2012 NFL Combine - OT Analysis No. 11-25
Ole Miss OT Bobby Massie
Ole Miss OT Bobby Massie
Posted Feb 18, 2012

Pre-Combine quick looks at the offensive tackles invited to Indy. No. 11 to 25

2012 NFL Pre-Combine

OT Rankings - No. 11 to 25

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- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OT Rankings  
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings
- 2012 CFN Pre-Combine OG Rankings. No. 11 to 20 

11. Jeff Allen, Illinois (OG) 6-4, 306  Proj. 5
Positives: Versatile. He could be tried out as a left tackle but will be drafted as a right tackle with a thought that he might work at guard. … Doesn't get knocked off his base. Won't get shoved around. … A good athlete who could get a lot better. If he wants it, and if he gets with the right strength and conditioning coach, he could be a find.

Negatives: Needs body work. He's a big guy who needs to rock up. He needs to change around his body type. … Needs to get functionally stronger and needs to learn how to flatten people. .. Not a left tackle. Right tackle only and could end up at guard with a little bit of work. He's an upside prospect, but he'll have to work for it.

12. Bobby Massie, Ole Miss (Jr.) 6-6. 320  Proj. 3
Positives: A world of talent and upside. Was a top recruit with the body and the upside to be an anchor. … HUGE. A big body with bulk and surprising athleticism. Moves far better than expected. … Can mix it up. He's not afraid of getting into a fight and he'll do some shoving around for the ground game.

Negatives: A disappointment in terms of overall production. Needs a lot of technical work to match up to his raw tools. … Still a question mark for good and bad. He might be scratching the surface, but he's hardly a sure thing. Huge bust potential. … Needs to get lower. Needs to work a lot harder at getting down and improving his leverage.

13. Brandon Mosley, Auburn 6-5, 300 Proj. 3
Positives: Athletic. Has good tools and could grow into a nice player with a little bit of time. … Will get after the defender. He's tough, aggressive, and he has no problems mixing it up. … Doesn't get knocked around. Doesn't have any problems against the more powerful defenders.

Negatives: Needs technical work. He's just scratching the surface and is hardly a finished product. … OLD. Overaged and doesn't have a ton of time to improve or change up his body. … Needs to add more weight. Could be better at around 315 pounds with a bit more muscle.

14. Matt McCants, UAB 6-6, 309   Proj. 4
Positives: Long. He has a tall, lean frame that's perfect for an NFL left tackle. … Durable and productive. Played at a high level and was consistent considering his lack of technique. … Will fight. He wants to beat people up and he wants to bury his man. When pumped up, he's a killer.

Negatives: Needs work. He's not consistent and he doesn't use his feet well enough. … Academic issues a red flag. Had problems early on in his career. … Still needs to fill out. Needs to show what he can do with another ten pounds added on.

15. Markus Zusevics, Iowa 6-5, 296  Proj. 4
Positives: Will do whatever is needed to be better. A great worker and a terrific character guy. … A good athlete. Moves well and should test off the charts in some of the drills. … Could be an invaluable backup who can play almost anywhere. Quick enough to work at left tackle and could be a great zone-blocking right tackle.

Negatives: This might be as big as he's going to get. He spent a long time adding bulk to his frame and he doesn't have a lot of room left. Not a naturally huge guy. … Is he able to get any better? He has busted his tail to get to this point, but he might have reached his ceiling.

16. Tom Compton, South Dakota 6-6, 314  Proj. 4
Positives: A nice-sized tweener who can work both inside or out. Was a college left tackle who can work in a variety of areas. … Could grow a bit to add about ten more good pounds and be a rock of a guard if he doesn't work out at right tackle. … Plays with a big-time attitude. He won't have a problem making the adjustment to the big boys.

Negatives: Not really a guard. He has the right fire, but he'll have to learn to be a blaster of a blocker. … Not great with his feet. Shuffles well enough to get by but will get sloppy quickly. He'll get ripped up by NFL speed rushers. … Grabby. Isn't lazy, but tries to make up for his lack of athleticism by holding.

17. Marcel Jones, Nebraska 6-6, 330 Proj. 5
Positives: A pure tackle. He has the size and the frame to be a right tackle for a long, long time if he can stay healthy. … Smart. Doesn't screw up and is a great character guy. He'll do what's needed. … A nice pass protector who's crafty enough to keep good ends guessing. Wily with a good initial punch.

Negatives: Big, big red flag on his back. He has a history of back issues. … Not a polished blocker. He's good and he has decent athleticism, but he needs to be better with his hands and his footwork. … Maxed out body-wise. He can't get any bigger.

