2012 NFL Draft - 5th Round Analysis
Buffalo LB Tank Carder
Buffalo LB Tank Carder
Posted Apr 28, 2012

Breaking down and analyzing every fifth round draft pick.

2012 NFL Draft

Fifth Round Draft Analysis

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 1 136 Indianapolis Colts

DT Josh Chapman, Alabama 6-1, 316
Overall Pick No. 136 CFN Overall Ranking: 70

Most of the top tackles in the draft can do several things and work in a variety of defenses. Chapman is a nose tackle – and that's about it. That's not a bad thing, though, with tremendous size and the build to sit in the middle of the line and not get budged. A tremendous run stopper, he's tough and holds up well. But again, this is it. He's not a pass rusher and he's not going to move too much. While he'll work, battle, and will always give an honest day's effort, he's mostly going to be a brick who everyone works around. Proven, he's the type of player who can sit on someone's defensive front and not be noticed by anyone other than the offensive interior that can't generate a push.
CFN Projection: Third Round

2 137 Denver Broncos (from St. Louis) 

DE Malik Jackson, Tennessee 6-4, 284
Overall Pick No. 137 CFN Overall Ranking: 155

Just big enough to be a tackle if absolutely needed, and just quick enough to be used as an end, he's a versatile option who'll likely be working as a 3-4 end. While he's not an elite athlete, he does a nice job of holding up against the run and moves well to make plays on the move. He doesn't have enough athleticism be considered a top pass rusher, and he needs to hit the weight room to get functionally stronger; he's a tweener both in good and bad ways. With good character and good leadership skills he's the type of player who stays on a roster because he'll do whatever is needed in a backup role, While he'll never be a star, he can carve out a decent career as a swing reserve.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

3 138  Detroit Lions (from Minnesota)
OLB Tahir Whitehead, Temple
6-1, 233
Overall Pick No. 138 CFN Overall Ranking: 226

Smooth as silk and extremely athletic, he's a beefed up safety who was an ultra-productive cog in the Owl defense. Yes, he didn't improve dramatically over his career, and he got by on reputation at times, he was a standout. While he's not all that big and doesn't have any room to get bigger, he doesn't miss a stop and he's tremendously physical for his size. Either he'll need to be surrounded by bulker players in a 3-4 scheme, or he'll have to find a niche role against the passing teams like New England. He's not going to blow anyone up and he might not be for everyone, at the very least he'll be a tough player to cut.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

4 139 Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland)

CB Robert Blanton, Notre Dame 6-1, 208
Overall Pick No. 139 CFN Overall Ranking: 212

Is he a corner or a safety? Corner is his natural position, but the 4.69 40 might make him a free safety from the start. However, he only came up with 12 reps on the bench at the Combine. No, he's not great in the weight room, but he beats up receivers and he's not afraid to get his nose dirty. While he doesn't have the best of tools, he's a good athlete and he's quicker than fast when he has to deal with the speed receivers. Can he be a better pro than a collegian? He was okay for the Irish, but he was never really a standout star, more functional than special. With his smarts and his skills he can eventually become a good nickel back, but he'll be tried out at corner early on.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

5 140 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ILB Najee Goode, West Virginia 6-0, 244
Overall Pick No. 140 CFN Overall Ranking: 250

One of the fastest inside linebackers in the draft, he's around a 4.6 40 runner who jumped well and showed he could end up as a speed rushing specialist on the outside if he doesn't hold down a job on the inside. A rock, he's not all that tall but he's built like a brick wall with a central casting physique. However, he looks stronger than he plays and gets blocked and shoved around way too easily. His biggest positive is his versatility, but he'll likely be an inside defender after looking more natural there last year. Even with his athleticism, though, he's not much of a pass defender, and he might have to start out making his mark on special teams.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

6 141 Washington Redskins

OG Adam Gettis, Iowa 6-4, 293
Overall Pick No. 141 CFN Overall Ranking: 160

Way too light and can only be used in a zone-blocking scheme, he needs to add at least ten more pounds, preferably 15 or more, before he can even think of moving anyone around. However, he's good in one-on-one battles, has great athleticism, and he's always hustling and working. One of the quickest guards in the draft, he'll find a role as a top blocker on the move and can work his way into starting at either guard spot. Again, though, there's the bulk problem. He'll try to get bigger and stronger, but he's going to have a hard enough time to maintain his current weight. Simply a good football player, that'll have to be enough, but he can't fit on a power-rushing line and has to be able to work on the move.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

