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Recruiting 2012 - Class Rankings. Bottom 14
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Ranking the recruiting classes from 1 to 124 ... The Bottom 14

Recruiting 2012 ... CFN Rankings

The Bottom 14

CFN 2012 Recruiting Rankings

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124. Utah State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The Aggies need to upgrade the running back corps with Robert Turbin and Michael Smith gone. The depth needs to be developed and any newcomers will get every shot to see time right away. After going heavy on the JUCO transfers over the last few years, head coach Gary Andersen is in a more secure position and the program can go after more freshmen options to build for down the road.

Team Concerns For 2012: Besides running back, the Aggies need help on the ends with Levi Koskan and Quinn Garner gone. The bigger problem, though, is at inside linebacker with tackling-machine Bobby Wagner and Kyle Gallagher gone. The help might not be there right away from this class, but next year the prospects will have to come. This class will be to try to fill in a few gaps.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 100. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO. Gary Andersen went went the JUCO route to provide some instant pop in 2009, and after dealing with the future last year, he’s going back to the secondary schools for help. True freshman QB Chuck Keeton needs to be the star of the class with his athleticism, but the point of this haul was to load up on plays with three JUCO corners, led by speedy William Davis, while Tyler Bennett could be a major boost for the punting game.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 107. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Gary Andersen spent his first season loading up on players getting JUCO transfer after JUCO transfer, but this recruiting season is about building for the future. Diondre Borel is the starting quarterback this year without question, so Alex Hart, Trevor Brown, and Jeremy Higgins will get time to develop. However, a few of the new receivers will be asked to produce early on. JUCO transfers Xavier Martin and Dontel Watkins will give Borel targets, but Shaan Johnson will end up being the start of the passing attack.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 104. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO. New head coach Gary Andersen is looking to make an impact early on, and he needed more bodies to do it. While the incoming junior college players will mostly be used for depth, the program needed players to push for spots and to provide more competition. OT Christian Browne-Frazier and LB Reuben Willis will do that.

123. UT San Antonio | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class  

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The Roadrunners haven’t had too much time getting ready for life in the WAC, but head coach Larry Coker has a young, YOUNG team without many glaring personnel needs. Redshirt freshmen are the norm across the board with only two upperclassmen among the 24 players on the offensive two-deep, and there’s only one player needing to be replaced on defense.

122. Massachusetts | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... New head coach Charley Molner wants more offense, and it should come from this class, at least in the backfield, with RB Stacey Bedell leading the way. Molner came on so late that there hasn’t been much of a recruiting season, so there’s going to be plenty of scrambling after Signing Day just to find players. The defense will come next year.

121. Western Kentucky | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Head coach Willie Taggert is paving the road for down the road with the lines. The offensive line is about to get an important infusion to build for 2014 and beyond. The line might not be a need right now, but it’s going to get the most key players with some huge, HUGE bodies ready to blast away for the interior.

Team Concerns For 2012: Bobby Rainey. The Hilltoppers are losing their heart-and-soul running back who carried the offense time and time again. Losing left tackle Wes Jeffries is also a concern, but that’s about it. Those are the only two seniors gone from the offense, and that includes the backups. Placekicker Casey Tinius is gone, meaning Jesse Roy from last year’s class has to prove he’s ready to be the main man.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Defensive backs. Quality, not quantity. The Hilltoppers didn’t get many defensive backs, but they got some strong players to lock down the secondary right away. Champ Lewis is a tall, talented safety who blew off Maryland, South Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and other mid-level BCS programs, and made Iowa State mad. Corner Eric Robinson-Berry committed to Louisville, ending others from going after him, and then decommitted to go to WKU. Quartterrio Morgan isn’t another Bobby Rainey, but he’s a quick, talented back for head coach Willie Taggart to make into a star.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 118. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. There are so many players brought in last season that there wasn't a ton of room for too many new players, but new head coach Willie Taggart wanted to upgrade the offense as soon as possible and he was able to sign JUCO bomber Matthias Pelesasa and all-around playmaker Brandon Doughty to give the team more options. WR Joel German could be a No. 1 target right away.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 84. That Class Was Heavy On ... Bulk. There’s a little of something for every spot with no one spot getting the complete and total focus. The team was awful last season with a tough mix of seniors and unproven young players, and this class is built to be a foundation for the next several years. The skill position players are the stars of the show with QB Courtney Dalcourt, RB Keshawn Simpson, and WR Jamarielle Brown all going to be fixtures by 2012.

