Recruiting 2012 - Class Rankings 61 to 70
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Ranking the recruiting classes from 1 to 124 ... 61 to 70

Recruiting 2012 ... CFN Rankings

Class Rankings No. 61 to 70

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70. Minnesota | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class  

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Jerry Kill likes the run the ball, but he’s not going after any star backs. He’s bringing in quarterbacks to be ready to provide options after MarQueis Gray is done after next year, and he’s loading up on receivers to start adding some more punch to the passing game. The secondary is getting an instant infusion of talent from the JUCO ranks with three signed on to make up for key losses while improving the depth.

Team Concerns For 2012: The offensive line has to be better. Kill is building for the future with this class of linemen, but he needs more production out of the ones brought in over the last few years. It’ll be a young line that needs time, but the team can’t afford another season with so much inconsistency up front. The defense needs a few young tackles to come through, and it needs a middle linebacker to replace Gary Tinsley and a safety to replace Kim Royston.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Offensive linemen. For new head coach Jerry Kill to do what he wants with his offense, he’ll need stronger, tougher offensive linemen than Minnesota has had in years. The hope will be for tackles Luke McAvoy and Foster Bush to quickly grow into real, live bookends for the front five, while guard Kyls McAvoy and Tom Olson have the potential to be terrific with a few years in the weight room. Tight end Peter Westerhaus and receiver Quentin Gardener will soon be focal points of the passing game.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 74. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Tim Brewster was hired as the head coach a few years ago because he was thought to be a master recruiter. He did a decent job this year, helped by having a new stadium to sell, and he and his staff went hard after offensive linemen to change things around after struggling so much to generate a running game. Jimmy Gjere is a tall, rangy tackle prospect with room to add another 30 pounds, while Mark Lenkiewicz and Matt Eggen will be plugged in somewhere up front by 2012.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 47. That Class Was Heavy On ... receivers. The Gophers needed to bring in more talented targets for the future, and they might have gotten their No. 2 receiver, alongside Eric Decker, in JUCO transfer Hayo Carpenter. Bryant Allen and Victor Keise come from out of state, Missouri and Florida, respectively, to develop. The real stars of the show might turn out to be tight ends Ra’shede Hageman and Kendall Gregory-MgGhee. Hageman is the total package.

69. Wake Forest | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Wake Forest is hardly known for its air attack, bit it has to have the pieces in place for 2014 with Tanner Price and Ted Stachitas done in a few years. The receiving corps lost talented Chris Givens a year early to the NFL, and this year’s class could produce a prospect or two to make an early impact. More than anything else, head coach Jim Grobe wants to go after as many good players as possible regardless of position.

Team Concerns For 2012: Finding a No. 1 target in place of Givens is a must, and getting more out of the running game without Brandon Pendergrass will be a task. The defense doesn’t lose much, but starting safeties Josh Bush and Cyril Quarles are both gone. It’ll be a very, very young secondary that’ll take its lumps early on.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Offensive linemen. This is a smallish class after coming up with a little bit of everything last year, and while head coach Jim Grobe got a few good players like quarterback Kevin Sousa and receiver Airyn Willis, the key are the three offensive linemen brought in to build the foundation to finally get the offense moving again. Hunter Goodwin is a tall, athletic tackle, while Cody Preble and Dylan Intemann were brought in for the interior. Andre Wiggins will eventually be a star somewhere in the defensive back seven.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 53. That Class Was Heavy On ... Variety. Jim Grobe got a little of everything across the board with Tanner Price the passer to take over the offense in the near future, while Nick Knott and Joseph Byrd are quick backs who fit the system. Antonio Ford and Daniel Blitch are promising offensive linemen for the interior, while Duke Mosby has anchor potential on the defensive front. Only six defensive recruits were signed on, but four of them are for the secondary with Merril Noel a good corner who would've been rated higher if he was a wee bit taller than the generously listed 5-8.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 59. That Class Was Heavy On ... linebackers. Now that Aaron Curry and Stanley Arnoux have exhausted their eligibility, it’s time for the Deacons to replenish at linebacker. While this year’s four recruits aren’t very big, they can all fly to the ball, which is exactly the way Wake likes its defenders. The prototype is Justin Jackson, a 6-1, 203-pounder with 4.5 speed and a better vertical leap than most of the ACC’s receivers.

