Recruiting 2012 - Class Rankings 71 to 80
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Ranking the recruiting classes from 1 to 124 ... 71 to 80

Recruiting 2012 ... CFN Rankings

Class Rankings No. 71 to 80

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80. Arkansas State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. Last year’s class focused mostly on the offensive backfield, and the transfer of Auburn’s Michael Dyer will eventually give new head coach Gus Malzahn a star to work around, but this year’s class is about to be loaded with running backs. Quarterback is the concern going into 2013, and this year’s class will bring options.

Team Concerns For 2012: The Red Wolves need defensive linemen. The front four loses three starters and several key backup options, while the secondary also needs help after losing three starters and three quality reserves. The 2010 class worked on bringing in defensive linemen, and some patching will have to be quickly done.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … The offensive backfield. The defensive front got the most help last year and the receiving corps of 2009 should come into its own this year, and now the skill players are in place for the backfield of the near future. Speedy RB Artez Brown is the gem of the class, but Quintin Sparkmon has nice potential. Quarterbacks Darion Griswold and J.D. McKissic are totally different prospects. The 6-5, 240-pound Griswold is the passer, the 5-8, 170-pound McKissic is the runner.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 106. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. While the offense got a lot of help, especially at running back with the instant help from JUCO transfer Dwayne Frampton and his sub-4.4 speed, but the defense will get the most immediate upgrade with two fantastic linebacker prospects in Quashaun Lee and JUCO transfer Michael Lombardo and four strong defensive linemen. JUCO transfers Blake Chavis and Brandon Joiner each likely to start or at least be major factors in the end rotation.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 116. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. QB Phillip Butterfield is the star of the show here, and he’ll have plenty of targets to work with including Carlos McCants, a smallish, quick receiver who should be a number one target at some point. JUCO transfer Lucious Henderson is for right now. The defense was almost completely ignored.  

79. Eastern Michigan | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... Defensive line, defensive line, defensive line. After a stunning turnaround season, EMU and head coach Ron English is going after defensive linemen … again. The Eagles went hard after defensive linemen in the last few classes, and they’re going after even more with more athleticism, more options, and better depth. The offense isn’t being ignored, but outside of WR Quincy Jones, almost all the talent is for the D.

Team Concerns For 2012: After years of bringing in defensive linemen, now they all have to shine with four key parts of the rotation gone from the line. Linebacker Marcus English will be missed and both safeties are gone. The offense gets back plenty of starters, but loses receivers Trey Hunter and Corey Welch.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … JUCO defenders. After loading up for the defensive line over the last two recruiting classes, and with little to show for it, head coach Ron English is trying to win immediately with five JUCO transfers including linebackers Justin Cudworth, Blake Poole, and Sean Kurtz, who could all be immediate starters. However, the team’s best defensive pickup was true freshman Sean Cotton, a versatile safety who could’ve gone somewhere with a bigger profile.

re much bigger. 2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 116. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive Tackles. Ron English and his staff didn't exactly restock the shelves after a horrendous season, but there was an influx of immediate help for the defensive line with three JUCO transfers to throw into the interior. Jeremey Cutler is a 6-1, 275-pound fireplug, and he's the lightweight of the trio. 310-pound Jasper Grimes and 290-pound Jabar Westerman aren't considered star prospects, but they should help gum up the works.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 113. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive line. The last few classes have addressed the offense with a bulk of prospects coming in, and this year’s smallish class got a little bit of help on the ends. Melvin Crews is more of a tweener and Devon Davis should be moved to linebacker early on until he hits the weights, but Orlando McCord could grow into a player early on.

