2012 NFL Draft - New York Giants

Posted Apr 28, 2012

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New York Giants

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The Draft Was ... fantastic for a Super Bowl champion. For just about anyone else this draft might be a waste of time, but for the Giants, they were able to do a little bit of patching by getting speedy RB David Wilson late in the first and stealing WR Rueben Randle late in the second. CB Jayron Hosley slid because of off-the-field concerns, but he'll end up being a decent part of the puzzle.
Best Value Pick: WR Rueben Randle, LSU, 2nd, round
Worst Value Pick: TE Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati, 4th round
They Should've ... made a run at a safety. The Giants needed a safety in a safety-poor draft, but instead they took Robinson late in the fourth. Safety Jerron McMillian went to Green Bay with the next pick and Matt Johnson went to dally two picks later.
Division Draft Ranking: 2
Overall Draft Ranking: 19

First Round

RB David Wilson, Virginia Tech (Jr.) 5-10, 206
Overall Pick No. 32 CFN Overall Ranking: 38
CFN Analysis: The Giants struggled running the ball last year, and now they have a weapon. Wilson isn't built to be a workhorse, but he's a flash of lightning who could fit in perfectly for what the offense needs him to do. He'll be used 10-to-15 times early on in a rotation and should be very, very productive when he gets his chances. Considering offensive line and defensive line are both areas that could use some boosting, this was a luxury pick. However, it's a luxury pick that should work.

Really fast and tremendously athletic, the 41.5" vertical was the best among the backs at the Combine and his 11-foot broad jump was the best at the position by far. Explosive, extremely quick, and great at bouncing off tacklers, he's always making people miss and he's always able to make things happen in the open field. But is he a better athlete and a collegian than a pro prospect? He needs to have better instincts, has fumbling problems, and he's not a power runner in any way – he could stand to be a bit better when it comes to the finer points of being a running back. Fortunately, he'll do all the things he needs to with a great work ethic and tremendous character – the Virginia Tech coaching staff loves him and he'll be a favorite in the locker room. A returner and a dangerous 15-touch-a-game back, he'll be productive whenever he touches the ball.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round

WR Rueben Randle, LSU (Jr.) 6-4, 210
Overall Pick No. 63 CFN Overall Ranking: 50
CFN Analysis: The rich just got a whole lot richer. Lose Mario Manningham; upgrade with Randle. Big, tough, and in the right mold, he should be fantastic on the other side of Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, and with Eli Manning throwing his way. Think about it; Randle is going from Jordan Jefferson to Manning, and the improved quarterback play should finally show off his explosion and skills. He's a first round talent who barely made it in the second round.

A superstar high school prospect who was fine, but failed to be special because the Tigers didn't have a high-octane passing attack, the potential is there to quickly turn into a great pro now that he'll be unleashed. While he's not a blazer and he had a bad Combine, he's fast enough and athletic enough for his size with the potential to be a home run hitter who can work his way deep with deceptive on-field wheels. Able to play inside or out, he can fill a variety of roles and can fit any system. But now he has to actually produce. He didn't have to run a full route tree often enough at LSU, and he was slowed to a stop by Alabama, but he has the potential to be a dangerous part of a pro passing game.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round

CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech (Jr.) 5-10, 178
Overall Pick No. 94 CFN Overall Ranking: 87
CFN Analysis: The Giants have to beef up the secondary after suffering a slew of injuries last year - but obviously turning out okay. While there are off-the-field concerns, he's a ball-hawking speedster who'll combine with Prince Amukamara to give the Giants one of the NFL's best young corner tandems. At the very least, Hosley can be a good nickel and dime defender out of the box.

Very fast and very productive, he was a terrific college football player who somehow flew a bit under the radar in terms of national stardom. He's a 4.4 runner who put up a 4.47 at the Combine – he's fast – and he uses his wheels well closing on a receiver and as a returner. A ball-hawker who was always making plays, he came up with 12 interceptions over the last two seasons partly because of his speed and partly because he works to do what's needed to learn where he needs to be. He's not going to hit anyone and he's not all that strong in the weight room or functionally, but that's not his game. He's a speed defender who has extra value as a return man and instincts. With a bit more work on his technique, he could be a nice mid-range pick.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round

TE Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati 6-4, 267
Overall Pick No. 127 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A very big blocker, he'll be used as a hitter in two tight end schemes. He has decent hands but isn't a natural receiver and will only be used as a short-to-midrange target, if at all. There's big upside with a nice mix of size and athleticism, but he's a project who'll need time and seasoning He has the NFL size and look, but he'll have to find a role and he'll have to show he can do something at a high level early on.
CFN Projection: Free Agent 

Fourth Round

OT Brandon Mosley, Auburn 6-5, 314
Overall Pick No. 131 CFN Overall Ranking: 133
While he's going to be a right tackle, he's a good athlete with nice feet and the aggressiveness to complete a block. He has to hit the weight and he gets shoved around a bit, but he doesn't get knocked around too often and he consistently held his own against the power rushers. While the pumped up tight end went through the SEC wars, he's still a work in progress with technique and polish both needing to be addressed. There's potential, but there's a concern that he might be maxed out after a good but not great 2011 and with a body that probably won't add much more weight in time to be effective. It's going to take a few years to become a starter, but there's a chance he could grow into decent part of a line.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round  

Sixth Round

OT Matt McCants, UAB
6-6, 308
Overall Pick No. 201 CFN Overall Ranking: 144
Long and tall, he has the right frame and the right NFL body. However, he still needs to get bigger and has to get up to about 320 to be a true left tackle. A good fighter, he'll beat people up and has the right attitude to bury his man and make a big play happen, and he has just enough athleticism and hustle to make plays down the field. He needs help from the coaching staff to get his mechanics right and he needs to work on plenty of the finer points. Still a work in progress, he's going to need time to develop and he's hardly a finished product, but there's good potential. Any time a prospect has this kind of a body and can become a left tackle, he's worth the time and effort.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round

DT Markus Kuhn, NC State
Overall Pick No. 239   CFN Overall Rank: Unranked
CFN Projection: Free Agent