2012 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers

Posted Apr 28, 2012

Green Bay Packers - NFC North, 2012 Draft Selections & Prospects


Green Bay Packers

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The Draft Was ... de-fense (clap, clap) de-fense (clap, clap). So, do you think the Packers wanted to address a problem? The first six picks, all the ones that matter went for the defensive side starting with pass rushing prospect Nick Perry in the first round and with versatile defensive back Casey Hayward in the second. DT Jerel Worthy was a steal midway though the second – he'll be a great fit next to B.J. Raji – and fellow Big Ten DT Mike Daniels should be a nice backup option.
Best Value Pick: OT Andrew Datko, Florida State, 7th round
Worst Value Pick: S Jerron McMillian, Maine, 4th round
They Should've ... gone after safety Harrison Smith in the first round. Instead, the Notre Dame safety went one pick after the Packers took Perry. There were plenty of pass rushers in the first two rounds, but safeties were a rare commodity. This was a two safety draft. Mark Barron was one, and Smith was the other.
Division Draft Ranking: 2
Overall Draft Ranking: 13

First Round

DE Nick Perry, USC (Jr.) 6-3, 271
Overall Pick No. 28 CFN Overall Ranking: 22
CFN Analysis: Perfect. The Packers needed more defensive help and really needed more pass rushing help for Clay Matthews. There are concerns and he has to prove he can bring it game-in and game-out, but there's a world of upside with the potential to dominate with so much attention paid to Matthews on the other side. It was a little bit of a surprise that the Packers didn't go for more of a hybrid outside linebacker, but there's no arguing with the idea of improving the line.

A typical superstar USC recruit, he's right out of central casting with the rocked up look and strength to match. Throw in his tremendous speed – clocking in under a 4.6 at the Combine – and all the tools are there. At the very least if he doesn't turn out to be an all-around playmaker, he'll have a good career as a pass rushing specialist with the ability to turn the corner on a dime. Can he put it all together and be a consistent pro? He was a good college player and turned in a disruptive 2011, but he might be a one-trick pony. That trick, though, could be really, really good if a team isn't too concerned about stopping the run.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round

DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan State (Jr.) 6-3, 308
Overall Pick No. 21 CFN Overall Ranking: 21
CFN Analysis: Unbelievable value, the talent is all there to be a big part of a rotation on the Green Bay line. The Packers needed beefing up on the inside and they needed help for B.J. Raji. Now with Nick Perry for the outside and Worthy on the inside, the line got a tremendous boost in talent and they made the right move to get up and grab a first round talent midway through the second round.

A top-five overall talent, he could be a steal if he puts it all together. He has the NFL size, the right base, and the type of talent that can anchor a defense. The Pro Bowl skills are all there with the size to hold up against the run and enough quickness to collapse the pocket when he needs to crank things up another level. If he wants it and he can ramp up his motor to a consistent level, he has the upside to be the best tackle in the draft and a perennial star. However, he doesn't always jack up the intensity and he went bye-bye way too often during games. Conditioning is an issue and he'll have to get with an NFL-caliber strength and conditioning coach to tighten things up and get his wind up, however, the potential is there to become a whale of a 3-technique defender.
CFN Projection: First Round 

Second Round

CB Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt 5-11, 192
Overall Pick No. 62 CFN Overall Ranking: 131

CFN Analysis: It's a reach, but it makes sense. The Packers dealt with the defensive line with the first two picks, and now it's getting a decent all-around defensive backs with the smarts and ability to play anywhere. He knows how to make plays and he should be a difference maker for a defense that's used to getting big plays. He might not be the best athlete around, but he makes up with it with his peerless instincts. While he won't be the star of the Packer secondary, he'll be a good piece of the puzzle.

A bit slow to be a top corner, and not quite athletic enough to hold up against the better receivers, he showed excellent quickness in workouts and might be one of the smoothest, cut-on-a-dime defenders in the draft. He makes up for his lack of raw speed with smarts and instincts, always seeming to sniff plays out before they happen, and he does big things when he gets there. Terrific when the ball is in the air, he tracks well and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. However, he's not a safety prospect with mediocre tackling skills and he isn't physical in any way. He'll be productive, and coaches will love him, but he might need to be in the right system that doesn't force him to do much against the run.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fourth Round

OT Mike Daniels, Iowa 6-0, 291
Overall Pick No. 132 CFN Overall Ranking: 174

There's a lot not to like. He's short with a bad frame, and after putting on a little bit of weight he has no room whatsoever to get bigger. Concussions are an issue and might not last all that long if he's needed for a long stretch as a starter, and he can't be relied on for a full season. However, even though he doesn't have the right-looking body, he's a tremendous athlete who cuts on a dime and flies around like as pass rushing end. Great in the locker room, he'll make himself better and he'll be exactly what a coaching staff wants in a backup interior defender. There's a buyer beware tag because of his injury issues.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round

S Jerron McMillian, Maine 5-11, 203
Overall Pick No. 133 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Part corner and part safety, he has the versatility to work in a variety of ways. With good size, nice speed, and great athleticism, he's an ideal nickel back and can become a strong cover-2 defender. A special teamer, he'll find a role right away and won't complain about having to do the little things. He's not a blazer and can't be used as a corner on a regular basis, and he has average defensive skills, but he'll be around for a while as a special teamer.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Fifth Round

OLB Terrell Manning, NC State (Jr.) 6-3, 237
Overall Pick No. 163 CFN Overall Ranking: 170
A bit thin and with room to bulk up a bit, there's an upside to Manning's physical ability. While he's not all that strong and he'll get shoved around, he makes up for his deficiencies with want-to and a good motor. Always working and always making things happen, he'll fill a few different roles as a backup early on before he finally matures into his body and frame. Can he stay healthy? Knee problems will be an issue, but he's a proven athlete who can get all around the field and make plays. There's plenty of boom and little bust, but patience might be the key in terms of being a consistent starter. With his athleticism and attitude, he could be a special teams star out of the box.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round

OT Andrew Datko, Florida State 6-6, 315
Overall Pick No. 241 CFN Overall Ranking: 104
Smart and tough with the ability to use his body and technique well, he moves well for a guy of his size and he's good at outthinking his man. No, he's not a left tackle and he'll get the dreaded Right Tackle Only tag, but he could be a very good, very productive right tackle for the next ten years. A great worker, he takes his craft seriously and doesn't make a slew of big mistakes. The problem is his lack of bulk for his frame, playing a bit high and not physical enough, he gets shoved when it comes down to brute strength. Considering he has a major problem with a shoulder injury and he struggles to stay in one piece, he's a risk – he's probably not going to hold up. There's a hard ceiling on what he can do, but if he's healthy – and that's a huge, glaring if - he'll be productive.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round

QB B.J. Coleman, UT Chattanooga 6-3, 233
Overall Pick No. 243 CFN Overall Ranking: 165
With great size and a big-time arm, he has the look of an NFL quarterback with a world of upside. The one-time Tennessee Volunteer has talent and he grew into a more polished playmaker at the lower level, but he needs to prove he can handle a sped up game and do more than throw a good deep ball. There's no athleticism and he needs to learn how to change speeds and show more touch, but the arm can be tweaked. What can't be changed is his mediocre accuracy that could limit what he can become as a reserve. He'll do all the dirty work needed to find a spot somewhere as a bomber, but he's missing the talent to start.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round