How Is UCLA Different So Far Under Jim Mora?
Posted Apr 8, 2012

From the Scout publishers, here's the inside info on the key questions this spring.

Spring 2012 - Key Questions


What's happening this spring season? Several FSN publishers provide their insider info on the key questions that matter to the real world of college football. Scroll down for the links to all the spring questions.

Q: Attitude-wise, what's the biggest difference around the program under Jim Mora? It seemed like the recruiting classes were strong under Rick Neuheisel; is the talent in place to win right away?

From Tracy Pierson,  … It's still too early to tell exactly how Jim Mora will impact the program the most. He hasn't even taken to the practice field yet. Off the field, it's probably been the level of discipline and organization, similar to an NFL team, that he's brought in from Day One. He's making an effort to establish a culture of toughness, but that can really only be measured by how it translates on the field. I do think the talent is in place to win immediately.

What's the biggest insider storyline from this spring that the average fan should know about?

UCLA will need to get about eight scholarships back by Signing Day 2013 if it wants to sign a decently-sized recruiting class. To do so, eight players currently on the roster are probably going to have to leave the program. Mora has said that he wants to see this spring who's on the bus with him, meaning who's willing to go to battle with him, and we'll probably quickly see who aren't those guys, and any number of them could leave the program after spring practice.

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