78. Bowling Green | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... Offensive tackle. Apparently, it’s time to start blocking someone with most of the emphasis on offensive tackle with a strong MAC class being put together. Defensively, the linebacking corps is loading up for the second time in three years, especially for the inside, with some terrific athletes coming in. After a few years in the weight room, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Team Concerns For 2012: Will the Falcons have a running game? That’s why the focus on the offensive line, but four starters are back and they have to be better. However, center Ben Bojicic was among the best in the MAC. The receiving corps will struggle without Kamar Jorden and Adrian Hodges, and it’ll be up to several untested players to show they’re ready to play

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Getting a smallish, talented playmaking quarterback in Matt Johnson should give the team an interesting player to work around over the next few years, but the most immediate help comes to the offensive line, mostly helped by JUCO transfers Scott Hodges and Dominique Wharton. The most overall talent, though, is on the defensive front led by ends Bryan Baird and Zach Colvin.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 92. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebackers. Head coach Dave Clawson had an eye towards the future last year by trying hardest to bring in good quarterbacks. Even so, he brought aboard two more this year led by Caleb Watkins, a strong all-around playmaker who could get an honest shot at the job right away. Don't be stunned if RB Jamel Martin and WR Marcus Beaurem aren't a part of the mix right away. While the offense will keep rolling, the Falcons beefed up the defense with a slew of small, athletic, safety-sized linebackers.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 82. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. New head coach Dave Clawson needs quarterbacks to work with for the near future, and he brought in three of them with Matthew Schilz the best of the lot, Austin Collier a more mobile option, and Alex Thomas a dark-horse bomber who could be in the mix a few years from now.

77. Central Michigan | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... The secondary needs a lot of help. Head coach Dan Enos has struggled in his first few seasons and needs as many options as possible to battle for jobs right away. This is a huge class with a little something for all spots, but safety will be the strongest position and the offensive line will get a big boost. The receiving corps is apparently set with just a few prospects coming in.

Team Concerns For 2012: The Chippewas have to start getting more out of an inconsistent offense, and it should happen with nine starters returning. However, a good running back has to step in for Paris Cotton, and tight end David Blackburn is a key part gone. The defense loses two starting linebackers – Mike Petrucci and Armond Staten – and corner John Carr.

Looking Ahead To The 2012 Season: The Dan Enos era isn’t exactly rocking and rolling with two straight awful seasons. This might be the payoff with QB Ryan Radcliff leading a veteran attack that gets everyone back up front and returns most of the top targets. The defense might have been among the worst in the MAC, but the entire line returns and most of the secondary is back. Linebackers Mike Petrucci and Armond Staten will be missed.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Tight ends. Apparently, head coach Dan Enos thinks the team needs more options for the offense with four tight ends coming in to go along with Jason Wilson and some nice wide receivers. Ben McCord, Blake Serpa, and Ben Randle are good pickups, but there should be some moving around of positions. The spotlight, though, will be on QB Alex Niznak, a 6-4, 225-pound passer who could get a long, long look right away. Defensive tackle was a target led by 6-1, 300-pound Shafer Johnson.
2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 112. That Class Was Heavy On ... The defensive front seven. New head man Dan Enos had roughly ten minutes to work, and it showed with a mediocre class that will need some developing. The one positive area was up front on defense with Kevin Henry a near-certain all star end with the potential to bulk up into a tackle. Caleb Southworth is a nice speed rushing prospect, while linebackers Tyler Lombardo, Andy Phillips, and Nores Fradi will be a big deal in three years.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 75. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running backs. The idea is to get as many good athletes as possible and find positions for them, and the Chippewas have brought in four good backs, led by the small, but speedy, Malek Redd, along with two good receivers in Cody Wilson and Ronny Kennedy who aren’t all that big, but can be used in a variety of ways.

76. Kansas State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... It’s Kansas State, so as always the focus is on bringing in as many ready-made JUCO players as possible to win right now. This isn’t going to be a huge signing class, and there won’t be as many JUCO signees as normal, but Bill Snyder will try to gets instant starters for both lines while hoping to find the right fit at quarterback in Tay Bender for down the road. However, Snyder is 72, and it’s questionable whether or not he’ll still want to be coaching by the time the freshmen are done.