120. Army | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On... Is head coach Rich Ellerson doing anything to help the woeful passing game? He’s getting a few receiver prospects, but the class will mostly revolve around a defense that needs bigger and better bodies up front. Defensive tackle will be a big key to the class, while the secondary get an influx of prospects with the idea to become faster and more athletic in the back seven as soon as possible.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 102. That Class Was Heavy On …
Quarterbacks. Head coach Rich Ellerson is looking to upgrade the overall speed and talent level of the team across the board, so he brought in a bazillion quarterbacks and running backs to bring into the mix to move around into other spots. Of course many of these players will end up in the secondary or at receiver, but six quarterbacks and ten running backs were recruited, and in the strength-in-numbers situation, the hope will be that some stars emerge early on.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 97. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. Rich Ellerson needs players to run his high-octane, hybrid attack, and while he was able to come up with a slew of receivers last season, he was able to do even more this season to get skill players. He brought in more wide receivers, but he also picked up eight running back options, led by Marcus Jackson, with speed, speed, and more speed; something that's been lacking from the Army backfield. He also signed three quarterbacks of different shapes and sizes.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 110. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The program went from being all about running, and then it became about throwing the ball, and then it tried to be Navy. Now the team needs players to fit the system, which will be an option running attack that still throws the ball, and while plenty of running backs were brought in, the team needed pass catchers. Five wide receivers were signed with Scott Williams, a speedster out of southern California, a potential field stretcher.

119. Texas State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Head coach Dennis Franchione has to go heavy to upgrade an offensive line that loses three starters and needs more quality depth. The defensive line also needs help with the depth on the ends lacking. For now, simply coming up with more FBS bodies is the main job, and the opportunities will be there for young players to be in the hunt for playing time.

118. Fresno State | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... New head coach Tim DeRuyter is speed recruiting, trying to put something together in a short time. The receiving corps got some help in 2010, but more talent and more firepower is needed for 2014 and beyond. DeRuyter’s first job will be to improve the defense, but that’s for the 2013 class. For now, he’s just trying to salvage something out of the short time.

Team Concerns For 2012: Defensive tackle. The linebacking corps is loaded with prospects from a terrific 2009 class, so DeRuyter should come up with a good rotation. Now he has to hope that Tyeler Davison and Donavaughn Pritchett are ready to roll at defensive tackle. There’s no Logan Harrell, but there’s plenty of size. Andrew Gustafson has to show early on this offseason that he’s ready to step in for Bryce Harris at left tackle.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 78. That Class Was Heavy On ... Outside linebackers. The defense found a pass rush last year for the first time in everal seasons, and now the outside linebackers are being brought in to keep the fun going. Donavon Lewis, Ekiro Ederaine, and Kyrie Wilson are the three-star talents, but Lewis is the only one built like a real, live linebacker. The offense didn’t get a bunch of help, but QB Marcus McDade and lightning-fast Dillon Root could pay off right away. 