7 142 Jacksonville Jaguars

LB Brandon Marshall, Nevada 6-1, 242
Overall Pick No. 142 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: Big, strong, and with a great frame, he dominated at the Combine with 28 reps on the bench and has just enough quickness to get by. A self-starter, he can be used on special teams and will do all the little things and all the dirty work to make a difference. However, he doesn't play strong, he's not fast, and he doesn't have the athleticism to be anything more than a decent part of a rotation. He'll have to be a special teamer.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

8 143 Carolina Panthers

CB Josh Norman, Coastal Carolina 6-0, 197
Overall Pick No. 143 CFN Overall Ranking: 146

Slow, and that's the problem. He couldn't get under 4.6 and he'll never have the wheels to stay with the faster receivers. However, he was terrific at the lower level as one of the most productive playmakers in the FCS over the last few years. With nice size, good jumping ability, and an uncanny knack for being around the ball all the time, he could be a free safety in the near future. That future has to be now at 24 years old, and turning 25 during the season; he has maxed out on what he'll be physically. Good enough to be a reliable part of someone's secondary in some way, shape, or form, but he'll have a short career and needs to be what he's going to be right away.
CFN Projection: Third Round

9 144 Buffalo Bills

OT Zebrie Sanders, Florida State 6-6, 320
Overall Pick No. 144 CFN Overall Ranking: 69

Big, tall, and long with a terrific frame, he has added on weight over the offseason and still carries it without a problem. While he could be a right tackle at the next level, with his tools and skills he could eventually become a terrific left tackle with a little bit of tweaking and work. Great at sealing things off and redirecting the speed rushers, he does just enough to keep defenders away. The problem is the lack of athleticism to go along with issues against the power defenders. He'll battle, but the fight gets taken to him way too often and he doesn't drive his man into the ground. The offseason workouts were a disaster with a way-too-slow appearance in the short drills at the Combine. His stock was higher at the end of the season than it is now, but he's a smart player who'll find a role on someone's line.
CFN Projection: Third Round

10 145 Tennessee Titans (from Miami)

DE Taylor Thompson, SMU 6-6, 266
Overall Pick No. 145 CFN Overall Ranking: 211

With excellent size and a terrific frame, he lost weight and got quicker but can easily get back up to 280 and become a 3-4 end. Strong, he holds up well against the run but has decent interior quickness moving like a much smaller player. A solid all-around defender, he has a high ceiling with the chance to become a nice mid-round pick who could stick as a productive backup. Can he keep the foot on the gas all the time? He doesn't bring the lumber on every play and it shows as an inconsistent pass rusher, and he's still trying to figure out all the little things to do to become great. It's all there, but he needs the right coach to be creative and unlock all the potential.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

11 146 Kansas City Chiefs

CB De'quan Menzie, Alabama 5-11, 202
Overall Pick No. 146 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: With excellent size and good experience, he's a tough, physical defender who can work as a big corner or a run stopping safety. The versatility makes him a valuable backup, but that's what he's going to be. He's not the best athlete and he doesn't have the raw speed to be a corner, but he has the make-up and the talent to become a good nickel and dime defender while also seeing time on special teams. Don't expect him to be a starter, though.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

12 147 Buffalo Bills (from Seattle)

OLB Tank Carder, TCU 6-2, 236
Overall Pick No. 147 CFN Overall Ranking: 163

A tremendous leader and a high-level producer on some of college football's most productive defenses, Carder is a two-time Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year with the skills and make-up to work inside or out. While he's not a tremendous athlete, he's quick and was able to show off a little bit of straight-line speed at the Combine. More than anything else, his instincts are peerless with great football smarts. He can't be the star of a defensive front seven, he's not physical, and he'll get erased by any NFL lineman, but he has the type of attitude and drive that could make him a valuable backup at a variety of positions.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

13 148 Detroit Lions (from Oakland)

CB Chris Greenwood, Albion 6-1, 196
Overall Pick No. 148 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: With good size and speed he's an intriguing prospect worth developing. He worked at the lower level and he's going to need time to adjust to the speed and athleticism of the next level, but the raw tools are in place. He'll have to start out in nickel and dime packages, and he could end up seeing most of his time at safety and on special teams, but there's upside with a little bit of patience.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

14 149 San Diego Chargers

OG Johnnie Troutman, Penn State 6-4, 325
Overall Pick No. 149 CFN Overall Ranking: 202

