2012 NFL Draft - 6th Round Analysis

Posted Apr 28, 2012

Breaking down and analyzing every sixth round draft pick.

2012 NFL Draft

Sixth Round Analysis

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1 171 St. Louis Rams

PK Greg Zuerlein, Missouri Western 6-0, 189
Overall Pick No. 171 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
With a cannon, he has as much range as any kicker prospect in the draft. Under the radar because he didn't play at a bigger school, he still has the skills to become a long-time pro. Accurate enough to be counted on right away, his real worth will be as a long range bomber.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

2 172 Seattle Seahawks (from Philadelphia from Indianapolis)

CB Jeremy Lane, Northwestern State 6-0, 183
Overall Pick No. 172 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
4.4 fast and with decent size, he's a long corner with excellent raw skills. He has the athleticism and smoothness to belong among the bigger-school defenders, and he has the coverage ability to become a sleeper pick who flourishes in the right system. However, he was just okay with the ball in the air and he has to prove he can handle himself against top-shelf receivers on a regular basis. With his athleticism, though, he can work in a rotation and in dime packages.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

3 173 Washington Redskins (from Minnesota)

FB Alfred Morris, Florida Atlantic 6-0, 219
Overall Pick No. 173 CFN Overall Ranking: No. 4 FB
A tailback who'll have to make it as a fullback, there's a shot he could be a change-of-pace power back who does a little of everything for an offense. He's fast, can block, and he can potentially grow into a pass protector on third downs. Strong on the field and with great character, he'll do what he has to. A true tweener, he's a little bit of a runner and a little bit of a blocker, and he needs to find something he can do at a high level. He'll make a team, though, as a special teamer.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

4 174 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

CB Keith Tandy, West Virginia 5-10, 202
Overall Pick: 174 CFN Overall Ranking: No. 25 CB
It all depends on where someone wants to play him. The speed is just good enough to work from time to time at corner, and he's a smart defender who always seems to be around the ball including coming up big against the run. Great when the ball is in the air, he attacks the play and he's always hustling to make something happen. The tools aren't there, though, with mediocre speed and without the shiftiness to hold up against the quicker targets. He needs to be in a zone scheme and could be used as a safety, but he'll always be ready no matter where he plays.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

5 175 Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland)

PK Blair Walsh, Georgia 5-9, 187
Overall Pick No. 175 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Phenomenal a few years ago with a fantastic 2009 season, he struggled to close out strong and had big problems as a senior. He has the leg and he has the NFL ability to be a great kicker for a long time, but it seems to be all mental. There's no questioning the tools, but can he be counted on to be consistent enough to rely on? After 2009 he was a sure-thing draft pick, but now he's not worth anything more than a free agent flier.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

6 176 Jacksonville Jaguars

CB Mike Harris, Florida State 5-10, 188
Overall Pick No. 177 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
He has decent size and decent speed, but he doesn't have great size or great wheels. Athletic, he moves well on the field, and he's never afraid to make a tackle. A battler, he'll do what's needed any won't ever be a problem when it comes to effort. However, he has marginal NFL skills and doesn't have the raw wheels needed to be a starter. He'll work in nickel and dime packages and on special teams.

7 177 Arizona Cardinals  (from Washington)

S Justin Bethel, Presbyterian 6-0, 200 (FS)
Overall Pick No. 177 CFN Overall Ranking: No. 21 S
Fast, he came up with the offseason workouts he needed to have tearing off a 4.56 while coming up with a safety-best 39.5" vertical and 10'11" broad jump. He used that speed and athleticism to be a half-step faster and better than anyone else on the field at the FCS level, and he has proven to be just talented enough to get an honest look to be someone's free safety. However, he got by on being more athletic than anyone else at the lower level and he might not fit a defined role. He's a good tackler, but he's not going to blow anyone up, and he doesn't have the elite wheels to make him a sure-thing as a free safety. It'll take a while before he finds his niche.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

