2012 NFL Combine - Fullback Analysis
Wisconsin FB Bradie Ewing
Wisconsin FB Bradie Ewing
Posted Feb 28, 2012

Post-Combine quick looks at the fullbacks invited to Indy.

2012 NFL Pre-Combine

Top Ten FB Rankings

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, The Top Ten 
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, No. 11-25 

1. Chad Diehl, Clemson 6-2, 257 Proj. 4
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: BIG. He looks the part. … Extremely physical with the ability to line up and blow someone off the ball. … A prototype lead blocker. He's the ideal for a power running game. … A special teamer.

Negatives: Not a runner or a receiver. He'll be a blocker and a blocker only. … No real athleticism. See guy, hit guy. That'll be it. … Not for everyone. He'll need to fit the right offensive system.

` 2. Evan Rodriguez, Temple 6-1, 244 Proj. 5
Worked out as a tight end and did a great job. He was among the fastest tight ends with a 4.58, while he blew through the short drills and came up with a solid 36" vertical. It was a good enough workout to show he could do a little of everything.

Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Versatile. Could be a terrific tight end or an H-back with nice hands. … Could be a good blocker if he wants it. … Athletic. Can be used in a variety of roles. … A natural receiver.

Negatives: Character question marks. Left West Virginia after an incident. … Concerns about whether or not he wants to bust his tail to be a big-time blocker. … A bit undersized. Not big enough to be a tight end and not quite made up to be a fullback. …

3. Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin 5-11, 238 Proj. 5
Is he really a fullback? Ewing was phenomenal with a 4.16 time in the shuttle and explosive 10-foot broad jump. The 4.76 wasn't bad, and he was ultra athletic, but the 14 reps were way, way light for what he needs to do.

Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: A power runner and not just a blocker. … Has the size and the versatility to do a little of everything right. Could be a much better pro when allowed to do more. Worked well at Wisconsin, but has the make-up and the size to grow into a stronger blocker. … Will stick as a special teamer.

Negatives: Doesn't blast away like he needs to. A good blocker, but not an elite one. … Needs to work on his hands. Can catch, but he's not a go-to outlet target. … Needs to get stronger.

4. Emil Igwenagu, UMass (TE) 6-1, 238 Proj. FA
Slow, proving he'll be a fullback and not a true tight end. However, while the 4.83 was slow, he was quick around the short drills and came up with a 10-1 in the broad jump. The 19 reps weren't great, but it didn't hurt him.

Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: A nice all-around athlete with great hands. Can be used as an H-back or a fullback. … A good leader with the respect of the team. He'll work where needed and will do all the little things. … A decent enough blocker to get by. Can carry the ball once in a while if needed. … Will work on special teams.

Negatives: Not a blaster of a blocker. He's a receiver playing fullback and a fullback playing receiver. … Always banged up. Couldn't get past an ankle injury a few years ago. … A jack of all trades, master of none.

5. Ryan Houston, North Carolina 6-1, 247 Proj. FA
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Tough. One of the better running fullbacks in the draft. … Could be used as a goal line runner. He could find a niche as a key cog in the short yardage packages. … A running back playing fullback. He could grow with the right coaching.

Negatives: Not a good enough blocker. He has a tailback mentality. … Has to want to be a special teamer. Has to want to do all the dirty work. … Not athletic enough to be an H-back. … Could balloon up. He could hit 280 in a snap if he doesn't watch it.

6. Broderick Green, Arkansas 6-0, 240 Proj. FA
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: A runner. Could become a tough, pounding tailback with the ability to take the will out of a defense. … Could find a role as a goal line runner. Has the size and the potential to find a nice niche. … Showed off occasional speed. Hit a few home runs for the Hogs.

Negatives: Not a physical enough blocker for his size. … He'll have to work to become a fullback. He's a tailback who needs to grow into a new role. … Getting over a torn up knee. Elusiveness wasn't his strength to begin with.

7. Alfred Morris, Florida Atlantic 6-0, 203 Proj. FA
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: A tailback who'll get a shot at fullback. Could become a change-of-pace power back. … He'll work on special teams. He'll do what's needed. Will fight for everything. … A blocker. Can be used on third downs in pass protection. … Great character. Coaches will love him.

Negatives: Not athletic or fast enough to be a tailback and not tough enough or big enough to be a fullback. … He'll have to make it on special teams. He has the drive to be a star on coverage teams, but he might never see the field on offense. … Needs to find something he can do at a high level.

8. Cody Johnson, Texas 5-11, 257 Proj. 6
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Intriguing power. Has just enough toughness to be tried out as a fullback. … A tailback in the right system. He's a runner who could be used around the goal line. … Good hands. Can catch the ball.

Negatives: A tailback who'll try to be a fullback. … Doesn't always play up to his size. Doesn't blast away like he should. … Is he a blocker? He'll have to show he's willing to get dirty and beat people up.

9. Jason Ford, Illinois 5-10, 238 Proj. FA
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: An interesting tweener. Has just enough skills as both a tailback and a fullback to find a role somewhere. … Strong and thick. Built to be a blocker with good leverage. … Good goal line potential with his running ability.

Negatives: Character issues. Missed the bowl game after not going to class was arrested early last year for a suspended driver's license. … Banged up. Always seemed to have issues of some sort. … Not athletic enough to be a tailback.

10. Bruce Figgins, Georgia 6-3, 262 Proj. FA
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Huge. Can be used as an H-back or a tight end. … Decent hands. Could be used more as a receiver than he was in college. … Physical. Could work in a variety of ways around the goal line. Four of his 16 career catches were for scores.

Negatives: Too tall to be a true fullback. Leverage will be a problem. … Not an elite athlete. Doesn't have the raw speed to stretch the field as a tight end. … Doesn't have any one trait that'll work at the next level.

- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, The Top Ten 
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, No. 11-25