, and this year’s haul will be for the next cycle once the 2009 group is done.

Team Concerns For 2012: A pitch-catch combination that can make up for the loss of Brandon Weeden to Justin Blackmon. The Cowboys have top receiver prospects to spare, but all eyes will be on Clint Chelf to see if he can get everyone the ball. The pass rush that was so terrific last year has to replace both ends, and strong safety Markelle Martin will be missed on the defensive side more than Blackmon will on offense.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Really, really good skill players. The bulk of the class is on the defensive front with James Castelman leading the group of defensive tackles, and Jimmy Bean is a promising end for down the road while JUCO transfer Ryan Robinson will likely see time right away, but the stars are on offense. With the success of Dez Bryant the Justin Robinson, getting receivers isn’t a problem with Desmond Rolany, Johnny Haynes, and David Glidden all good enough to be the next great Cowboy target. J.W. Walsh is a fantastic quarterback prospect with the potential to do a little of everything for the offense, while Herschel Sims is one of the nation’s top running back recruits.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 17. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. No one is talking much about Oklahoma State's class mainly because Texas and Oklahoma stole all the limelight, but this was a great year for Mike Gundy. The secondary got lots and lots of bodies with eight prospect signed including corner Tommie Saunders and corner Larry Stephens. JUCO transfer Malcolm Murray is a big, skilled corner. Quarterbacks Nathan Sorenson and Johnny Deaton will get their chances right away to compete for the starting gig, while RB Joseph Randle might be too good to keep off the field. Shaun Lewis and Caleb Lavey will be good starters for the linebacking corps by 2013.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 40. That Class Was Heavy On ... pass rushers. The Cowboys weren’t bad at getting into the backfield over the last few years, but they weren’t good at closing. Getting to the quarterback in the pass-happy Big 12 South is a must, and OSU put a priority on bringing in players who can do that. David Paulsen will be a starter on the outside within the next three years, while Anthony Rogers could be special with a little seasoning. Linebackers LeRon Furr and Jordan Barnes can move and will be excellent blitzers.

27. Rutgers | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. Last year, head coach Greg Schiano brought in a terrific class or running backs, and the speed and talent in the defensive backfield was addressed in previous seasons. Now it’s on to the passing game to find QBs Chas Dodd and Gary Nova some playmakers for the next several years. By owning New Jersey as much as possible, Schiano had a terrific class of wideouts coming in. However, now it’ll be a feeding frenzy for prospects with Schiano leaving to take the Tampa Bay job.

Team Concerns For 2012: Besides bringing in a new head coach, the team needs help on the defensive line. Three starters are gone with only tackle Scott Vallone returning. There are enough decent prospects to be fine for the next few years, but the 2013 class will have to work hard to upgrade the front. Is kicker Nick DeLouisa ready to take over for San San Te? Kyle Federico out of Florida will get every shot at the job.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Running backs. Rutgers might not have come up with a loaded class in any one area, but no one in the Big East can match the upper-end star power. Losing top corner Lafayette Pitts to Pitt at the last second stung, but getting receiver Miles Shuler, with his sub-4.4 speed, defensive tackle Marquise Wright, and offensive tackle Keith Lumpkin makes the class strong. Keeping running back Savon Huggins at home when Auburn, USC, and other big names came calling was the big coup. The 6-0, 200-pounder will be the centerpiece of the attack, while Charles Davis and Ben Martin are lightning fast rushing options.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 46. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. For the second year in a row, Greg Schiano wanted to do whatever it took to upgrade the athleticism of the defensive backfield. The competition should be intense with big-time safety prospects Jordan Thomas, Lorenzo Waters, and Jeremy Deering all big and all fast, and corner Tejay Johnson an great prospect with NFL measurables. 6-6 Brandon Coleman should be the team's next star receiver, but the focus of the offense is on the line with six blockers signed.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 27. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. The departures of S Courtney Greene and CB Jason McCourty made this unit a priority for Greg Schiano and the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers didn’t have to travel very far to land S Abdul Smith and CB Duron Harmon, two of the best at their positions in the region. Schiano added quality and quantity to the secondary, which will prove especially valuable a year from now.

