ASK CFN, Part 2 - The All-SEC Pro Team
Ole Miss QB Eli Manning
Ole Miss QB Eli Manning
Posted Mar 2, 2012

Could the All-SEC alumni team win the Super Bowl? Will there really be a playoff? These and more in part two of the latest ASK CFN.

2012 ASK CFN

March 2 - Part Two 

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- March 2 ASK CFN, Part 1 Should Indy consider RGIII at the No. 1?

 Q: I totally agree with you regarding you assessment of the 2011 Bama's chances against even the bottom teams in the NFL. (Note: I said that the worst pro team would obliterate the best college team.)That said, I bet if someone could assemble a team of current SEC alumni in the NFL, they would get to or win the Super Bowl every year. Just sayin'. - H.M.

A: It would be a strong team, but no, it wouldn't be a lock in any way to get to the Super Bowl with this year's squad, much less win it. Shockingly, the running backs wouldn't be all that healthy; the defense would be average; and the offensive line would be rough. Thanks to a slew of complete and utter busts at defensive end over the years – Derrick Harvey, anyone? - there wouldn't be any pass rush. The SEC squad would be a rock against the run, but it would struggle at safety and on the outside in the 3-4. However, the SEC squad would have the Him they call Tim, and all other teams would bow before it.

So let's play this out with the likely depth chart.

QB: Eli Manning (Ole Miss),
Matthew Stafford (Georgia) or
Cam Newton (Auburn) or
Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt)

RB: Arian Foster (Tennessee),
Darren McFadden (Arkansas),
Mark Ingram (Alabama),
Ben Tate (Auburn). (No, I'm not giving you Southern Illinois' Brandon Jacobs.)

FB/H-Back:/Head Cheerleader Tim Tebow (Florida)

WR: Dwayne Bowe (LSU),
A.J. Green (Georgia),
Mike Wallace (Ole Miss),
Percy Harvin (Florida)

TE: Aaron Hernandez (Florida),
Jason Witten (Tennessee)

OT: Jason Peters (Arkansas),
Michael Oher (Ole Miss),
Marcus McNeill (Auburn),
James Carpenter (Alabama)

OG: Ben Grubbs (Auburn),
Mike Pouncey (Florida)

C: Maurkice Pouncey (Florida),
Scott Wells (Tennessee)

DL: Richard Seymour (Georgia),
Geno Atkins (Georgia),
Jay Ratliff (Auburn),
John Abraham (South Carolina),
Mark Anderson (Alabama)

LB: Patrick Willis (Ole Miss),
Karlos Dansby (Auburn),
Jerod Mayo (Tennessee),
Rolando McClain (Alabama),
Jamar Chaney (Mississippi State)

CB: Champ Bailey (Georgia),
Johnathan Joseph (South Carolina),
Carlos Rogers (Auburn), J
Joe Haden (Florida),
Patrick Peterson (LSU)

S: Eric Berry – when healthy (Tennessee),
Charlie Peprah (Alabama),
Sean Jones (Georgia)

PK: Ryan Succop (South Carolina)
P: Britton Colquitt (Tennessee)
KR/PR: Patrick Peterson (LSU)

I'm sure I'm missing someone obvious. If I am, let me know and I'll put him up.

Q: I'm mad as hell that they've changed the kickoffs to the 35. I love kickoff returns and it's a fundamental part of the strategy of football. Lets just put the skirts on them already. - D.L.

A: In case you missed it, kickoffs are not going to start from the 35 instead of the 30, and touchbacks will start from the 25 instead of the 20.

A disproportionate number of injuries happen on kickoffs. It's a breeding ground for concussions, torn ACLs, and a slew of other devastating problems that usually happen to the kid who's trying to do anything just to get on the field … and yet I'm sort of with you.

The kickoff is a tone-setter. I'm against the wedge, and the wedge buster, and blindside blasts, but field position is key element for both sides and it all starts with the kickoff. However, because college teams are so limited in practice time and aren't able to devote enough attention to special teams, I understand the concerns. Also, this isn't like the NFL where the kickoff is an almost automatic touchback now. Most college kickers are still going to strain to put it five yards into the end zone.

Q: What happened to Texas Tech last year? S.P.

A: The defensive line. It couldn't stop anyone from running the ball and the pass rush was non-existent. It trickled down from there with a secondary that couldn't stop any of the Big 12's high-powered offenses and a linebacking corps that was painfully mediocre. The offense doesn't get a pass, but it should be much, much better this year with most of the key parts to the passing game back and with Seth Doege talented enough to be one of the Big 12's top quarterbacks.

Q: Really. Tell me they're all not yankin' my chain. Will there really be a playoff soon like everyone is talking about? - C.C.

A: Consider your chain unyanked. We've all been hurt before, but there's too much momentum now and it really does look like there's going to be a plus-one, for good and bad. However, at some point non-SEC conferences will wake up and realize it'll be an SEC funfest if it's just the top four teams in the BCS, and there's going to be some tweaking. However, expect a playoff in place sometime within the next few years.

- March 2 ASK CFN, Part 1 Should Indy consider RGIII at the No. 1?