Will Texas Tech be looking for a new coach?

Posted Apr 16, 2012

From the Scout publishers, here's the inside info on the key questions this spring.

Spring 2012 - Key Questions

Texas Tech

What's happening this spring season? Several FSN publishers provide their insider info on the key questions that matter to the real world of college football. Scroll down for the links to all the spring questions.

Q: Is this really it for Tommy Tuberville? Will a winning season be enough?

From Joseph Yeager, www.texastech.scout.com … I suspect a 7-5 mark probably buys Tuberville another season. Anything below that and he could be in severe danger of losing his job.

The team has to win all the close games. Tech lost by five points to Texas A&M and by seven points to Kansas State. However, I never really felt Tech was going to win either of those games. It was an uphill battle all the way in both losses. The only loss in which Tech had a good shot of winning was the game at Missouri. I imagine the coaching staff views those losses similar to how I view them, and for that reason, is not promulgating a "we-were-on-the-lip-of-the-cup narrative."

Is there any hope for a defensive turnaround?

I think a complete turnaround is unrealistic, but improvement is highly likely and significant improvement within the realm of possibility. If the defense does improve significantly, the Red Raiders could go 8-4.

What's the biggest insider storyline from this spring that the average fan should know about?

It looks like Tech has two developing stars on defense - cornerback Cornelius Douglas and middle linebacker Will Smith. I hesitate to make any grand predictions based on spring practice, but it looks like Douglas and Smith could be your proverbial "difference-makers."

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