26. Texas Tech | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Instant help for the defense. Will Texas Tech be patient enough to let last year’s terrific recruiting class mature? Tommy Tuberville is on the hot seat after the 2011 collapse, but he came up with a whopper of a recruiting season and is doing another good job this year. However, he needs the defense to improve in a big hurry, and that means the 2009 and 2010 classes of good defenders have to start producing, and this year’s group of prospects must fill in the gaps.

Team Concerns For 2012: Offensive consistency. Defense, schmefense. No one in the Big 12 outside of Texas, and occasionally Oklahoma, can stop anyone, and Texas Tech will always need to win by bringing more firepower to the field. The pieces are there, but everyone has to be better. The O line could use a little retooling, and more pop would be nice from the receivers, but with ten starters back on defense it’s time to start winning.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Running backs. This class might be the one that allows Tommy Tuberville to balance out the attack a bit more, but the running backs have to be as good as advertised. This is a huge, HUGE class with plenty of options for just about every position. The defensive line got a major influx of talent with JUCO transfers Dennell Wesley and Leon Mackey brought in to play aright away, and linebacker Branden Jackson was a big-time Signing Day pickup. Most importantly, though, this might be the best class of running backs in decades with Kenny Williams, Bradley Marquez, Deandre Washington and Ronnie Daniels all more than just pass catchers; they can run the rock.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 41. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive line. Tommy Tuberville's first class made the most noise keeping QB Scotty Young, but he loaded up the defense with eight linemen including 288-pound JUCO transfer Donald Langley at one tackle spot and fellow JUCOers Lawrence Rumph and Scott Smith on the ends. Overshadowed but still important were key offensive tackles Aleon Calhoun and Beau Carpenter, two big bodies who fit the system. Tuberville also beefed up the secondary with eight recruits including safety Russell Polk and corner Tre'Vante Porter.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 30. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. Tech can’t beat Texas or Oklahoma without being able to slow down the pass, and it made sure the defense got plenty of attention to try to upgrade the secondary. D.J. Johnson and Yahshua Williams are very big corners who’ll get time to develop. Adding more size are safeties Will Ford and Terrence Bullitt, while Daniel Cobb will be in the starting mix in a few years.

25. California | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The work was done over the last few classes to improve the lines as much as possible, and now the payoff is about to come. The receiving corps is fine for this year, even with Marvin Jones gone to the NFL, but head coach Jeff Tedford is looking to make the big push now with a potentially special class of targets coming in. Landing’s No. 1 safety Shaquille Thompson already makes the recruiting season a success for the defense.

Team Concerns For 2012: An improved Zach Maynard is a must if a loaded Cal offense is going to play up to its potential. The defensive front needs a few new starters, safeties D.J. Campbell and Sean Cattouse are done, and linebackers Mychal Kendricks and D.J. Holt aren’t easily replaceable, but things aren’t that bad. The team’s biggest loss could turn out to be punter Bryan Anger, putting the pressure on Jed Barnett to become a weapon.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Defensive linemen. Kyle Boehm, with some work, could be one of the better Cal quarterbacks in recent years, and Daniel Lasco is another fast Bear running back, but the stars are on defense. Stefan McClure is one of the nation’s top corner prospects and Jason Gibson might soon be the leader of the linebacking corps. The linemen are phenomenal with Viliami Moala, arguably the nation’s best tackle, a class-making pickup while Mustafa Jalil and Todd Barr aren’t far behind. Brennan Scarlett and Puka Lopa are could be terrors on the end with a little time to develop.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 22. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. The Signing Day coup was getting Keenan Allen,'s No. 1 ranked safety, away from Alabama and Clemson. He was added to a class that was highlighted by Chris Martin, the nation's top-ranked outside linebacker prospect who chose the Bears over USC, Florida, and Oklahoma. Martin is the star, but Jeff Tedford also loaded up the linebacking corps with Cecil Whiteside, a top-shelf prospect for the middle, and Dave Wilkerson, a player who'd be the star of just about any other class.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 33. That Class Was Heavy On ... linemen. The Bears did not discriminate when it came to big bodies this year; they’re feeding both sides of the ball with an impressive array of linemen. The program was especially effective on the offensive line, going all the way to New Jersey to land top-ranked C Mark Brazinski and robbing Oregon of T Charles Siddoway. Both are the type of players who are capable of cracking the starting lineup by their second season.

