2012 NFL Combine - Offensive Guard Analysis
Stanford OG David DeCastro
Stanford OG David DeCastro
Posted Feb 18, 2012

Pre-Combine quick looks at the offensive guards invited to Indy.

2012 NFL Pre-Combine

Top Ten OG Rankings

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25 
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1. David DeCastro, Stanford (Jr.) 6-5, 313 Proj. 1
Positives: A blaster of a run blocker who was one of the key pieces to the Stanford offensive puzzle. A road grater who flattens his man. … Moves well. Bulked up and added good weight without losing any quickness or athleticism. … Pulls and gets out effortlessly. Finds his man and pops him without a problem. A dominator.

Negatives: Not massive. He's as big as he's going to get and he's not going to be a wide body. … Not quite angry enough on a regular basis. He has the right attitude, but he's not necessarily nasty. … Was bailed out at times by being next to Jonathan Martin and having a quarterback with a quick release in Andrew Luck.

2. Cordy Glenn, Georgia (OT) 6-6, 346Proj. 1
Positives: A left tackle who's versatile enough to play almost anywhere on the line. He could be a right tackle, but he'll have a long career on the inside. … HUGE. Engulfs defenders and is great at putting his man in the ground. … Will be an athletic guard. He could be grow into the best pure power blocker in the draft.

Negatives: Has to really, really watch his weight. He has to work hard to keep the bad pounds off. … Not off balance often, but he's much better when he locks on to a defender than when he gets on the move. … While he was fine at guard when working inside in college, he'll have to make a little bit of a transition. Some coach will want to try him out at tackle.

3. Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin 6-4, 315Proj. 2
Positives: A tackle-sized guard. A terrific run blocker who's able to get a great shove on the inside. … Tremendously consistent. As reliable as any blocker in the draft. Doesn't make mistakes. Can start out of the box. … Terrific in a phone booth. Gets a great push in a power game and is excellent on the move.

Negatives: Might have to work to keep his weight up. He's not thin, but he's a bit lean for a blasting guard, down a little bit during Senior Bowl weigh ins. … Won't necessarily bury his man. While a powerful blocker, he's not a pancake guy. … Not necessarily quick. Might not work in every system.

4. Brandon Brooks, Miami Univ. 6-6, 353 Proj. 4
Positives: HUGE. A massive, massive blocker who has the strength to go with it. … Has the bulk to grow into a top run blocker. A mauler. … Impossible to get around. Makes up for a lack of quickness by taking up a ton of space. He's tailor made to be a longtime NFL right guard.

Negatives: Huge, and not necessarily in a good way. He needs to be around 335, but he checked in at over 350 pounds at the Senior Bowl, eliminating any chance of being a tackle. … Miami had one of the nation's worst running games over the last few years. It's not like he made a high-octane rushing machine go. … No athleticism to begin with, and now forget about it at the higher weight.

5. Senio Kelemete, Washington 6-3, 296 Proj. 3
Positives: Versatile enough to work as a tackle. A college left tackle who has the frame to be an NFL right tackle and used in a variety of ways. … Moves well for a guard prospect. Not quite athletic enough to be a tackle, but he'll move well inside. … Tough. Is terrific when he locks on a defender.

Negatives: Too small for a top NFL guard. He doesn't have the frame to put on more good weight. … Not as good a pass protector as he should be. Catches a bit much as a tackle and has to learn how to be a road grader on the inside. … Can be beaten by quicker, craftier pass rushers. Has to hold his blocks a bit better.

6. Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State 6-4, 312 Proj. 3
Positives: A swing blocker with the athleticism to be tried out at tackle and the make-up to be a steady starters at guard. … A great attitude. Is more than happy to bury his man and beat people up. … Extremely strong. Won't get pushed around.

Negatives: Has to prove he can handle himself on a consistent basis against the big boys. Has to convert from left tackle at the D-II level. … Has a past of knee injuries and had a hamstring problem during Senior Bowl week. … Had academic issues. It was a fight to get eligible.

7. Lucas Nix, Pitt 6-5, 303Proj. 4
Positives: Great on the move. Quick and athletic for a guard prospect. … Versatile. He's a guard in the pros, but he could work at right tackle if needed. … Fights. He's a brawler who likes to deliver the hit. Physical.

Negatives: Doesn't quite have the right body type. Has a hard time getting the leverage needed. … Too thin. Looks like a tackle but he'll end up working at guard. … Needs a lot of help on his footwork. A lot of help. Doesn't always look like a natural when shuffling in pass protection.

8. Desmond Wynn, Rutgers 6-5, 305Proj. 5
Positives: Bulked up and is starting to fill out his frame nicely. Has room to carry even more good weight. … Terrific when he locks on. Doesn't slip off defenders easily. … Athletic. Moves as well as any guard in the draft.

Negatives: Had to work to get to over 300 pounds. It'll take a major push to get any bigger. … Athletic, but doesn't necessarily use it well. He doesn't do enough to make big plays when pulling. … A bad injury past. Always had issues of some sort including a knee injury last year and had a shoulder problem.

9. Ryan Miller, Colorado 6-8, 326Proj. 4
Positives: A good swing prospect who could work at right tackle. Decent athleticism for a guard. … HUGE with a monster frame. Tough to get around when he gets a big punch. … Strong. Has the functional strength to go along with the size.

Negatives: Not a blaster. He has gotten by mostly because of his size, but he's going to have to throw more defenders into the fifth row. … Too tall for a guard. He's pushing 6-9 and will be impossible to throw over. … Doesn't get to his man well when beaten. Not great in recovery.

10. Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech 6-2, 310Proj. 5
Positives: Versatile enough to work anywhere inside. He could see time at center if needed. He'll bust his tail. … Gets great leverage. Excellent at getting underneath the defender. … Moves nicely. Doesn't necessarily need to be in a phone booth.

Negatives: A bit undersized. Short and stocky. … Not a blaster. He'll hit, but he's not going to maul anyone. … Not necessarily the nastiest blocker. Gets the job done, but doesn't crush his man.
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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25 
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