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 62. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Even though Derek Carr, the brother of David Carr, is likely the starting quarterback in the very near future, the Bulldogs were able to sign Lester Fontenette, a promising bomber from San Diego, while Kelly O'Brien is a JUCO transfer who might end up being the No. 2 man in the mix for the next few seasons. The dangerous Josh Harper is a big, fast target who combines with another good receiver, Davon Dunn, and the 6-6 Victor Dean to load up the team with receivers. Matt Darr is the nation's best punting prospect.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 78. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. Headlined by local product, Travis Brown, the linebackers were clearly the stars of this class, followed closely by the defensive ends. Pat Su’a and Daniel Salinas move like safeties, while Nat Harrison should be a good one after a little bulking up. On the defensive front, JUCO transfer Donnie Pritchett will be plugged in right away in the rotation, but Nikko Motta could eventually turn out to be better.

117. UCF | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class  

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... A passing game. The Knights haven’t been big on pushing the ball down the field under head coach George O’Leary, choosing to mostly pound away with the ground attack. The quarterback situation is solid for the next few seasons with Jeff Godfrey and Blake Bortles in place, but adding more to the receiving corps would be nice. The program hasn’t gone hard after skill players in a few years, but this season that should change.

Team Concerns For 2012: The kicking game. The Knights are loaded with experience just about everywhere, and they should be terrific on defense. Big-tackling middle linebacker Josh Linam is done, and the defensive line could use a few more options, but everything is in place for a huge year. However, kicker Nick Cattoi is done and the punting situation has to be addressed for 2013 and beyond.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 54. That Class Was Heavy On ... The defensive front seven. Release the hounds. UCF signed two terrific corners in Bruce Dukes and Jeremy Davis, and the offense wasn’t ignored, but the class is loaded with strong players on the defensive front seven. Troy Gray is a safety-sized outside linebacker who should pair with middle prospect Miles Pace to give the Knights a strong corps in a few years, while JUCO transfers Toby Jackson and Cameron Henderson should be fantastic right away at the ends. With a little time, Demetric Anderson could be an anchor of a tackle.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 63. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive line. The offense has been hit-or-miss when the running game wasn't working, and now George O'Leary is taking care of the front wall to keep pounding away. Jose Jose has more than just a terrific name, he's one of the nation's better interior line prospects and should see time at center. Torian Wilson, Justin McCray, and Jordan McCray are large guards who should grow into key cogs for the ground attack, while 6-7, 310-pound Tony Jacob will be a key starting tackle soon.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 57. That Class Was Heavy On ... defensive backs. After losing the entire starting secondary to graduation, this was an absolute priority for George O’Leary and the Knights. The program did a magnificent job a few years ago of taking two-star players, such as CB Joe Burnett, and molding them into defensive stoppers. It may not have to do much coaching up of CB Josh Robinson, an outstanding all-around playmaker, who also drew interest from Michigan, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

116. Middle Tennessee | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The Blue Raiders haven’t been shy about going after skill players over the last few classes, and last year was about beefing up the lines, but the offense needs more pop for the near future. There’s no receiver depth to count on going into the year, so the JUCO route might be important to help out right away.

Team Concerns For 2012: Defensive back is the biggest issue with all four starters gone. After going JUCO for some instant impact players over the last few years, it would be nice to find a shutdown corner to rely on. Linebacker is also a must to work on. There are some nice prospects waiting in the wings, and they’ll need to step up and shine right away with Darin Davis and Gorby Loreus gone.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Offensive linemen. After getting a bit of instant help from the JUCO ranks and the skill players over the last few seasons, the coaching staff is forming more of a foundation for the offensive front with a few solid prospects with 6-4, 300-pound JUCO transfer Micah James ready to step in and start tomorrow. J.D. Jones is a good, big center prospect who could play guard, and Darius Johnson will be a decent tackle once he hits the weight room.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 105. That Class Was Heavy On ... Key JUCO transfers. This was a good MTSU team last year and it should be in the mix for the Sun Belt title this season, but to get over the hump and win the championship it needed a few more pieces to the puzzle. In come five JUCO transfers to provide help for the depth chart with Logan Kilgore likely to be the No. 2 QB behind Dwight Dasher, Jamar Brown and Jared Bamber sure to be key targets in the passing game, and Arness Ikner a shut-down corner who needs to see time right away.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 99. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. There’s a sprinkling of new recruits here and there, but the stars are at the skills with QB Jamal Ramsey one of the league’s best prospects and running backs David Jones and William Pratcher each good enough to change around the woeful running game. The receivers have size and speed, but they’re extremely unpolished.