68. Southern Miss | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The offensive backfield. New head coach Ellis Johnson doesn’t necessarily need quarterback and running back options for right now, and the skill spots were addressed over the last two recruiting classes, but that doesn’t mean that more options wouldn’t be nice. Arsenio Favor is the top quarterback option going into next year, but Anthony Alford is one of the nation’s top prospects and good enough to push for the starting job.

Team Concerns For 2012: The defensive front seven. Depending on the alignment, six starters are gone off the front and the depth will be a bit of a problem. This class will come up with linebackers and a few JUCO prospects, but there won’t be enough to make a big push even with so many jobs wide open. Both starting offensive tackles are gone.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 77. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The Golden Eagles brought in a ton of players after going for the quick JUCO fix last year, and while the lines are getting plenty of work and JUCO corners Clifford Johnson and Martez Thompson will see time right away, this class is about lots and lots of pass-catching prospects, including tight end Collin Jarbo. JUCO transfer Jhyrtn Taylor is is the best receiver of the bunch, but speedy Tray Becton and Cooper Harrington could make a bigger impact before they’re through.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 56. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. Head coach Larry Fedora went big on JUCO transfers last year, and he got a few instant helpers this season with CB Reggie Hunt and massive offensive tackles Lamar Holmes and Jason Weaver certain to be in the rotation immediately, but mostly the Golden Eagle class is setting up the future for the offense. Two quarterbacks, four running backs, and four receivers were signed with JUCO transfer Kelvin Bolden a potential instant impact player at one wideout spot and Markese Triplett a big 6-4 target to build around for the future.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 61. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO transfers. His program headed in the right direction, Larry Fedora sought out players capable of keeping the momentum going right now. A league-high six junior-college players, four on offense and two of defense, will help fill in the holes at tight end, linebacker, and offensive tackle. LB Hendrick Leverette is already being counted on to offset Gerald McRath’s departure, and 6-5, 265-pound David Rue is angling to catch some of the passes that used to go to Shawn Nelson.

67. Connecticut | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. Paul Pasqualoni didn’t have a chance to do much of anything last year, and it showed with a mediocre class that might have been the weakest in the Big East. This year, he needs an upgrade in talent across the board, but he also needs to find a quarterback to build around – or at least challenge Scott McCummings and/or Mike Nebrich down the road. The running game was bad last year, but the passing game has to improve quickly if Johnny McEntee can’t get the job done.

Team Concerns For 2012: Defensive tackle. The Huskies have a nice defensive back seven returning, and they look great on the end, but the middle of the line is an issue with Twyon Martin and Kendall Reyes gone. This year’s class doesn’t seem to be concentrating on the line, but it’s going to be an issue next year.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Variety. New head coach Paul Pasqualoni didn’t have time to do much, but he was able to come up with his bookend offensive tackles for the near future with Paul Nwokeji and Xavier Hemingway talented prospects who’ll be great with two years in the weight room. Kamal Abrams should be the team’s No. 1 target in 2014, and linebackers Marquise Vann and Jefferson Ashiru fit the UConn mold and Deson Foxx has more speed than the normal Husky running back, but all eyes will be on quarterback Michael Nebrich to see if he can finally add some pop to the passing game. With his 4.5 speed, he’ll be more of a runner than a bomber.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 67. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebackers. The stars of the class might be quarterbacks Scott McCummings and Ty-Meer Brown, and they'll have dangerous receiver prospects to throw to in Tebucky Jones and Geremy Davis, but the best aspect of the class is at linebacker with Brandon Steg a sure-thing All-Big East star for the inside and Reuben Frank, Yawin Smallwood, and Josh Alexander all defenders to get excited about.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 72. That Class Was Heavy On ... receivers. Although the Husky quarterbacks haven’t exactly been crisp since Dan Orlovsky graduated, they haven’t been helped by the receivers either. Connecticut had one of the worst units in the country a year ago, which explains why the position got so much attention from Randy Edsall and the staff. Three of the four commits rank among the top 150 receivers, led by Ft. Lauderdale product Dwayne Difton.

