2012 NFL Combine - Offensive Tackles
BYU OT Matt Reynolds
BYU OT Matt Reynolds
Posted Feb 18, 2012

Pre-Combine quick looks at the offensive tackles invited to Indy.

2012 NFL Pre-Combine

Top Ten OT Rankings

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings. No. 11 to 20 
1. Matt Kalil, USC (Jr.) 6-7, 295 Proj. 1
Positives: Moves extremely well. Athletic, shuffles well, and is great at walling off his man. … Tall, has great length, and uses his arms like he needs to. Still has room to get a little bit bigger without much of a problem. … Great at getting down the field. Quick enough to get to the second level and helping to spring the big play. … A true left tackle. He'll work at being special.

Negatives: A good run blocker but not a blaster. More of a pusher than a guy who'll flatten a defender. … Still not huge. Not a big problem, but he'll have to stretch and work to get to 315. … Will get a bit too high at times, but that's nitpicking. It's a function of his height.

2. Jonathan Martin, Stanford (Jr.) 6-6, 304 Proj. 1
Positives: Extremely quick. Fast off the ball and doesn't miss many steps. Almost never out of position, but recovers quickly. … Football smart. Reads the blitz well and is great at picking things up in a hurry. … Extremely durable. Has been a rock protecting Andrew Luck.

Negatives: Needs to work hard to stay low. He's great when he gets to rock back and get upright, but he needs to sink down better. … Not a finished product. Could stand to work on using his hands better. … Better when on the move than when he has to blast away. Needs to show a bit more consistent power.

3. Zebrie Sanders, Florida State 6-6, 308Proj. 2
Positives: Big. Tall, long, and is simply a big guy who's tough to get around. … Versatile. He might have worked mostly on the right side at FSU, but he could work as a longtime left tackle with a little bit of tweaking. … Can get even bigger. He's a tackle, but he could add at least 15 more pounds and be an ultra-athletic guard if absolutely needed. … Smart. He'll work to be better.

Negatives: A bit stiff. Better against defenders who work to get around him rather than against the bull rushers. … Is he a left tackle or a right tackle? It might take a leap of faith to invest a high draft pick in a right tackle, or potentially a guard. … Not quite as powerful as some teams might like. He'll work, but he could stand to get a nastier streak.

4. Riley Reiff, Iowa (Jr.) 6-6, 300 Proj. 1
Positives: The hot offensive tackle prospect because of his upside. He has a nice frame and has the ability and potential to get stronger, bigger, and better. … Works. Always trying to improve and is a hustler who doesn't turn it off. … Athletic. Moves like a tight end at times but has the functional strength to provide a pop.

Negatives: More of a prospect than a proven star. He was a very good college player, but he's getting hyped up because of his upside. … A bit lean. He doesn't have the potential to get beefy enough to turn into a top guard if needed. … Needs to be more proven against speed rushers. Was good, not elite.

5. Mike Adams, Ohio State 6-7, 323  Proj. 2
Positives: Really, really big. Everyone knew he was a large guy, and then he showed up at the Senior Bowl and was even bigger than expected. … Long frame. Takes two hours to get around. … Doesn't lumber. Quick off the ball and shuffles and moves well to handle both speed rushers as well as power ends.

Negatives: Might be a right tackle. He can handle himself fine on the left side, but his career will mostly be spent on the other side. … Not enough of a dominant run blocker for his size. Gets pushed around way too much and doesn't beat people up like he should. … Not consistent. When he gets rolling, he's dominant and can erase any end. That doesn't happen all the time.

6. Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State (OG) 6-5, 333  Proj. 2
Positives: A tackle who handled himself well during Senior Bowl week. Showed he could stay with the big boys. … It's considered a lock that he'll move inside, and he could, but he can work as a right tackle with great size and good enough quickness to get by. … Big and strong. A true mauler.

Negatives: Ramped up his aggressiveness and play during Senior Bowl week, but he didn't always bring it on every snap in every game. … Right tackle or guard only. Can't be a left tackle on a regular basis. … Needs to be coached. It's all there, but he'll need to be pushed to be a consistent blaster.

7. James Brown, Troy (OG) 6-3, 307 Proj. 3
Positives: Versatile enough to play either tackle position or moved inside to guard. … Athletic. Moves extremely well and shuffles without a problem. He'd be a dominant guard in the right system. … Great frame and just scratching the surface. He can get bigger and stronger, and he as the upside to get a lot better.

Negatives: Needs to want to be a killer. He's a good blocker, but he got by in the Sun Belt mostly be being more talented and having more tools than everyone else. … Doesn't bury his guy. He'll wall people off but he'll have to prove he can beat someone up to be a guard. … He'll work at it, but he might be more of a technician than a guy who comes out and dominates.

8. Andrew Datko, Florida State 6-6, 314  Proj. 4
Positives: A smart blocker. He knows how to get his guy out of the way and redirect him. Outthinks defenders. … Moves really, really well for a guy of his size. He'll be a right tackle at the next level, but don't rule him out on the left side. … Ultra-consistent. Doesn't make a slew of mistakes because he works at it.

Negatives: Durability concerns. Has had shoulder problems and he'll get banged up. … Not going to destroy anyone in the running game. If he beefs up and moves to guard, he'll have to get far more physical. … More of a try-hard guy than a talent. He'll work for it, but he has a ceiling.

9. Nate Potter, Boise State 6-6, 295  Proj. 5
Positives: Did a great job of protecting Kellen Moore and giving him time. A great technician and a pass protector. .. A good run blocker. Not a mauler and won't bury anyone, but he gets the job done. … A leader and a self-starter. Smart and will work to make himself better. A high-character guy.

Negatives: Not physical enough. He'll hit, but he's not going to put anyone in the ground. … Not huge and not a great athlete. Has a little room to get bigger, but this is it. … Not great at getting low. Doesn't play with much power. For good and bad, he's a finesse blocker.

10. Matt Reynolds, BYU 6-4, 310  Proj. 4
Positives: A superstar recruit who had a solid career. … Big and tough to get around. Has a huge frame and uses it to maul. He buries people. … Mature, for good and bad. He has grown into his body and will be ready out of the box. … Can beef up if needed to be used as a guard. Could get to 325 without trying hard.

Negatives: Didn't get better. He looked like he had world-beater potential early on, and then he flatlined. He was good, not special. … A left tackle without the quickness. He needs to get his hands on a defender early, but he also needs to hit the weight room and tone up. He's a bit doughy. … Old. 25 and won't have a long career.
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings. No. 11 to 25
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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings. No. 11 to 20