2012 NFL Combine - OG Analysis No. 11-20
Miami OG Brandon Washington
Miami OG Brandon Washington
Posted Feb 18, 2012

Pre-Combine quick looks at the offensive guards invited to Indy. No. 11 to 20

2012 NFL Pre-Combine

OG Rankings - No. 11 to 20

- 2013 Prospects: Offense
- 2013 Prospects: Defense

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings 
11. Adam Gettis, Iowa 6-4, 288Proj. 5
Positives: Good in one-on-one battles. Keeps his man occupied and doesn't let him slip. .. Good athleticism. Added weight but still moves well. … Hustles. Always working and always looking to make the big hit. … A good technician as a run blocker. Gets the job done and doesn't make a slew of mistakes.

Negatives: Small and won't get bigger. He had to work his tail off – or on – just to get to his current weight. Won't get bulky and doesn't have much room left on his frame. … Not athletic enough for his size. Moves okay, but not great. … Not necessarily a killer. He's not going to blast anyone.

12. Brandon Washington, Miami (Jr.) 6-4, 320 Proj. 4
Positives: A pure pounding run blocker. A big body who has the potential to grow into more a stronger player with some work. … When he's on, he's devastating. He shows flashes of greatness when he gets into a groove. … Has to the frame and the tools. Everything is there to work with.

Negatives: Needs more physical maturity. He has to get functionally stronger. … Not an athlete in any way. He's not going to do anything on the move. … Will have major problems against quicker interior defenders. If he doesn't get his hands on a guy, it's over.

13. Rishaw Johnson, California (Pa.) 6-4, 298Proj. 5
Positives: A terrific talent who had to go to the lower level route. He was expected to be a star at Ole Miss. … Good size. Not huge, but long and has the right frame to be an NFL regular. … Great on-field attitude. He has the fire to finish off his blocks and put his man in the ground.

Negatives: Mega-character concerns. Got booted from Ole Miss. … Needs a ton of technique work. Got by on simply being far, far more talented than everyone else. … Didn't destroy like he should've. He has SEC starter's talent but was just okay at the lower level.

14. Joe Looney, Wake Forest 6-3, 315Proj. 5
Positives: Great size and good in small spaces. He bangs his man around and has the strength to dominate at times. … Great character guy. Has the right attitude and leadership abilities. … A thick blocker who uses his weight well.

Negatives: Not athletic. He's not going to make anything happen on the move. … Limited. He's ready to play right now, but he doesn't have a high ceiling. … Plodding. Will have big problems with quicker pass rushers.

15. Johnnie Troutman, Penn State 6-4, 325Proj. FA
Positives: Huge. Has a terrific frame and long arms. Built like an ideal tackle, but he's a guard. … A good worker and won't make many mistakes. Smart. … Packs a good pop. Was a key blocker the offense worked behind.

Negatives: Was fine throughout last year, but he has a history of injury issues. … Had off the field issues getting picked up for a DWI. … Not athletic. Doesn't do much on the move and doesn't make enough big things happen at the second level.

16. Derek Dennis, Temple 6-3, 315Proj. 6
Positives: Terrific frame. Looks the part and has the right body type. …Great in a phone booth. If he doesn't have to move, he'll blow up his man. … Could be used at right tackle if absolutely needed. He has the body type for it.

Negatives: Makes a few too many mistakes. Isn't consistent. … Doesn't do enough on the move and won't pull well enough to make the big play. … Injury issues. Wasn't quick before suffering a torn ACL a few years back. Not agile.

17. Antoine McClain< Clemson 6-6, 335 Proj. 7
Positives: Big and thick. Has a huge frame and a tremendous wingspan. Tough to get around. … A destructive run blocker who blows away defenders. … Really, really strong in small spaces. As long as he doesn't have to move, he's dominant.

Negatives: Can't move. Stiff when he has to pull. … Gets pushed around a bit too much for such a strong prospect. … Forget about quick and athletic interior defenders. He'll struggle mightily in pass protection.

18. Jeremiah Warren, South Florida 6-3, 336 Proj. FA
Positives: Big and strong. Has an NFL body and is impossible to get around. Really, really long arms. … Nasty. Has the right attitude to maul his man. … Great in small spaces and will dominate if he doesn't have to move.

Negatives: He'll have a hard time keeping his weight in check. He could balloon up to a disastrous 350 if he's not careful. … If he doesn't lock on to a defender, he'll get beat. He won't be able to handle the faster and wilier defensive tackles. … He isn't for everyone. He has to be in a power blocking offense.

19. Manase Foketi, Kansas State 6-5, 305 Proj. FA
Positives: Extremely long arms on a big frame. Looks like a tackle but hits like a guard. … Might just be scratching the surface. He has a ton of potential and has the frame to get bigger and stronger. He's a project, but he might be worth it. … Moves well in small spaces. Doesn't get knocked around and doesn't get pushed off his base.

Negatives: Not consistent. Improved, but wasn't a rock in pass protection. … Doesn't shuffle well and doesn't do much on the move. Has to work in a phone booth. … Won't bury his man. He doesn't have the bulk.

20. Rokevious Watkins, South Carolina 6-4, 322  Proj. 6
Positives: Tall and with a terrific frame. Has the size to potentially move to right guard in a pinch without a problem. … A tough run blocker who uses his size well. Did a good job against top SEC defenders. … Reliable. A relatively unsung key part to the USC offense and the team's resurgence. AN anchor.

Negatives: Won't move. He might get a look at right tackle, but he's just a guard. He has to work in short spaces. … Not necessarily a dominator for his size. Didn't come up with a good enough punch. … Plays too high. Needs to sink better to be a full-time NFL guard.

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25
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