Out of central casting, he has the ideal frame, the right arms, and the right size for a tackle, but he's able to use his tools well as a guard. A good, smart run blocker who doesn't make any mistakes and packs a whale of a pop, he was a key part of the Nittany Lion line. However, he can't move, doesn't have any athleticism, and seemed like he was operating in slow motion in workouts. There was a DUI issue and he has injury concerns, but he could turn out to be a fine run blocker if all he's asked to do is move the pile.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

15 150 St. Louis Rams (from Chicago)

OG Rokevious Watkins, South Carolina 6-4, 338
Overall Pick No. 150  CFN Overall Ranking: 244

While he's not going to destroy anyone, even though he has the right body to blow up a lineman, he's decent on the move and can kick outside to either tackle position if needed. Most likely a key reserve who'll fill in the games when needed, he's reliable and productive, doing a nice job against SEC defenders over the last few years, but he can't handle the speed rushers. However, while he might get a long look at right tackle, he's not going to function for too long on the outside and can only move in case of an emergency. There's upside, but he needs a lot of work both in the film room and with a strength and conditioning coach to maximize his potential.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

16 151 Arizona Cardinals

OG Senio Kelemete, Washington 6-3, 307
Overall Pick No. 151 CFN Overall Ranking: 72

Yes, being under 310 pounds is too small now to be a star NFL guard, but he's versatile enough to work at right tackle if needed as well as at either guard spot. He played left tackle in college and moves well for a guard prospect, and he's tough enough to overcome his lack of bulk. However, he's about maxed out after beefing up to get over 300. The 20 reps on the bench in Indy were a massive disappointment, and he needs a lot of refinement as a guard – he'll catch too much instead of blast – but there's a world of upside. It might take a year in an NFL strength program, but he should be fine with a little bit of work. He won't be special without the raw athleticism or the girth, but he'll work to become a player.
CFN Projection: Third Round

17 152 Dallas Cowboys

WR Danny Coale, Virginia Tech 6-0, 201
Overall Pick No. 152 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

With good size and excellent 4.4 speed he looks the part, and he shows up well on the screen with a good career in a non-passing offense. He'll block, he'll fight, and he'll do all the little things a coaching staff will want. However, he's not the most physical of receivers and he's more of a possession receiver than a blazer who can stretch the field. He can find a role in four-wide sets, but he'll have to catch everything his way to stick on a roster.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

18 153 Philadelphia Eagles

OT Dennis Kelly, Purdue 6-8, 304
Overall Pick No. 154 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

Very, very big with a great frame, long arms, and the room to get a bit bigger, he's an athletic blocker who might be worth a flier in pass protection. He's not quite physical enough and he doesn't finish his blocks as well as teams might like, but he can find a home as a right tackle who'll be tough to get around. He moves just well enough to stick on a roster as a swing backup.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

19 154 Seattle Seahawks (from NY Jets)

OLB Korey Toomer, Idaho 6-2, 234
Overall Pick No. 153 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A decent, hard-working outside linebacker, he's undersized and doesn't pack enough of a punch for the running game, but he'll always bring the effort and needs to find a role on special teams. He's an athlete, but he'll be a role player at best if he makes a roster.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

20 155 Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee)

OLB Josh Kaddu, Oregon 6-3, 239
Overall Pick No. 155 CFN Overall Ranking: 153
A luxury defender, he's the type of linebacker every coach would love to have, but he'll be one of the last guys to either make a roster or be cut. While does everything with a physical playing style, and he has a great motor to make plays based on hustle, he's also a good athlete who can close on the ball in a hurry. A bit thin, he needs to add about ten good pounds without losing a step. He gets pounded on a big too easily, but he'll stick early on as a key special teamer before finding a role in an outside linebacker rotation. There's plenty of upside for anyone who wants to be patient, but he might not be ready to roll out of the box.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

21 156 Cincinnati Bengals

CB Shaun Prater, Iowa 5-10, 190
Overall Pick No. 156 CFN Overall Ranking: 134
The raw stats aren't that great. He's not big, he's not particularly fast, and he's not great against the larger, more physical targets. However, he's a good football player who does a little of everything right and was a very solid, very productive star for the Hawkeye secondary. The one thing he can do is jump really, really well and he's great on jump balls, but he needs to lock up on the smaller receivers or else he'll be shoved around by the bigger ones. Never backing down from a challenge, he'll always fight to make a play and he'll do anything needed for a secondary. While he might not stick as a pure corner, he'll find a spot in someone's secondary.
CFN Projection: Third Round

