2012 NFL Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

Posted Apr 28, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs - AFC West, 2012 Draft Selections & Prospects


Kansas City Chiefs

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The Draft Was ... all about the lines, but there's a chance the draft could be a total and complete waste of time. There isn't one pick, including DT Dontari Poe at the 11, that's a rock-solid sure thing to hit. OG Jeff Allen was a reach in the second round; Donald Stephenson is a guard and it seems like KC wants him as a tackle; and Devon Wylie is a cute pick in the fourth that a team with so many needs shouldn't have taken.
Best Value Pick: RB Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M, 6th round
Worst Value Pick: OT Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma, 3rd round
They Should've ... gone after another defensive tackle in the second round instead of Allen. The Chiefs needed a nose tackle and got one in Poe, but they could've loaded up on the interior with Kendall Reyes, Jerel Worthy, or Devon Still.
Division Draft Ranking: 3
Overall Draft Ranking: 23

First Round

DT Dontari Poe, Memphis (Jr.) 6-3, 346
Overall Pick No. 11 CFN Overall Ranking: 7
CFN Analysis: This is the chance at greatness. Call this a chance worth taking; if he busts, there's no blaming the Chiefs for taking a shot at the stars. When a player this big, this strong, this athletic, and with this much upside is on the table at the No. 11, you have to go with him. Great defensive tackles are worth their weight in gold, and if Poe can bring it and if he can be consistent, the potential is there to be a ten-year anchor at a high level.

Forget about the quarterbacks; Poe is the biggest call in the draft. His skills, upside, and talent are so great that no team will be faulted for taking him too early, and several general managers are going to have to answer why they didn't go with a potential franchise-making talent. Massive, he's a true space-eater with the inside presence to swallow up everything against the run and become an anchor for everyone else to work around. Quick for his size, he's stunningly athletic and could be used as a 3-4 end depending on the situation. With 44 reps on the bench at the Combine, strength isn't an issue and he should collapse the pocket on a regular basis. However, he didn't exactly sit on quarterbacks' heads during his Conference USA career and wasn't the superstar force he should've been in a mediocre league. Even so, this is a once-every-ten-years prospect tools-wise, but it might take a little bit of seasoning to unleash a superstar.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round

OT Jeff Allen, Illinois (OG) 6-4, 307
Overall Pick No. 44 CFN Overall Ranking: 123

CFN Analysis: The Chiefs needed a guy who could fit a variety of roles and Allen is it. While he'll end his career as a guard, and he'll compete for a spot inside right away on the Chief line, he's a tackle who'll also make a big push for a right tackle job early on. He'll be a good run blocker and he'll be able to see guy, hit guy as a nice fit for the attack. Remember, the Chiefs were great when the offensive line rocked, and this is a step in that direction.
A true tweener, he could be a decent tackle on either side or an undersized guard, but in either spot he has the tools and the talent to become a versatile starter for a long time on someone's line. Strong and consistent, he doesn't get knocked off his base and he doesn't get shoved around, and he's just athletic enough to get buy. Already a good blocker out of the box, there's upside once he improves his body and takes to an NFL training regimen. A bit doughy for a starting tackle, he needs to hit the weights hard and learn how to job of flattening people. He's going to be drafted as a left tackle possibility, but he'll make his money as a right tackle unless he transforms his body.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round

OT Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma 6-5, 312
Overall Pick No. 74 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Offensive line was a huge issue for the Chiefs, but they're reaching. Jeff Allen was a good pickup in the second round, but Stephenson has tremendous bust potential and has to prove he wants to do the work needed to be good. The third round is a big gamble on a good athlete, but he's not a tackle even though that's what KC is thinking its getting.

CFN Analysis: After rocking at the Combine he became a hot name, but the athleticism doesn't match the film. An okay blocker, he wasn't great and he wasn't nearly physical enough to make a huge difference for the Sooner offense. Not strong and without a great body, he's a quick guard who isn't likely to flatten anyone without spending time transforming his body and working with a good strength and conditioning coach. The athleticism is there, but the football player isn't.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Fourth Round

WR Devon Wylie, Fresno State 5-9, 187
Overall Pick No. 107   CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: Fast, fast … FAST. He has rare sub-4.4 speed who can work in the slot or as a returner with phenomenal athleticism and quickness. He's too small, he's not going to do much to get to the ball, and he'll be beaten up, but he's a pinball athlete who can get the ball in a variety of ways who makes things happen. He can't stay healthy and he might be nothing more than a specialist, but in the right offense he could be a great luxury for an offensive coordinator.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Fifth Round

CB De'quan Menzie, Alabama 5-11, 202
Overall Pick No. 146  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: With excellent size and good experience, he's a tough, physical defender who can work as a big corner or a run stopping safety. The versatility makes him a valuable backup, but that's what he's going to be. He's not the best athlete and he doesn't have the raw speed to be a corner, but he has the make-up and the talent to become a good nickel and dime defender while also seeing time on special teams. Don't expect him to be a starter, though.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round

RB Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M 5-10, 206
Overall Pick No. 182 CFN Overall Ranking: 90
A good pure running back, he was productive when he was able to stay on the field and has the size, mid-4.4 speed, and strength to do it all. He does it all with great vision and instincts, and a willingness to block and hit when he has to. Throw in his hands for the passing game and his immense upside as a kickoff returner, and he has the potential to be a do-it-all swing player who'll become very valuable very fast. Staying healthy has been a problem, and he'll never handle a large workload, but a coaching staff will love his attitude along with his versatility. No, he's not a No. 1 feature back, and no one will expect him to be. He'll be a good producer on a winning football team.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round

DT Jerome Long, San Diego State
Overall Pick No. 218   CFN Overall Rank: Unranked
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round

WR Junior Hemingway, Michigan
Overall Pick No. 238   CFN Overall Rank: Unranked
CFN Projection: Free Agent