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2012 NFL Draft - New York Jets
Posted Apr 28, 2012

New York Jets - AFC East, 2012 Draft Selections & Prospects


New York Jets

2012 NFL Draft Team Analysis - AFC
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2012 NFL Draft Team Analysis - NFC
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The Draft Was ... so Rex Ryan. There’s plenty of attitude and lots and lots of bold moves looking to be great. DE Quinton Coples was a reasonable chance on greatness at the 16, and speedy WR Stephen Hill was a great pick at the right time in the second. There were several excellent shots for the stars in the late rounds. RB Terrance Ganaway could stick after a sixth round pick, and safety Antonio Allen and WR Jordan White are as good as seventh round fliers get.
Best Value Pick: RB Terrance Ganaway, Baylor, 6th round
Worst Value Pick: S Josh Bush, Wake Forest, 6th round
They Should've ... thought about OLB Sean Spence instead of Demario Davis in the second round. Davis is versatile and has the athleticism and tools, but Spence a fighter who seems more like the New York Jet type of linebacker. He was good enough for Pittsburgh to take with the 23rd pick in the second.
Division Draft Ranking: 1
Overall Draft Ranking: 11

First Round

DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina 6-6 284
Overall Pick No. 16 CFN Overall Ranking: 10
CFN Analysis: If there’s one team that’s perfect for Coples to play for, the Jets might be the right fit. All he needs is to get his butt kicked and be coached up right, and he’ll get that with Rex Ryan and his staff. All he’ll be asked to do is attack, attack, attack, and the Jets will get that out of him. The upside is tremendous – he has top five overall talent – and this is a good spot to take the chance. A bust at 16 isn’t the end of the world; a bust at the five is a killer.

Very big, very strong, and versatile enough to be used as an end in a 4-3 or a 3-4, he can handle himself in just about any situation without a problem. With the prototype body and bulk, he can hold up well against the run and is enough of an athlete to get into the backfield. No, he’s not a speed rusher, but he’s great when he gears up and he’s able to put the clamps down when he’s on a quarterback. It’s all there, but how bad does he want it? He’s the type of player who could come up with phenomenal sack numbers by making one big play a game but not doing much else the rest of the time. There’s no questioning his talent and there’s no doubt he’s an elite prospect on pure tools, but he’s going to need a strong head coach who isn’t afraid to do some pant-kicking. If he wants it, he’ll be a perennial Pro Bowl performer who dominates a defensive front. If the intensity isn’t there, he’ll be decent, but maddening.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round

WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech (Jr.) 6-5, 215
Overall Pick No.43 CFN Overall Ranking: 139

CFN Analysis: New York doesn’t mind taking big chances on greatness. With his skill set he’ll be an instant threat and an instant deep ball option for Mark Sanchez, and possibly even Tim Tebow. Many had Hill with a first round grade and he slid and slid and slid because he has to prove he can be more than just a home run hitter. He’ll never be a 100-catch go-to guy in the Jet attack, but he could be a 50-catch, nine score target who changes around a few games.

He’s not Demaryius Thomas and he’s certainly not Calvin Johnson, but the tools are way too intriguing to ignore. Not only is he one of the biggest receivers in the draft, but he’s among the fastest clocking in a blazing 4.33. With his upside and talent he should be a mismatch nightmare and he might just be scratching the surface on what he can become. After a rocky start and academic issues he has matured, improved, and is ready to blossom – eventually. He fights the ball way too much and he’s more of a gear-up receiver than a quick one for midrange routes. It might take a little while and a lot of tweaking, but it’s all there to become a dangerous part of any attack. He helped himself in offseason workouts and now will be one of the biggest calls in the first few rounds.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round

OLB Demario Davis, Arkansas State 6-2, 235
Overall Pick No. 77 CFN Overall Ranking: 157

CFN Analysis: It’s a bit of a high slot for him, but it’s a fun pick for a Jet defense that always seems to get production out of athletic try-hard linebackers. Versatile, he’ll likely be a key backup and special teamer to start before taking over one of the inside jobs from one of the aging veterans.

A terrific tackler who hits everyone he gets to, he’s an intimidating leader who’s self-motivated and can make a defense his. Fast, he has mid-4.5 speed to go along with terrific quickness and athleticism. Throw in the eye-popping 32 reps on the bench at the Combine, and he has all the raw tools – except for bulk. Just an okay tackler and without top cover skills, he needs a lot of fine-tuning, but he’ll work for it. While he’s more of a workout warrior than a sure-thing NFL prospect, there’s a ton of upside and the potential is there to become a nice part of a puzzle with a little bit of time and effort. The athleticism and raw tools are too great to ignore.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round

S Josh Bush, Wake Forest 5-11, 203
Overall Pick No. 187 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Can he stay healthy? Undraftable on some boards because of injury concerns, he came up with a great 2011 season and showed he has the talent and potential to be a hitter, but there isn’t a big body of work to go off of. The athleticism is there and he can be used in any sort of a safety role, but it’s buyer beware.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round

RB Terrance Ganaway, Baylor 5-11, 239
Overall Pick No. 202 CFN Overall Ranking: 94
One of the most intriguing of the top backs, he’s the biggest of the best runners and is shockingly athletic for his size. He might not have any straight-line speed, coming in at the mid-4.6s, but he plays fast and he hits the hole hard. Even though he didn’t need to provide too much power in the Baylor offense, he has the strength to blast away for the hard yard when needed and can be a nice ying to a speedy yang in an attack. Even with his style there’s still plenty of tread left on the tires considering he only really produced big for one year – there’s a lot of football in him left to play. A perfect fit for any locker room, he’s a good character guy with intriguing skills and upside after a little bit of work to polish his game.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round

OG Robert Griffin, Baylor 6-6, 340
Overall Pick No. 203 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Baylor’s other Robert Griffin, he can’t move and he won’t do anything outside of see guy, hit guy, but he’s MASSIVE. A short-range run blocker who brings the attitude and grouchiness to his play, he’ll be a powerful part of a running game in a reserve role. He can only play two downs and in short-yardage situations, but there’s potential to be decent in the right job.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round

S Antonio Allen, South Carolina (SS) 6-2, 210
Overall Pick No. 242 CFN Overall Ranking: 89
Really, really slow at the Combine, he moves well on the field but lacks the superior wheels to be a factor as a free safety. With his size and work ethic, he has the potential to get bigger, stronger and better – he’s a better football player than a workout warrior. A big-play performer, he always stood out on a defense that had a slew of top playmakers, and he is always working to do whatever is needed to make a difference. He’ll be the type of defender every coach will want. While he might have a hard ceiling on what he can do athletically, he isn’t smooth, and he’ll need a little big of seasoning, but with a little bit of patience he’ll be a whale of a nickel and dime defender.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round

WR Jordan White, Western Michigan 6-0, 214
Overall Pick No. 244 CFN Overall Ranking: 222
Ultra-productive, he came up with 140 catches for 1,911 yards and 17 scores in a season, and before you blow off the numbers because he played in the MAC, he also lit up Michigan, Illinois, and Connecticut. He’s way too slow and he doesn’t have the right body – short and thick – but he’s able to use his strength to fight for the ball. A terrific route runner, he’s always able to work into the open and he doesn’t miss anything that comes his way. With major knee injuries in the past he’ll never be a top athlete, but he can come up with a career in a specialty role as a chain mover. Put him in against zone coverage and he’ll come up with the five-yard catch for the first down.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Seventh Round

DT Greg Scruggs, Seattle
Overall Pick No. 232   CFN Overall Rank: Unranked
CFN Projection: Free Agent