Team Concerns For 2012: Three starters are needed for an offensive line that did a great job throughout last year. There’s been some good developing going on, so there might not be as much of a learning curve as it might seem, but Snyder will still come up with a few JUCO prospects just in case. The secondary gets back ball-hawking corner Nigel Malone, but loses playmaking free safety Tysyn Hartman and corner David Garnett.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Quarterbacks. As always, Bill Snyder went hard after the JUCO transfers with corner Allen Chapman a lockdown defender and safeties Kip Daily and Nigel Malone ready for right now, and defensive end Meshak Williams a great-looking end to put in the rotation. The offensive backfield got a few new options with JUCO transfers Justin Tuggle and Angelo Pease two fast, mobile players who can handle the offense this year. Daniel Sams is a prep pickup who’ll be groomed for the near future.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 84. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO transfers. If it's Kansas State there are going to be Junior College transfers. Overall this is a mediocre class with the bulk of the players for the near future coming in last year, especially in the secondary, and Bill Snyder is going for the immediate boost to get the program back over the hump and into Big 12 South title contention. Matthew Pearson will start somewhere in the secondary and Adam Davis will be used from Day One on the line as a pass rusher. In the freshman class, linebackers Tre Walker and Laton Dowling will be the keys to the 2013 Wildcat defense.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 89. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. If you’re going to try to compete in the Big 12, you need good defensive backs. Kansas State didn’t exactly break the recruiting bank on star prospects, but the secondary got the most help with safeties Thomas Ferguson and Carlton Callendar the best in the class. Throw in JUCO transfer Troy Butler and corner Courtney Thompson, along with safeties Joseph Bonugli and Torrell Miller, and the Wildcats are thinking defense first with this class.

75. Miami University. | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... Defensive line. The RedHawks continue to go after big class after big class with the lines getting the most help. The offense hasn’t gotten anything out of the line over the last few years, and this class has quality more than quantity. The defensive front gets the most talent with decent athletes at tackle and a few nice players for the end. The receiving corps should get some immediate help.

Team Concerns For 2012: The O needs a few new receiver options with Chris Givens and Kendrick Bruton done. Brandon Brooks was the heart and soul of the offensive line, but the other four starters are back. The linebacking corps loses Jerrell Wedge and Ryan Kennedy and free safety Anthony Kokal is done, but the defense is full of experience.

Looking Ahead To The 2012 Season: Can the RedHawks rebound back into 2010 form? The offense that couldn’t run a lick has to find a back, and the line that was so awful has to be better with four starters returning. Zac Dysert is a talented quarterback, and he gets back top target Nick Harwell. The defense loses linebacker Jerrell Wedge, but eight starters return to a group that allowed just 364 yards per game.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … The Secondary. The last few classes were about bringing up the talent level a bit with more players and more options to provide depth. Those two classes will mature this year for new head coach Don Treadwell, and now he and the coaching staff, with little time to work, are trying to secure the secondary with several corner prospects, led by the speedy Jamarcus Darden, and big-hitting safety Tre Clif

ton. 2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 113. That Class Was Heavy On ... More bodies. Shane Montgomery came up with a huge class last year based more on bulk prospects than sure-thing stars. The same goes for this year with a slew of players brought in to create more depth and to do more developing. OT Jeff Tanner will be an All-MAC performer before his time is done and he should combine with Tyler Grubbs to form a nice pair of bookends.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 94. That Class Was Heavy On ... Bodies. This is a big class full of a variety of prospects that don’t necessarily fit a type, and with a program that fell off the map with one of the most disappointing, disastrous seasons of any team in America, it’s rebuilding time. The idea will be to use this class to build towards the future; don’t expect a whole bunch of help right away.

74. Iowa State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. Iowa State will never get the four and five-star prospects the other Big 12 teams bring in, so it’s all about strength in numbers. The Cyclones will sign several receivers to try to improve an always-mediocre passing game, while the defense will concentrate mostly on the line. The last few classes have been working on the skill players, and soon it all has to start paying off. It might take one more year, though.