18. Mitchell Schwartz, California 6-5, 317Proj. 5
Positives: A good veteran who was ultra-reliable for the last four years. Handled himself well against the best of the best. … Was more than fine after moving over from right tackle to the left side and could work at either spot in a pinch at the next level. … Just versatile enough to possibly be a guard in a zone-blocking scheme. A good enough run blocker to get by.

Negatives: Not the greatest of athletes and is maxed out on his upside. He's a right tackle only. … Back issues. He's been nicked up a bit and has to prove he can hold up at the next level. … A solid prospect who could be a good NFL starter, but not a great one.

19. John Cullen, Utah 6-5, 292  Proj. 6
Positives: Quick. Moves extremely well and has no problems hanging with speed rushers. … Could be phenomenal in a zone-blocking scheme and gets to the second level without a problem. … Has upside. Is already a good prospect but might just be scratching the surface.

Negatives: Not for everyone. He's not all that bulky and doesn't have much room to move. He might be maxed out. … Isn't strong enough. He's not going to flatten anyone and won't be more than a wall-off blocker. … Could be a left tackle, but he won't ever be a dominant one. Can't do much at guard.

20. Landon Walker, Clemson 6-5, 301  Proj. 6
Positives: Strong. He hit the weights hard over the last few years and made himself into a more dominant run blocker. … Will do whatever is needed to get on the field. No need to have a fire lit under him. … A scrapper. He'll fight to get his man blocked.

Negatives: Extremely limited athlete. Can't be a right tackle. … This might be it body-wise. He worked hard to get over 300 pounds and doesn't have much room to add much more. … Might have to grow into a guard in time if he doesn't work at right tackle.

21. Bradley Sowell, Ole Miss 6-7, 316 Proj. FA
Positives: Very big and very long blocker who's tough to get around. He'll come up with one good pop and then his man needs five days to get around the corner. … Has the tools to develop. If he wants it and if he turns up his fire, he could have a nice career as a backup. … Tall and still has a little room to get a bit bigger. He could be 325 without a problem.

Negatives: Looks the part, but doesn't play like it. He needed to step up his game as a senior and didn't do it. … Limited athletically. When he doesn't get his hands on a defender he's in trouble. … Does he have the want-to? He has to maximize his tools, and he didn't do it over the course of his Ole Miss career.

22. Mike Harris, UCLA 6-5, 327  Proj. FA
Positives: Experienced and consistent. Did a nice job as a functional all-around blocker on either side as a good backup. … Quick for his size. He gets off the ball well and shuffles without a problem. Good against speed rushers. … Great arms. Great at keeping defenders a bay.

Negatives: Right tackle only. He might move well, but he's not a good enough all-around player to hang around with the better pass rushers. … Won't flatten anyone. He's a finesse blocker. … Not balanced enough. Will fall for an end with good moves.

23. Lamar Holmes, Southern Miss 6-5, 320  Proj. FA
Positives: Great size. A bulky blocker who could end up working on the inside if needed. … A strong run blocker with nice drive. He'll shove his man around. … Just quick enough for his size to get by as a possible right tackle. Uses his hands well.

Negatives: Doesn't move well enough. Slowish off the ball and struggles to recover. … Maxed out size-wise. He's big and doesn't use it well enough. … Needs to be more consistent. Dominated at times, but didn't bring it game in and game out.

24. Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State 6-6, 320  Proj. 7
Positives: Versatile enough to be a guard at the next level or a tackle. Handled himself well at left tackle. … When he's working on a weaker defender, he'll put his man in the fifth row. … A leader. Stepped in from the JUCO ranks and worked out right away.

Negatives: Not quick or consistent enough to work at tackle. While he's a right tackle or a guard at the next level, he hasn't done as well when he's not on the left side. … Needs to bring it every play. He has the right attitude, but he has a hard time blasting away on a regular basis. … Not powerful enough for his size.

25. Josh Oglesby, Wisconsin 6-7, 331 Proj. 6
Positives: A superstar high school prospect with good talent. He never reached his potential, but if he can stay healthy he has the raw potential to be terrific. … Great frame. Tall, big, and wide. A very, very big blocker. … Can kick inside to guard without a problem. He knows how to run block.

Negatives: Major knee issues. He hasn't had any luck whatsoever staying healthy. … Right tackle only. Can't move well enough to work on the left side because of his knees. … Inconsistent pass protector. Quickness isn't there like it was as a freshman.

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