2012 SEC East Schedule Breakdown
Missouri LB Zaviar Gooden
Missouri LB Zaviar Gooden
Posted Mar 23, 2012

Breakdowns and analysis of each SEC East team's schedule.

2012 SEC East Schedules  

East Florida | Georgia | Kentucky
Missouri | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt  

West Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn
LSU | Ole Miss | Miss State | Texas A&M
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Toughest Schedules
Based on home games as well as who the teams play. when. From toughest to easiest ...
1. Missouri
2. South Carolina
3. Florida
4. Tennessee
5. Georgia
6. Kentucky 
7. Vanderbilt

Non-Conference Games: Bowling Green, Louisiana, Jacksonville State, at Florida State
Games Against The West: at Texas A&M, LSU
Realistic Best Case Record: 11-1
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 9-3

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: Bowling Green, at Texas A&M, at Tennessee, Kentucky, at Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Missouri, Louisiana, Jacksonville State

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: LSU, Georgia, at Florida State

Summary: The Gators don't get much time before diving into the fun, but it eases up late. Bowling Green is the lone tune-up before having to deal with the SEC opener at Texas A&M where emotions will be through the roof. If dealing with the 12th man wasn't tough enough, going to Tennessee in an early make-or-break East games for both teams will be a test. While playing LSU is a problem, at least the game is at home and there's a week off to prepare for it after facing Kentucky.

The big key will be to get through the tough late October stretch of South Carolina, Georgia, and Missouri. Win those three, and the East might be there for the taking. While the hope will be to get to the SEC championship, the conference regular season ends for the Gators against Missouri on November 3rd, with two tune-up dates against Louisiana and Jacksonville State before having to finish up at Florida State.

2012 Schedule
Sep. 1 Bowling Green
Sep. 8 at Texas A&M
Sep. 15 at Tennessee
Sep. 22 Kentucky
Oct. 6 LSU
Oct. 13 at Vanderbilt
Oct. 20 South Carolina
Oct. 27 Georgia (in Jax)
Nov. 3 Missouri
Nov. 10 Louisiana
Nov. 17 Jacksonville State
Nov. 24 at Florida State


Non-Conference Games: Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech
Games Against The West: Ole Miss, at Auburn
Realistic Best Case Record: 12-0
Worst Case Record: 7-5
Likely Finish: 10-2

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: Buffalo, at Missouri, Florida Atlantic, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, at Kentucky, Florida, Ole Miss, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: at South Carolina, at Auburn

Summary: There are landmines, but Georgia should be able to roll out of bed and win at least eight games without breathing hard. South Carolina and Missouri will be on the road, and Florida, of course, will be in Jacksonville, meaning there won't be an October home game. Georgia Southern, because of its offense, will be a perfect tune-up game before finishing up against Georgia Tech.

The Dawgs might have to deal with some nasty divisional games away from home, but once again they miss all the big boys from the West. There's no Alabama, LSU, or Arkansas, and getting Ole Miss at home is as nice as it gets. However, Auburn is going to be far better and tougher, but it's not going to be in the national title chase like other West teams will be.

2012 Schedule
Sep. 1 Buffalo
Sep. 8 at Missouri
Sep. 15 Florida Atlantic
Sep. 22 Vanderbilt
Sep. 29 Tennessee
Oct. 6 at South Carolina
Oct. 20 at Kentucky
Oct. 27 Florida
Nov. 3 Ole Miss
Nov. 10 at Auburn
Nov. 17 Georgia Southern
Nov. 24 Georgia Tech


Non-Conference Games: at Louisville, Kent State, Samford
Games Against The West: Mississippi State, at Arkansas
Realistic Best Case Record: 7-5
Worst Case Record: 3-9
Likely Finish: 4-8

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: Kent State, WKU, Vanderbilt, Samford

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: at Louisville, at Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi State, at Arkansas, Georgia, at Missouri, at Tennessee

Summary: Where are the sure-thing conference wins? Kentucky could be better – it can't be any worse on offense – but it might not matter in the record. Vanderbilt has to come to Commonwealth Stadium, but the Wildcats will likely be big underdogs against everyone else. That's why there can't be any mistakes early on.

Louisville should be terrific this year, but UK has to find a way to win the opening weekend rivalry game on the road. Kent State and Western Kentucky aren't going to be walks in the park, but they need to be easy wins with a trip to Florida to kick off the SEC season. Getting Mississippi State and a trip to Arkansas aren't easy, but at least there's no LSU or Alabama from the West to deal with.

2012 Schedule
Sep. 1 at Louisville
Sep. 8 Kent State
Sep. 15 WKU
Sep. 22 at Florida
Sep. 29 South Carolina
Oct. 6 Mississippi State
Oct. 13 at Arkansas
Oct. 20 Georgia
Oct. 27 at Missouri
Nov. 3 Vanderbilt
Nov. 17 Samford
Nov. 24 at Tennessee


Non-Conference Games: SE Louisiana, Arizona State, at UCF, Syracuse
Games Against The West: Alabama, at Texas A&M
Realistic Best Case Record: 9-3
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 7-5

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: SE Louisiana, Arizona State, at UCF, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, at Tennessee, Syracuse

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: Georgia, at South Carolina, Alabama, at Florida, at Texas A&M

Summary: Welcome to the SEC, new guy. Good luck with getting Alabama and a trip to Texas A&M from the West, along with divisional road games against Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The conference season opens up against Georgia, and then comes the home part of the series against Arizona State, which might be a must win with road games against South Carolina and UCF coming up.