24. West Virginia | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... More receivers. Head coach Dana Holgorsen got a few nice prospects last year for the offense, but this year he’s loading up on receivers and pass catchers to make his high-octane attack shine. The offense had more than its share of star prospect from recent classes, but the talent is flowing to assure that the passing game remains among the nation’s most dangerous.

Team Concerns For 2012: Not much. A few starters in the secondary have to be replaced, and a little bit of help is needed on the offensive front, but there’s a reason WVU will be ranked in the preseason top ten and possibly the top five. The 2012 class will be for the future with so many established players already in place, but the offense is about to get even more explosive and even deeper.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Defensive backs. While all the talk about the coaching changes helped bring in offensive stars who want to be a part of the Dana Holgorsen attack, led by running backs Andrew Buie and Vernard Roberts and receivers Dante Caldwell and K.J. Myers, but the defense got the best all-around talents with JUCO transfer Shaq Rowell ready to roll right away at defensive tackle and linebacker Joshua Francis a strong JUCO transfer who’ll be used in a variety of ways. Safeties Terrell Chestnut, Shaquille Petteway, and Nick Kwiatkoski are all going to be factors in the next three years.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 35. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. West Virginia? Wide Receivers? Bill Stewart came up with several excellent, dangerous targets led by Ivan McCartney out of Florida. The 6-1, 175-pound playmaker spurned Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee to come to Morgantown, but Deon Long might end up playing earlier on. The Mountaineers also came up with several good defensive back prospects starting with safety Latwan Anderson, a flash of lightning who hits like a ton of bricks and chose WVU over Ohio State.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 24. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill position players. The Mountaineers have roped in a slew of speedy, dynamic backs and receivers, who can go a long with the ball. What else is new? This class, which is particularly heavy on outstanding wideouts, is tailored-made for an offense that hopes to throw the ball more than in the past. Logan Heastie was fielding interest from the likes of Florida and USC, so he might waste little time getting on the field.

23. Mississippi State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. You don’t have a chance in the SEC without a strong defensive front, and MSU is getting one. The Bulldogs lose two key playmakers up front, including tackle Fletcher Cox, and an upgrade is needed for 2013 and beyond. Head coach Dan Mullen is getting a slew of interesting pass rushers and a few terrific tackles to make the line a strength.

Team Concerns For 2012: Backfield production. Any time Tyler Russell is ready to grow into the star he was supposed to be as a star 2009 recruit would be a plus, while losing RB Vick Ballard takes away a heart-and-soul type for the offense. Safety is a huge concern with Charles Mitchell and Wade Bonner gone, but the 2010 class was heavy on defensive backs and could be a major plus in time.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 41. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. It wasn’t a great overall class considering the killers the rest of the league kept up with, but there are some nice gets like WR Joe Morrow and running backs Josh Robinson and Derek Milton. The secondary got the most help with 6-2, 200-pound Dee Arrington a potential All-SEC safety and Zachary Johnson a fast, promising hitter. JUCO transfer corner Darius Slay should see time right away, while Justin Cox is a big, fast defender who can play anywhere in the secondary.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 40. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running back. Dan Mullen got the receivers for his offense last year, and this year he worked on the ground game with 6-8, 330-pound Damien Robinson one of the nation's top offensive tackle recruits to go along with four running backs to try to replace Anthony Davis. Matthew Wells is the best of the lot, but JUCO transfer Vick Ballard might make the most immediate impact with a physical style and good quickness. Nick Griffin and Jay Hughes could've been toting the rock at several other big name schools. Defensively, 6-7, 370-pound James Carmon and 6-4, 330-pound Jeffrey Howie are massive JUCO transfers brought in to clog things up right away, while Kaleb Eulls, an end, is one of the best players in the class.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 22. That Class Was Heavy On ... receivers. What do you get a team that’s been among the worst in America in passing over the last few years? Targets. Tyler Russell was a must-get quarterback for new head coach Dan Mullen to develop over the next year or two, and he needs guys to throw to. Seven receiver prospects were brought in with JUCO transfers Maurice Langston and Leon Berry looking to add help right away. Chad Bumphis is the best prospect of the lot.