22 157 Atlanta Falcons

FB Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin 5-11, 239
Overall Pick: 157   CFN Overall Ranking: No. 2 FB
While he's not all that big, he's a Wisconsin fullback who can be used as a power runner as well as a physical blocker. Quick, he cranked out a phenomenal 4.16 time in the shuttle at the Combine and had an explosive 4.76 40. He needs to hit the weights harder and he's not a great receiver, but he's a productive blocker and can do a little of everything. The problem, though, is that he's way too light and he's too weak to find any one elite thing he can do as an NFL fullback.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

23 158 Oakland Raiders (from Detroit)

DE Jack Crawford, Penn State 6-5, 274
Overall Pick No. 158 CFN Overall Ranking: 132
Very big, he's a huge, tough presence with intimidating size and just enough pass rushing ability to be used in a variety of ways. There's tremendous upside as a possible rock of a 3-4 end, and while he doesn't quite have the raw skills to be an elite defender, there's excellent upside. Working at his craft won't be a problem as he'll get bigger, stronger, and will always give an honest day's effort. While he ran a good 40 at the Combine, he's not athletic and at times he can play like the textbook definition of a stiff end. Worth a flier, there's nice potential as long as someone is patient and is willing to take a year or so to work on his technique.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

24 159 Pittsburgh Steelers

RB Chris Rainey, Florida 5-8, 180
Overall Pick No. 159 CFN Overall Ranking: 161
With extreme speed and NFL offensive coordinator should be able to do more with Rainey than several Florida coaches could. The quickest back at the Combine, he destroyed the short drills and blazed a sub-4.4 in a pro day workout showing off why he could be an elite return man. While he's a running back, he can easily be converted into a third down specialist or a receiver with the hands and the skills to make big things happen whenever he has a chance. But can he actually play? A mega-disappointment as a Gator considering his skills and his prep hype, there was always something missing from his game. There was always an injury of some sort and the production was merely average, but his rare tools could make him a great mid-round value pick.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

25 160 Cleveland Browns  (from Denver)

OG Ryan Miller, Colorado 6-8, 323
Overall Pick No. 160   CFN Overall Ranking: 142
A superstar offensive tackle prospect, he has the size and the length to work at right tackle if needed, even though his career will be spent as an athletic guard. While he's too tall for the position – he's way too tall to throw over – he's a bit too upright and can't quite get the leverage needed. Even though he doesn't look quite right, he'll beat people up and there's no problem whatsoever lighting his fire. While he's strong, he's not going to flatten anyone and tends to work better when he gets to maul. There's a lot to like and he'll work to make himself into a regular, but he needs to be on a line where he can zone-block and not be a power blaster.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

26 161 Houston Texans

PK Randy Bullock, Texas A&M 5-9, 205
Overall Pick No. 160 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
CFN Analysis: He has good depth and great range. He's also consistent and accurate with NFL mechanics. He's ready to start right away. While he has a strong leg, he doesn't have a cannon and isn't going to blast away from 60, but it's good enough to get by. He'll be steady and reliable.

27 162 New Orleans Saints

S Corey White, Samford 6-0, 206
Overall Pick No. 162 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
With good size and just enough speed to get by, he's a versatile defender who projects to be a safety but has enough athleticism to be a corner. He's not a blazer, but he moves well and he's a good hitter who isn't afraid to get his nose dirty. There's not enough overall talent to be a productive defender at an NFL level, but he has just enough tool-wise to find a role as a key backup and special teamer.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

28 163 Green Bay Packers (from New England)

OLB Terrell Manning, NC State (Jr.) 6-3, 237
Overall Pick No. 163 CFN Overall Ranking: 170
A bit thin and with room to bulk up a bit, there's an upside to Manning's physical ability. While he's not all that strong and he'll get shoved around, he makes up for his deficiencies with want-to and a good motor. Always working and always making things happen, he'll fill a few different roles as a backup early on before he finally matures into his body and frame. Can he stay healthy? Knee problems will be an issue, but he's a proven athlete who can get all around the field and make plays. There's plenty of boom and little bust, but patience might be the key in terms of being a consistent starter. With his athleticism and attitude, he could be a special teams star out of the box.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

29 164 Atlanta Falcons (from Baltimore)