If Missouri is playing as well as expected, Kentucky and Vanderbilt should be a safety net at home for at least two sure-thing conference wins, but the last three SEC games – Florida, Tennessee, and Texas A&M – are all on the road. It would've been nice to have gotten an open week before Alabama, but instead it comes after the showdown and unnecessarily before Kentucky. With Syracuse up in late November, Mizzou closes out one of the toughest non-conference slates of any SEC team.

2012 Schedule
Sep. 1 SE Louisiana
Sep. 8 Georgia
Sep. 15 Arizona State
Sep. 22 at South Carolina
Sep. 29 at UCF
Oct. 6 Vanderbilt
Oct. 13 Alabama
Oct. 27 Kentucky
Nov. 3 at Florida
Nov. 10 at Tennessee
Nov. 17 Syracuse
Nov. 24 at Texas A&M

South Carolina

Non-Conference Games: East Carolina, UAB, Wofford, at Clemson
Games Against The West: at LSU, Arkansas
Realistic Best Case Record: 11-1
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 10-2

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: at Vanderbilt, East Carolina, UAB, Missouri, at Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wofford, at Clemson

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: at Florida, at LSU

Summary: The Gamecocks don't have to play Alabama, but they get a bad break getting Arkansas and a road trip to LSU from the West. Making things worse, the date in Death Valley is sandwiched between make-or-break East games against Georgia and Florida – and the Florida trip is on the road.

On the plus side, East Carolina, UAB, and Wofford are relatively easy non-conference games with the road trip to Clemson at the end to close things out. Yes, facing Arkansas is nasty, but that's at home and there's a week off before the SEC finale. If the Gamecocks are good enough to even think about playing for the SEC title, they should be happy that Vanderbilt and Kentucky games are on the road, meaning other big conference games – like the Missouri date – are in Williams-Brice.

2012 Schedule
Aug. 30 at Vanderbilt
Sep. 8 East Carolina
Sep. 15 UAB
Sep. 22 Missouri
Sep. 29 at Kentucky
Oct. 6 Georgia
Oct. 13 at LSU
Oct. 20 at Florida
Oct. 27 Tennessee
Nov. 10 Arkansas
Nov. 17 Wofford
Nov. 24 at Clemson


Non-Conference Games: NC State, Georgia State, Akron, Troy
Games Against The West: at Mississippi State, Alabama
Realistic Best Case Record: 8-4
Worst Case Record: 4-8
Likely Finish: 5-7

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: Georgia State, Akron, Troy, at Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: NC State, Florida, at Georgia, at Mississippi State, Alabama, at South Carolina, Missouri

Summary: It's going to take a major upset or three to turn things around. The Vols should be better, but getting off to a hot start would be nice with a showcase game on August 31st against a terrific NC State team in Atlanta. It might seem crazy, but a winning season might be tough without a win in the opener. Georgia State, Akron, and Troy eases up the non-conference slate, but the conference slate is a bear.

Getting Florida and Missouri at home is nice, but playing Alabama in Neyland might not matter. There's a rough stretch of three road games in four, going to Georgia, Mississippi State, and South Carolina with Alabama the lone break, but things ease up late with three home games in the final four with the only road game at Vanderbilt.

2012 Schedule
Aug. 31 NC State (in Atlanta)
Sep. 8 Georgia State
Sep. 15 Florida
Sep. 22 Akron
Sep. 29 at Georgia
Oct. 13 at Mississippi State
Oct. 20 Alabama
Oct. 27 at South Carolina
Nov. 3 Troy
Nov. 10 Missouri
Nov. 17 at Vanderbilt
Nov. 24 Kentucky


Non-Conference Games: at Northwestern, Presbyterian, UMass, at Wake Forest
Games Against The West: Auburn, at Ole Miss
Realistic Best Case Record: 7-5
Worst Case Record: 2-1
Likely Finish: 4-8

Pre-Spring Projected Wins: Presbyterian, UMass, at Ole Miss, at Wake Forest

Pre-Spring Projected Losses: South Carolina, at Northwestern, at Georgia, at Missouri, Florida, Auburn, at Kentucky, Tennessee

Summary: James Franklin has a stronger team returning, but the schedule could be a bear unless there are a few nice upsets in September. Starting out against South Carolina at home will set the tone, and going to Northwestern and Georgia could mean a 1-3 start before getting a week off before going to Missouri. And then it'll be vital to own home field advantage.

Vandy gets three straight home games including dates with Florida and Auburn, but the finishing kick will be interesting with three road games in the final four. They're winnable, but still, going away to play Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Wake Forest, to go along with the home finale against Tennessee, won't be easy.

2012 Schedule
Aug. 30 South Carolina
Sep. 8 at Northwestern
Sep. 15 Presbyterian
Sep. 22 at Georgia
Oct. 6 at Missouri
Oct. 13 Florida
Oct. 20 Auburn
Oct. 27 UMass
Nov. 3 at Kentucky
Nov. 10 at Ole Miss
Nov. 17 Tennessee
Nov. 24 at Wake Forest

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