Will Rutgers Be Better Without Greg Schiano?

Posted Apr 8, 2012

From the Scout publishers, here's the inside info on the key questions this spring.

Spring 2012 - Key Questions


What's happening this spring season? Several FSN publishers provide their insider info on the key questions that matter to the real world of college football. Scroll down for the links to all the spring questions.

Q: Is it business as usual in the coaching transition – what's the biggest difference from the Greg Schiano era?

From Sam Hellman, http://www.rutgers.scout.com … There really is no business as usual when it comes to a coaching change at Rutgers. This is the first one in 11 years and change is always disconcerting at first.

The transition from Greg Schiano to Kyle Flood has been a smooth process so far. Flood has been a Rutgers coach for seven years and was instantly embraced by his team, his fans and high-school coaches in the area. Things are certainly different in Piscataway, but change may very well be necessary to take the next step as a program.

Schiano took Rutgers from joke to contender, but could not get over the 7-5 hump. With a new coaching staff, Rutgers has a better chance to truly contend for a Big East title.

Q: What's the one thing that needs to be worked on this offseason to win the Big East?

To win the Big East this year, Rutgers needs to have players step up and win position battles at key spots. The Scarlet Knights have not had consistency at quarterback since Mike Teel in 2008 and need either junior Chas Dodd or sophomore Gary Nova to simply step up and take over.

The same goes for running back. Rutgers has not had a 1,000-yard rusher since Ray Rice in 2007. With sophomores Jawan Jamison and Savon Huggins listed as co-starters; look for that to change this season behind a much improved offensive line.

What's the biggest insider storyline from this spring that the average fan should know about?

The biggest storyline at Rutgers is without question its complete staff overhaul in the offseason. Kyle Flood and Robb Smith are the only on-field coaches remaining from last season and both took major promotions to head coach and defensive coordinator. The storyline at Rutgers will be how the program responds to such drastic change when faced with a pressure situation like a road game at Arkansas in late September.

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