66. Wisconsin | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The offensive line. The Badgers don’t need to come up with a big class, going after quality over quantity. Bret Bielema is going outside of the state for some of the key prospects, including getting guard Dan Voltz out of Illinois. More good ones are on the way. Bielema has mostly focused on getting the type of defenders who fit what the program likes to do by developing overachievers, but this year, more top players are giving UW a look.

Team Concerns For 2012: Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. It’s Wisconsin, so the offensive line will be fine with a little bit of time, and the defense has enough great prospects from the last few recruiting classes to be ready to fill in the gaps, but Russell Wilson was a special quarterback who bailed out a bad situation when he signed on. The offense will continue to work around Montee Ball and the running game, but a third straight Rose Bowl is out without an efficient passer. Both kickers – PK Philip Welch and P Brad Nortman – have to be replaced.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Outside linebackers. Wisconsin might be Tight End U. with the success of players like Travis Beckum, Lance Kendricks, and others over the last few seasons, and there’s more talent on the way with Sam Arneson, Austin Maly, and Eric Staffes three good pass catchers. Overall, this is a typical Badger class with no real superstars, but plenty of midlevel prospects who fit the team’s mold. The one top pickup was Jake Keefer, local product with great range. Michael Caputo and Jordan Fredrick are just two of the several other good outside defenders brought in.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 27. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Overall, this was a diverse and strong class that made up for a few years of subpar Signing Days. Wisconsin might recruit to fit the program, but this class also has talent. The Badgers signed a ton of defensive linemen last season and kept bringing in the talent this year with six excellent prospect. 292-pound DT Beau Allen was the key piece to the puzzle, while Sherard Cadogan and Konrad Zagzebeski fit the UW mold of smallish, lightning quick speed rushers on the outside. Jeff Lewis and James White will have a few years to work into the running back rotation.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 53. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive linemen. The Badgers have been surprisingly soft up front over the last few years. Poor tackling has been part of the problem; injuries have been the other part. This year’s class addressed the needs up front led by tackle Jordan Kohout, arguably the state’s top recruit. Pat Muldoon and Shelby Harris are strong pass rushing prospects who have to come through and shine sooner than later.

65. Ole Miss | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The Rebels and new head coach Hugh Freeze have to find a passing game and an offense. It’s Ole Miss, so there’s always a national search for the tired, poor, and hungry quarterbacks yearning for playing time. JUCO transfer Bo Wallace will be in the mix right away, and after a few years of decent recruiting classes aimed at the skill positions – with last year’s class shining at receiver – the passing game has to be better.

Team Concerns For 2012: Offensive tackle. There’s enough young depth across the board to create some interesting position battles going into spring ball, but the offense needs better blocking and has to do it with Bobby Massie taking off early for the NFL and Bradley Sowell done with his eligibility. The Rebels need a left tackle.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 23. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. Houston Nutt is known for his ground attacks and his ability to turn running backs into superstars, but this year’s class focused a bit more on the passing game with some surprising recruits. Nickolas Brassell could’ve gone anywhere and could immediately become the team’s No. 1 target, while Tobias Singleton and Donte Moncreif are fantastic prospects who should add more punch to the passing game. Who’s going to throw them the ball? JUCO transfer Zack Stoudt isn’t Jeremiah Masoli talent-wise, but he’s a big, strong bomber who’ll be in the mix for starting time right away.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 15. That Class Was Heavy On ...
Defensive linemen. With the early loss of Jevan Snead, Ole Miss needed options at quarterback and it got a small, athletic playmaker in JUCO transfer Randall Mackey. Vincent Sanders is a freshman receiver too good to keep out of the mix early on, while the defense got a big boost in the secondary with JUCO transfer Damien Jackson a big, intimidating safety and Tony Grimes a terrific corner prospect. The defensive line should be terrific with an outstanding mix of talents led by JUCO transfer Wayne Dorsey, a very tall, very quick pass rusher who would've been a key get for places like Tennessee, Auburn, Michigan, and Florida State. Carlton Martin and Bryon Bennett are the future at defensive tackle, while Carlos Thomas and Delvin Jones will eventually be the team's star pass rushers with speed, size, and a world of upside for the outside.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 12. That Class Was Heavy On ... skill players. This is a huge class with a little something for all the spots, but Houston Nutt and his staff mostly tried to get players to get the offense moving even more. Quarterback Raymond Cotton will get time to develop with Jevon Snead already under center, while running backs Darius Barksdale and Rodney Scott are just a few of the good prospects looking to shine in the Nutt system. Pat Patterson is a special receiver prospect, while Ja-Mes Logan and Montez Phillips have size and speed.

