How have things changed at Arizona State?
Posted Apr 10, 2012

From the Scout publishers, here's the inside info on the key questions this spring.

Spring 2012 - Key Questions

Arizona State

What's happening this spring season? Several FSN publishers provide their insider info on the key questions that matter to the real world of college football. Scroll down for the links to all the spring questions.

Q: What's the offense going to look like without Brock Osweiler?

From Hod Rabino, … Regardless if Osweiler was going to stay for his senior season or not, the ASU offense under new head coach Todd Graham was going to look much different than last year's scheme.

What are the biggest changes so far from the Dennis Erickson era?

While it's still a fast tempo no-huddle offense, which aims to run plays at even a higher pace than last season, it's also a system that puts a lot of emphasis on the run with a two-back look. Last year the tight end was virtually non-existent in ASU's scheme and this year this position is one that is an integral part of the offense. You can still expect to see a zone read scheme like last year but a lot of the passing plays will be out of play action situations which is a different look for ASU.

The defense will be more attacking in nature compared to 2011, and will mix in a 3-4 front along with the 4-3 front that ASU was running last year. This side of the ball will feature defensive end/linebacker hybrid type of players as well as linebacker/safety hybrids. The corners will be asked to play more press and bump coverage than they did in 2011.

What's the biggest insider storyline from this spring that the average fan should know about?

Graham promised a high octane pace and increased discipline and if you spent just five minutes at one of ASU's spring practices you soon realize that these weren't hollow statements. The pace of practice is frantic to say the least and players are held accountable to all of their actions. That has been the biggest story line of the spring. The rate at which the players can adjust to all these changes will obviously go a long way in determining the prospects of the 2012 Sun Devils.

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