115. Louisiana Tech | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class  

2012: What’s Needed Now: Not much. Head coach Sonny Dykes had the WAC’s best recruiting class last year and loaded up in a big way on the defensive line and the secondary over the last two seasons. Now it’s about trying to find a few stars to add to the mix. This isn’t likely to be a big class in any one area, but 2013 will be when the big haul has to come.

Team Concerns For 2012: The defensive front seven. Fortunately, the prospects were stockpiled to be ready to come up with a few good battles for this season. Both starting ends are gone, including Matt Broha, and linebackers Adrien Cole and Jay Dudley will be missed. More options at running back are a must with Lennon Creer done, while the focus of the offense will be on a quarterback battle between Colby Cameron and Nick Isham.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 84. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. This is a big, big class with a little something for everyone. The splash is in the passing game as quarterbacks and receivers are hot for the Sonny Dykes passing offense. JUCO transfer receivers Quinton Patton, Scott Cathcart and Myles White will play right away, while JUCO transfer quarterbacks Brodrick Watters and Nick Isham will fight it out. The meat of the class is on the defensive front with several strong prospects led by Malcolm Pichon, a 6-3, 330-pound tackle who could be the anchor of the line for the next four years.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 96. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. Sonny Dykes. While the focus will be on the quarterback and receivers in the Sonny Dykes system, Derek Dooley brought in those prospects last year. This year, the coaching staff, with no time to work whatsoever, loaded up for the secondary with seven prospects who'll be thrown to the wolves right away. Antonio Burton, Michael Schrang, and Connor Nichols form a solid safety trio, while JUCO transfer Ryan Williams might be one of the WAC's best corners right away.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 70. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running back and receiver. Head coach Derek Dooley went hard on the offense, and while he didn’t pick up any sure-thing stars, he got a lot of prospects. If you’re a strength in numbers fan when it comes to recruiting, then you’ll like all the options the Bulldogs have to choose from over the next few years with a few smallish but speedy backs like Lyle Fitte and Tyrone Duplessis. Big receivers like C.J. Broadus and Jaccari Jackson should be interesting to keep an eye out for as they develop.

114. Nevada | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... The program didn’t exactly capitalize off the big 2010 season with last year’s class, but it come up with a boatload of running backs meaning head coach Chris Ault can look elsewhere. He’ll get quarterbacks for 2015 with the 2009 class providing several options in development and with Cody Fajardo appearing to be the franchise for the next few seasons. The defensive back seven could use more options for down the line, but several young players will be a part of the 2012 season.

Team Concerns For 2012: Defensive line. There doesn’t appear to be any panic in this recruiting class, with so many prospects coming in a few seasons ago, but the Wolf Pack has to replace three starters and a few good backups on the line. A No. 1 target has to emerge with Rishard Matthews gone.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 78. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running backs. After the record-setting Colin Kaepernick/Vai Taua rushing era has ended, the program needs reinforcements. The good quarterback crop of 2009 should kick in starting this year, so Tanner Roderick should get plenty of time to learn. The running backs might not have the talent of other Nevada positions, but Kendall Brock, Teondray Caldwell and Superiorr Reid fit the Pistol.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 91. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. The quarterbacks were brought in last season so the offense was taken care of. This year, something had to be done to boost the depth on a defense that can't stop anyone's running game. Seven prospects were signed for the defensive line with a premium put on speed, quickness, and pass rushing ability. There isn't the bulk needed to clog up the middle, but there pass rush will be a strength.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 106. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. With Colin Kaepernick set to be the franchise for the next few years, Nevada’s two new passers, Mason Magelby and David Fales, will get plenty of time to develop. However, JUCO transfer Maurice Patterson is a good-looking receiver who’ll get Kaepernick throwing to him this year.