Team Concerns For 2012: The defensive line loses three starters and gets really young, really fast. Top corner Leonard Johnson will be sorely missed, but most of the key parts are back. The offense has to replace an NFL talent in tackle Kelechi Osemele and right guard Hayward Hicks, and the receiving corps needs help with Darius Reynolds and Darius Darks gone.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Skill players. Apparently, head coach Paul Rhoads is looking to branch out and looking for more options to play around with. Three quarterbacks were brought in with an eye both to 2011, with JUCO transfer Steele Jantz, and to the future with Jaquarius Daniels and Sam Richardson getting time to groom. JUCO transfer tight end Ernst Brun will be a part of the offense right away, while the hope will be for at least one new receiver, probably Quenton Bundrage or Tad Ecby, to be ready. Running backs DeVondrick Nealy and Rob Standard fit the Cyclone mold.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 71. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. After going after wide receivers last year, second-year head coach Paul Rhoads made sure the defensive shelves were stocked bringing in six key prospects including JUCO transfer Anthony Young, who might be penciled in at one corner spot, and JUCO safety Durrell Evans. For the offense, Shontrelle Johnson leads a good-looking group of running backs and JUCO transfers Chris Young and Albert Gary will be counted on in the receiving corps.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 73. That Class Was Heavy On ... receivers. New head coach Paul Rhoads might be a defensive coach by nature, but he and his staff went after offense with the passing game getting the most help. Running backs James White and Beau Blankenship will be a major part of the attack soon, but the goal is to get the new receivers into the mix as soon as possible. Five wide receivers and tight end Willie Scott were added, with Donnie Jennert the best prospect with 6-6 size and good speed, while JUCO transfer Josh Bellamy has field-stretching wheels.

73. San Diego State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... After years of loading up with skill players, now the Aztecs need to do more for the defensive side. Linebackers appears to be set for the next few years, but the line will get more bodies even though there’s a young group already ready to do more in the 3-4. Head coach Rocky Long likes big offensive linemen, and he’s bringing in some great-looking tackles; this could turn out to be the best haul of blockers in the Mountain West.

Team Concerns For 2012: Quarterback and running back. That’s what last year’s recruiting class was for with Long loading up with a ton of bodies and several options to throw into the mix, but it’s still too early to find another Ryan Lindley or Ronnie Hillman right away. The defensive line needs players from this class to be a part of the battle for jobs right away with all three starters gone along with both outside linebackers.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Skill players. New head coach Rocky Long is bringing in a huge class, and while there aren’t a lot of superstars after the departure of Brady Hoke, there are enough good players on offense to start pounding the rock the way the new staff wants to. QB Chad Jeffries and RB Brandon Wright will have to wait their turn for a few years, but they’re strong talents who’ll be the future, while WR Jemond Hazely and TE Sam Meredith will be a big part of the passing game.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 72. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Brady Hoke has worked on improving the skill talent over the last two seasons, and this class was built to allow all the new players to shine. This was a big class that addressed several areas, but the best players were on the offensive front led by JUCO transfer Juan Bolanos, a massive player who'll be thrown into the rotation right away. Emmanuel Beavers and Zach Dilley who'll be the cornerstones for the future. JUCO transfers Riley Gauld and Joe Unga will also be counted on early.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 87. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill positions. New head coach Brady Hoke needs to bring in the playmakers, and he has them in bunches with a few prospects for all the skill spots. QB Jake Bernard is a good-looking option for the near future, and Osmond Nicholas should be an eventual No. 1 target. The class is also big on corners, arguably the strength of the class, with several options coming in including Nat Berhe and Marcus Andrews.

72. South Florida | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The lines. Skip Holtz has the skill players in place after loading up over the last few years, and the defensive front was addressed heavily three years ago. Now the D could use a boost up front for down the road, while the offensive line has a depth issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible. Holtz is mining the JUCO ranks and is going outside of the state to bring in talent.