64. Houston | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Can new head man Tony Levine keep the fun going? Quarterback isn’t a big priority - even with Case Keenum and Cotton Turner gone – thanks to the 2010 class. Receiver isn’t a concern after bringing in a slew of talents last year. The defensive front seven will get the most attention with Levine working hardest for the line while also looking at linebacker for a few key prospects.

Team Concerns For 2012: Passing game. Did Kevin Sumlin do his job recruiting over the last few seasons? David Piland is the likely new starting quarterback, but the pecking order has to quickly be determined. Patrick Edwards, Tyron Carrier, and Justin Johnson are all gone. Daniel Spencer could be the key pickup from last year’s class for this year’s receiving corps.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 67. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The 2010 class brought in several strong quarterback prospects, and they’re going to need someone to throw to. The Cougars are looking to stop someone from throwing, and now, with JUCO corners Chevy Bennett and D.J. Hayden, but the offense got the bulk with several nice receivers. Daniel Spencer and C.J. McElroy are short, quick targets, while 6-3, Mark Roberts has the potential to be a No. 1 in time. RB Kenny Farrow and QB Bram Kohlhausen will fight for starting jobs in the near future.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 54. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. The miserable run defense got a big piece to the puzzle with 285-pound JUCO transfer Matangi Tonga an almost certain instant starter in the defensive interior, and linebacker Sammy Brown will get a job from Day One at one of the spots. The secondary was also addressed with three excellent corners in Dominique Sanders, Alton Demby, and Zach McMillen. The highlight of the class, though, was at quarterback where four prospects were brought in to develop in a hurry with Case Keenum leaving next year. Terrance Broadway came in from Baton Rouge, after getting offers from Alabama, Nebraska, and Oregon, and could be the most interesting of the candidates, Aaron Johnson is a great athlete who got offers to switch positions from several big-name schools, and David Piland comes in from Carroll High in Southlake, famous for Chase Daniel, among others.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 58. That Class Was Heavy On ... offensive linemen. The loss of three starting linemen to graduation prompted Kevin Sumlin to spend extra time cultivating the next generation of Cougar blockers. Three new tackles and three new guards provide a nice foundation for the future and the present. At tackle, for instance, Ralph Oragwu is a three-star high-schooler with enormous upside and Roy Watts is a ready-made JUCO transfer, who turned away offers from SEC and Big 12 suitors.

63. BYU | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... After losing former super-recruit quarterback Jake Heaps to Kansas, BYU needed to find a new quarterback for the future. While there isn’t anyone coming in with Heaps’ hype, Tanner Mangum is highly regarded and could be in the starting hunt next year when Riley Nelson is done. The linebacking corps is getting the most talent, but overall the skill players should make the class.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 58. That Class Was Heavy On … Defensive linemen. Bronco Mendenhall did a great job with the defense over the last few years, and even though the 2010 class was heavy on linebackers, this year’s haul highlighted Austin Heder and Adam Pulsipher who should start in the very near future. The bulk is on the defensive front with versatile tackles in Moses Kaumatule and Kesni Tausinga for the inside and Baker Pritcher and Lene Lesatele two good-looking hybrid ends who should grow into great pass rushers.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 23. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. The Cougars got a few tremendous individual talents, but the heft is on defense. Jake Heaps is one of the nation's top overall recruits and the best quarterback prospect BYU has brought in since Ben Olson. Ross Apo will grow into a special wide receiver and OG Graham Rowley  and DE Bronson Kaufusi could've gone just about anywhere. In all, seven linebackers were brought in with Zac Stout likely to be the leader of the defensive front seven in a few years. Alani Fua, Toloa'i Ho Ching, and Sae Tautu are all fast, athletic defenders built to play on the outside.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 41. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. There are some really nice players being brought in at several positions, but the best combination of star power and bulk is in the secondary with a few fantastic safety prospects, led by Craig Bills, one of the nation’s best, and two excellent corners in Lee Aguirre and Trevor Bateman. The offense loaded up on decent running back prospects with Adam Timo considered among the best in the nation, if he doesn’t move to safety, with Peni Maka’afi and Anthony Heimuli each certain to keep the ground game rolling.