113. South Alabama | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive line. The Jaguars are going to have to build from the inside out with the line depth gone thanks to graduation. This year’s class will go big on guard and center, while the secondary will get some instant help from the JUCO ranks. Corner options are going to be a must, and this class should bring them.

112. Hawaii | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... It might sound crazy for Hawaii, but it needs quarterbacks. David Graves will have the job all to himself for now, but new head coach Norm Chow has to find a few good backup options to fight for the gig. The offensive line has to be addressed for down the road, and Chow will want to make better use of the tight ends, meaning he has to go get them.

Team Concerns For 2012: The passing game needs to go back to being the Hawaii passing game, and that could happen with a more experienced receiving corps returning. The linebacking corps loses two key starters in Aaron Brown and Corey Paredes, and three starters are done on the line, but the 2010 class did a good job of bringing in prospects for the front with Moses Samie and Marcus Malepeai about to become major factors.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 81. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The bulk of the class is at defensive back where corners Ellis Henderson and Brian Clay lead a strong group coming in for the secondary. The immediate impact, though, should be at receiver where JUCO transfers Cecil Doe and Chris Gant will be asked to be the new playmakers from Day One, working on the other end of Bryant Moniz’s passes. There isn’t much else for the offense with the class working mostly to improve the defensive side for a second year in a row.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 87. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. It's Hawaii so the passing game was hardly ignored with a slew of new receivers signed to go along with QB Kevin Spain from Arizona, but this class is all about the defense and all about getting better up front. There isn't the JUCO influx of last year when head coach Greg McMackin looked to immediately patch all the gaping holes. This is about the strength in numbers with seven linemen of all shapes and sizes to build around.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 60. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO, JUCO, JUCO. Overall, the offense got the biggest boost with three quarterback prospects, including two good ones in Cayman Shutter and Corey Nielsen, and several backs and receivers, but it’s the junior college haul that should make the most noise. Head coach Greg McMackin brought in ten ready-made players with the most help coming for the defensive line with tackles David Hofoka and Zach Masch.

111. Florida Atlantic | The Entire 2012 Recruiting Class

The 2012 Class Was Heavy On ... It’s Carl Pelini taking over the head coaching job, so the defense is going to be a primary focus with the secondary a major need and outside linebacker needing to be addressed. However, the offense was miserable last year and needs an upgrade in talent level. The quarterbacks came in a few years ago, with Stephan Curtis soon to be a factor, but playmakers across the offensive board will be used.

Team Concerns For 2012: Offense, offense, offense. There’s enough returning talent to hope for a far better season, but after last year’s disaster the attack has a long way to go to be merely decent. Running back is the biggest problem with Alfred Morris and Willie Floyd gone; Pelini could go the JUCO route to help things right away.

The 2011 Class Was Heavy On … Outside linebacker. This is yet another soft recruiting class as Howard Schnellenberger didn’t load up on too many strong prospects from around the area. As always, everyone is local, but the only player of note is undersized linebacker Damian Parms, who isn’t big, but can stick. The receiving corps gets a little help with William Dukes and Hakeem Ishmar two big, promising targets.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 119. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. It wasn't exactly the old Howard Schnellenberger wall around Miami to get the top talent from the area. A class that lacked star power also lacked any one area of beefing up, but there were two decent quarterback prospects to build on for the next few years with 6-3, 210-pound Nick Bracewell and strong-armed Stephen Curtis to battle it out to be the future of the program. Bracewell is the better of the two.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 101. That Class Was Heavy On ... Cornerback. By far the best prospects of this year’s class are in the secondary where De’Andre Richardson and Keith Reaser are two really fast, really good corners who should be fixtures in the FAU defensive backfield for years. Winfred Strickland and Treon Howard aren’t as fast or as good, but they should provide decent depth down the road.