Team Concerns For 2012: The secondary loses a few key starters and needs more options for nickel and dime packages. Holtz is has a few JUCO transfers coming in to help right away, but this will be a need area to upgrade over the next few classes. The defensive front needs more players for the rotation, and this class should bring them.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Receivers. The offensive line got a huge boost with Max Lang, Darrell Williams, and Boo Simon all good tackle prospects who should be the anchors up front in the next three years, and the defense got some help with Corian Hamilton and Chris Garye two strong safety prospects, but the stars of the class are at receiver with Andre Davis a local product who should become a special No. 1 target. Ruben Gonzalez and Alex Mut are also nice gets who’ll boost up the Skip Holtz passing attack.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 47. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. Skip Holtz had roughly five minutes to work, but he still kept most of the key players Jim Leavitt originally pitched. Jamius Gunsby is a big, athletic playmaker of a quarterback who'll get a few years to develop, while Marcus Shaw and Tiger Powell are good looking speed backs who could find roles early on if JUCO transfer Michael Hayes and his 4.3 speed doesn't take over the workload. Jamaal Mantague and Deonte Welch might not be five-star receiver prospects, but they're going to be good. Defensively, JUCO transfer Claude Davis will be asked to step in right away and fill a gaping hole at one end, and top corner Terrence Mitchell will get a chance to see time in the rotation.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 25. That Class Was Heavy On ... The defensive line. Can you say epic haul? Jim Leavitt is retooling his defensive front on the fly, with a mix of talented ends and tackles from junior college, post-graduate schools, and high schools. George Selvie, Aaron Harris, and Terrell McClain won’t be around forever, so it was important to bring new reinforcements to ensure the success of the defense for the foreseeable future. DT Leslie Stirrups was supposed to be one of the cornerstones of the 2006 class, but is just now making it to Tampa after problems with grades.

71. Illinois | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. Tim Beckman is known for being a defensive coach, but his Toledo teams lived on a high-octane offense. It’s Illinois, so the passing game is going to get plenty of attention with the receiving corps getting new prospects to play around with. The defense is getting a few nice linebackers, and kicker Ryan Frain will get a shot at the job right away, but across the board this class pales in comparison to the monsters Ron Zook brought in when he first started up in Champaign.

Team Concerns For 2012: Key offensive performers. QB Nathan Scheelhaase is back for two more years, but his top target, A.J. Jenkins, is gone, as are top backs Jason Ford and Troy Pollard. Losing left tackle Jeff Allen could be the biggest problem early on next season; there are more good skill players waiting in the wings. Defensively, who’s going to be the next great defensive lineman? Tackle Corey Liuget was the main man two years ago, and last season Whitney Mercilus was the best defensive end in college football. The hope is for tackle Akeem Spence to be the next big thing.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … The passing game. The Illini defensive front got an influx of talent for the inside with Chris Jones and Clint Tucker two active big bodies who fit the team team perfectly. Ends Darrius Caldwell and Chris O’Connor are dangerous pass rushing prospects. While running backs Joshua Ferguson and Donovann Young going to shine, the offensive class is about the passing game with Reilly O’Toole the quarterback for three years from now and receivers Dondi Kirby and Kenny Wright two big, strong targets. The big coup was tight end Jon Davis, who turned down Notre Dame and UCLA.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 50. That Class Was Heavy On ... The middle of the defensive back seven. Quarterback Chandler Whitmer is the star of the class and wide receiver Darius Millines is a good one to step in and potentially produce early on, but Illinois needed to do something about its defense ... and now. Jonathan Brown, Mark Wilson, and Jay Prosch are all built to play inside linebacker, and they might provide instant depth. Safety Earnest Thomas is the best defensive prospect brought in, while JUCO transfer Trulon Henry has to find a spot somewhere in the secondary immediately.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 38. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive linemen. Lost in the Ron Zook era amidst the publicity around the offense has been a defense that’s been consistently strong. This year’s recruiting class helped the defensive front more than any other area with promising pass rushers Cornellius Carradine and Michael Buchanan for the outside with Lendell Buckner and Akeem Spence for the inside. Buckner has the body and the upside to be special.