DE Jonathan Massaquoi, Troy 6-2, 264
Overall Pick No. 163 CFN Ranking: No. 13 DE
Really, really fast and agile for his size, he's great on the move and great in pursuit. More of a beefed up linebacker than a true end, he's a pass rushing specialist who'll come in on third downs, but that'll be it. It's not like he's a bad run defender; he just doesn't seem to care too much about making the tough, physical stop. A purely finesse player, he could stand to drop about ten pounds and play around 255. Any team that drafts him has to know what it's getting. Massaquoi will do one thing and one thing only, and if he doesn't stand out right away he'll be an extremely easy cut. However, if he's in the right situation and has the right coach, watch out.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

30 165 San Francisco 49ers

OLB Darius Fleming, Notre Dame 6-2, 245
Overall Pick No. 165 CFN Overall Ranking: 177
There's a basic scouting belief that if a player is just okay in college, he probably won't become anything special in the pros. Fleming was just okay in college, but he's an interesting all-around prospect with good size for an outside linebacker. Physical enough to work on the line from time to time and handle himself well, he can do a little of everything. The speed is average, but the 27 reps on the bench in Indy were great, and showed off surprising quickness around the short drills. With excellent character and leadership ability, he's the type of player every coach wants to have, but he needs to prove he can stay healthy. A balky shoulder could keep him from being a 16-game warrior, and he's not much in pass coverage, but he could grow into a nice spot-starter and well-prepared key reserve.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

31 166 Cincinnati Bengals  (from New England)

WR Marvin Jones, California 6-2, 102
Overall Pick No. 166 CFN Overall Ranking: 102
Terrific tools. He proved in offseason workouts that he has strength – ripping off 22 reps at the Combine – sub-4.5 wheels, and excellent hands. He sucks in everything that comes his way and will fight to go after a ball. Always rising to the challenge, he has the exact attitude every coach will love, and he won't pout if he starts out as a No. 3 target as a piece-of-the-puzzle target. He'll always be prepared. While he's not all that quick, he'll be a good possession receiver who'll find a way to always get open. No, he might not be the flashiest prospect, but he'll be a good, sound pro.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

32 167 Cincinnati Bengals (from NY Giants)

S George Iloka, Boise State (FS) 6-4, 225
Overall Pick No. 167 CFN Overall Ranking: 56
Very tall, he's an interesting prospect mainly because of his skill set. He might not have run well in post-season workouts, but he's extremely quick for his size and he's football fast with the ability to always be around the ball. In the pros, though, he'll have to be more of an impact player and has to show he can take advantage of every opportunity. While he'll have big problems against speed receivers, he'll be fine against the bigger, slower targets and tight ends; he's the good prospect for the new wave of New England Patriot-style offense. However, he's not the best tackler and is merely average against the run with too many whiffs. With his athleticism and his potential, some defensive coordinator will be very, very excited to get him.
CFN Projection: Third Round

33 168 Oakland Raiders  (compensatory)

WR Juron Criner, Arizona 6-2, 224
Overall Pick No. 168 CFN Overall Ranking: 200

Really, really slow, he's better on tape than in workouts. However, that lack of raw wheels puts a hard ceiling on what he can become. Tall, big, and athletic enough to get by, he was great with pro QB prospect Nick Foles and showed he could battle for plays and fight to make things happen, but he's a much better football player than an athlete. There's a hard ceiling on what he can become, but he'll fight for a roster spot and he could be the type of prospect who'll be just good enough in practices to stick. Don't be shock if he turns out to be surprisingly effective, even though he'll hardly be a special playmaker.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

34 169 Baltimore Ravens (compensatory)

CB Asa Jackson, Cal Poly 5-10, 191
Overall Pick No. 169 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A nice all-around defender, he has decent size and enough speed to get by. He's not a blazer, but he can run and is a pure corner with strong coverage skills. Banged up a bit, he has some injury concerns and he's not going to beat anyone up, but he has value in dime packages and as a third corner option.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

35 170 Indianapolis Colts  (compensatory)

RB Vick Ballard, Mississippi State 5-10, 219
Overall Pick No. 170 CFN Overall Ranking: 152

Productive at an SEC level, even with defenses keying on him, he packs a nice punch to go along with the ability to bounce off tacklers and get the extra yards. A strong runner, he showed at the Combine that he had the raw strength with 23 reps, and he was great through the short drills, but he was slow with a mediocre 4.65 in the 40. A good prospect to work in a tandem, he can be physical and bang away for a few drives before giving way to the speedier backs. A good leader with great character he'll do whatever a coaching staff wants, but he doesn't have NFL skills. He's a good football player, but there's nothing about his game to make him a standout. While he could be a nice fill-in back, he doesn't have it to be a great starter.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round