62. Syracuse | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The defensive line needs prospects. The Orange have tried everything possible over the last few classes to get more talent for the offense, and now is when it all has to kick in with an upgrade of talent ready to sweep in. Three starters are gone off the defensive front along with most of the top backups, so any lineman who comes in must be prepared to shine immediately.

Team Concerns For 2012: The defensive line is the biggest problem by a ten-mile wide margin, but the offensive backfield is going to get the most attention. Charley Loeb is expected to take over the starting quarterback job, but he needs a battle and there have to be other options from recent classes. It’ll be a wild open fight for the quarterback pecking order.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … More offense, more offense, more offense. The 2010 class was loaded up with prospects for the offensive side of the ball, and head coach Doug Marrone kept the fun going with a heavy class of offensive prospects to move around where needed. The quarterback fight should be an interesting one with Aston Broyld and Terrel Hunt to dangerous playmakers, while running backs Tyree Smallwood and Adonis Ameen-Moore are shifty, multi-talented backs with good size. Marrone also added six receivers led by Brandon Reddish out of Brooklyn.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 69. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offense, offense, offense. After loading up with a ton of defensive back prospects last year, this year's massive class brings in players to salvage something out of Doug Marrone's offense. 17 offensive players were brought in headlined by quarterbacks John Kinder and Jonny Miller and six running backs. The D wasn't ignored with linebackers Malcolm Carter and Myles Davis good enough to see time early.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 92. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. Understanding the need to address a secondary that was last in the Big East in pass efficiency defense, the staff loaded up on defensive backs. In fact, almost half of the entire class was either a safety or a cornerback. The best of the lot are corners Torian Phillips, Phillip Thomas, and Dale Peterman, who’ll all have a shot for immediate playing time.

61. Purdue | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... After years of mostly going after the defensive side, the coaching staff is trying to improve the offense. Danny Hope has a few nice quarterback prospects about to sign on, while the receiving corps is loaded with as many good options as the program has had in several years. Tight end will be the strength with Ryan Morris and JUCO transfer Greg Latta good enough to play right away. Ryan Watson is a terrific guard prospect and a huge get for down the road, while JUCO transfer Devin Smith is expected to see time at tackle now.

Team Concerns For 2012: Safety will require the most work with both Logan Link and Albert Evans gone, but big recruiting classes from 2009 and 2010 should boost up the secondary. The offensive line has to come up with two new starters on the left side and Nick Mondek at right guard. Carson Wiggs could be the rare drafted placekicker, but Paul Griggs is’s No. 3 ranked prospect.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Defensive linemen. The skill positions got some instant depth with JUCO transfer Akeem Shavers at running back and JUCO transfer tight end Sterling Carter, and Akeem Hunt ill be the team’s star back in the near future. Defensively, the success of recent Boilermaker linemen helped get Robert Kugler, the star of the class and a dangerous pass rushing prospect, while Randy Gregory could be a good one with time in the weight room. 315-pound Michael Rouse will someday be the anchor of the defensive front.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 48. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. Head coach Danny Hope went big on the defensive linemen last year, and this year he came up with a big class of defensive backs signing seven including Ricardo Allen, a good corner who might be too good to keep on the bench as a freshman. Out of all the defensive backs brought in, only one true safety, E.J. Johnson, was signed. It's Purdue, so the offense is never going to be ignored and Hope brought in QB Sean Robinson, a big, athletic passer, and a good receiver in O.J. Ross.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 64. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive linemen. Purdue hasn’t stopped anyone’s running game in a few years, and now it’s time to give it a try. That’s not to say there haven’t been good linemen flowing through the program, but most of the stars have been pass rushers. JUCO transfer Kris Cooke should be an instant upgrade for the interior, while Eric McDaniel and Brandon Taylor will be the foundation for future defenses. Xavier Melton and Cody Davis aren’t bad tackle prospects, either.