22. Virginia | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

2012: What’s Needed Now: Receivers. The last few classes have revolved around the offense, and the defensive front seven is getting the strongest talent this year, but the Cavaliers are looking to keep bringing in good targets. Last year, head coach Mike London came up with a strength-in-numbers class of receivers, and he’s doing it again with at least five prospects coming in. While the passing game needs more attention, London likes the running game and he’s getting a good one in Kye Morgan.

Team Concerns For 2012: The defensive line has to find a disruptive force to fill in for Cam Johnson on the end, but the biggest problem is a secondary that loses three starters including shutdown corner Chase Minnifield. Considering the Cavs played so many close games, solidifying the kicking game is a must with P Jimmy Howell and PK Robert Randolph both gone.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Wide receivers. Head coach Mike London brought in a really, really nice overall class highlighted by a terrific get in corner Demetrious Nicholson and a big-time Signing Day coup in corner Dominique Terrell. The defensive line got plenty of bodies with seven linemen brought in, and three nice offensive tackles will help the line. The key to the class was the haul of receivers with six prospects brought in including Brandon Phelps, Darius Jennings, and Clifton Richardson, three fast, talented targets who might get a long look for instant playing time.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 68. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. Virginia is still a factory for top-shelf offensive linemen with Morgan Moses a massive tackle who signed last year but sat out a year, and Conner Davis an interesting prospect, but new head coach Mike London was more in needs of upgrading the offense. Four quarterbacks were signed led by Mike Rocco and Michael Strauss, but there weren't any wide receiver prospects brought in.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 49. That Class Was Heavy On ... offensive tackles. After losing Branden Albert and Eugene Monroe to the NFL in successive seasons, the Cavaliers have bolstered their offensive line with a whopping six tackles standing 6-5 or taller. Like the last three great Virginia linemen, including D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the school traveled north to get Oday Aboushi, a 305-pounder with considerable upside and nasty demeanor. Landing four-star mountain Morgan Moses was the upset of this group.

21. Texas A&M | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. The Aggies are losing a slew of stars off an offensive powerhouse, and while this year’s class isn’t likely to provide much in the way of instant help, the passing game prospects should be hot for Kevin Sumlin’s offense. The receiving corps needs talent to develop for the next few seasons, and it would be a plus if star running back prospect Trey Williams could shine immediately.

Team Concerns For 2012: The passing game. This shouldn’t be a problem with a little bit of time, but it’s not going to be Case Keenum and fireworks right away. Ryan Tannehill is gone as is Jeff Fuller, but Ryan Swope and Uzowa Nwachukwu are talented. The biggest hit is in the secondary with three starters and the top corners gone, but the 2009 and 2011 classes were loaded with secondary prospects and this year’s class appears to be strong for the defensive backfield.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 28 That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. This isn’t going to be the highest-ranked of classes, only because there isn’t any superstar power compared to Texas and Oklahoma, but it’s a very, very solid haul of talent across the board. The defense got the best players including JUCO transfer LaMarc Strahan and ends Brandon Alexander and Shayvion Hatton up front, and JUCO transfer linebacker Steven Jenkins will see time immediately. The secondary got the most help, especially at safety, with Howard Matthews and Devonta Burns as good as any Big 12 defensive back recruits. Floyd Raven and DeShazer Everette are big corners who could quickly turn into safeties.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 26. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Mike Sherman brought in the defensive backs last year to deal with the pass-happy Big 12, and this year he came up with the offensive line to let his skill stars shine. Cedric Ogbuehi and Luke Joeckel are two terrific tackle prospects, and Jake Matthews might be the nation's best guard recruit. Shep Klinke and Garrett Gramling aren't bad tackle prospects, either. Offensively, Jameill Showers and Matt Joeckel are strong quarterback prospects who'll get time to develop, while Ben Malena. D.J. Jones, and Mister Jones will get into the running back rotation early on. This turned out to be a good class, but it might have been considered an elite one if Oklahoma didn't steal away linebacker Corey Nelson at the last second.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 14. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. Eight players were brought in to help out the secondary, and head coach Mike Sherman got a slew of really good ones. JUCO transfer Coryell Judie might be penciled into a starting corner spot right away, while four safeties, Steven Campbell, Malcolm Johnson, Colton Valencia and Charlie Thomas are all good enough to challenge for playing time from the moment they set foot on campus.