2012 NFL Draft Analysis - ILBs No. 11-25
USC LB Chris Galippo
USC LB Chris Galippo
Posted Apr 9, 2012

From a college football perspective, here's the analysis of all the top inside linebacker prospects.

2012 NFL Draft Position Rankings

ILBs - No. 11-25

By Pete Fiutak

- 2012 NFL Inside Linebacker Rankings - Top Ten
11. Chris Galippo, USC 6-2, 241
A tough interior defender, he has the work ethic and the talent to potentially be a big-time sleeper. While the straight-line speed isn't there, he's tremendously quick and cuts shockingly well for a player of his size. A pure football player, he'll run through a wall to make a play and brings a great attitude as well as terrific sideline-to-sideline skills. However, he wasn't healthy at USC with a back issue with surgeries keeping him from doing anything great; he wasn't able to dominate and wasn't a star. Even so, there's just enough upside and just enough positives to potentially make him a good tackler in the right system. Again, though, staying healthy is going to be a concern.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

12. D.J. Holt, California 6-0, 249
The raw skills aren't there, but he's a football player who could make a mark on special teams as well as a key reserve. There's nothing flashy about his game, but he's a good, sound tackler who's strong and doesn't miss any stops. He's not quick enough to work on the outside and he's as big and as strong as he's going to get. While he'll do anything asked of him and will go out of his way to be a positive force, he's not going to do anything in pass coverage and he won't blow anyone up. He'll be an easy and quick cut if he can't stand out right away in camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

13. Shawn Loiseau, Merrimack 6-1, 231
Out of central casting as a meathead linebacker – but in a positive way – he's an old school type of football player who makes a ton of hits. A leader and motivational force, he's a try-hard, want-to type, who'll play on special teams, inside, outside, or anywhere a team needs him to produce. However, he's not a top athlete and he's not going to do anything in pass coverage. Not particularly big, fast, or strong, he's missing most of the basics, but he hits like a ton of bricks and he could be just enough of a coach's favorite to find a roster spot. Seventh Round

14. Najee Goode, West Virginia 6-0, 244
One of the fastest inside linebackers in the draft, he's around a 4.6 40 runner who jumped well and showed he could end up as a speed rushing specialist on the outside if he doesn't hold down a job on the inside. A rock, he's not all that tall but he's built like a brick wall with a central casting physique. However, he looks stronger than he plays and gets blocked and shoved around way too easily. His biggest positive is his versatility, but he'll likely be an inside defender after looking more natural there last year. Even with his athleticism, though, he's not much of a pass defender, and he might have to start out making his mark on special teams. Fifth Round

15. Marcus Dowtin, North Alabama 6-2, 230
An interesting prospect with great upside, he's athletic, quick, and extremely fast. After starting out his career at Georgia he had an off-the-field problem with a fight, and ended up transferring to the lower level. Dominant in the Division II ranks, he was all over the field making plays and became a good pro prospect again. He's not bulky and he's not exactly polished, he can work inside or out and has the athleticism to be used in a variety of ways. The range is there and he could become a star on special teams, but to work inside he'll have to be covered by size around him. Free Agent

16. Chris Marve, Vanderbilt Proj. FA
17. Adrian Cole, Louisiana Tech Proj. FA
18. J.K. Schaffer, Cincinnati Proj. FA
19. Barquell Rivers, Virginia Tech Proj. FA
20. Kadarron Anderson, Furman Proj. FA
21. Josh Linam, UCF Proj. FA
22. Noah Keller, Ohio Proj. FA
23. Carmen Messina, New Mexico Proj. FA
24. Korey Williams, Southern Miss Proj. FA
25. Austin Johnson, Tennessee Proj. FA

- 2012 NFL Inside Linebacker Rankings - Top Ten