8 178 Buffalo Bills

OG Mark Asper, Oregon 6-6, 319
Overall Pick No. 178 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Big, mature, and sound, he's the type of player who can step in and work in any role asked of him. All he wants is to be a player and do what's needed, and he could serve as a longtime swing guard in both spots. A powerful blocker, he'll pack a punch when he hits a defender. However, he can't move and can only work in a phone booth. He's not going to start, but he'll be a versatile reserve.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

9 179 New Orleans Saints (from Miami)

OG Andrew Tiller, Syracuse 6-4, 324
Overall Pick No. 179 CFN Overall Ranking: 173
A strong run blocker with the right fight and the right attitude to destroy a defender, he's durable, reliable, and consistent. With the right NFL body, he looks the part and has the power to match when he gets the leverage on a defender. Fighting isn't a problem; he doesn't take plays off. The biggest issue will be keeping his weight under wraps. While he slimmed down in a big way to get to around 320, he's going to have to really, really work to make sure he doesn't balloon back up. Not an athlete, he's not going to move too much outside of the box and he's not going to get down the field, but when it comes to burying the man in front of him, he can do that.
CFN Projection: Third Round

10 180 San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina)

S Trent Robinson, Michigan State (FS) 5-10, 195
Overall Pick No. 180 CFN Overall Ranking: 120
With just enough talent to be a very, very nice tweener who can play a variety of roles, he has decent enough size to get by as a corner and he's as fast as any safety in the draft. A phenomenal athlete, he cranked out a terrific 4.48 this offseason and was just as quick and impressive in the short drills. However, he's not huge and he gets shoved around a bit. He'll be erased by blockers against the run and he's not going blow anyone up, but he's a battler who doesn't back down from a challenge and seems able to rise up to the moment. There's a chance to come up with a nice future in dime packages and could grow into a ball-hawk with a little bit of time and seasoning.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

11 181 Seattle Seahawks

S Winston Guy, Kentucky (SS) 6-1, 218
Overall Pick No. 181 CFN Overall Ranking: 205

A football player. He didn't time well in Indianapolis, and he might not be all that quick, but he's a big-time tackler who had an ultra-productive, unappreciated career playing at a high SEC level. He was used like another linebacker at times and was a premier tackler, but it came at a cost getting banged up a bit. Few safeties in the draft are as physical and few are able to do a little of everything like he can. While he'll start out his career as a special teamer, and he doesn't have the speed to be a free safety, he's a baller who can be a jack-of-all trades for a secondary. Quickness and athleticism will be a problem, but he'll be a tough cut if he doesn't make a team.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

12 182 Kansas City Chiefs

RB Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M 5-10, 206
Overall Pick No. 182 CFN Overall Ranking: 90
A good pure running back, he was productive when he was able to stay on the field and has the size, mid-4.4 speed, and strength to do it all. He does it all with great vision and instincts, and a willingness to block and hit when he has to. Throw in his hands for the passing game and his immense upside as a kickoff returner, and he has the potential to be a do-it-all swing player who'll become very valuable very fast. Staying healthy has been a problem, and he'll never handle a large workload, but a coaching staff will love his attitude along with his versatility. No, he's not a No. 1 feature back, and no one will expect him to be. He'll be a good producer on a winning football team.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

13 183 Miami Dolphins (from San Diego)

WR B.J. Cunningham, Michigan State 6-1, 211
Overall Pick No. 183 CFN Overall Ranking: 196

At a school known for cranking out a great receiver prospects, Cunningham was among the most productive of the lot. A go-to receiver in big game after big game, he always rose to the occasion with a nice career. Strong and with nice size and the ability to use it as he outmuscles and fights for plays. A good football player, the raw tools aren't there with average speed and not enough quickness to blow past any good NFL corner. An okay route runner, he mostly relied on being able to push his way for the ball rather than fly into the open. He'll find a job as an inside target who'll make things happen across the middle, but there's a hard ceiling on what he can become.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

14 184 Chicago Bears

CB Isaiah Frey, Nevada 5-10, 190
Overall Pick No. 184  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
The speed is there and he has decent size, but he's a marginally-talent defender who can't be used as a starting NFL corner. There's a chance he can find a role in a rotation or in nickel and dime situations, and he can be used on special teams, but he's a speed guy and that's it.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

15 185 Arizona Cardinals

QB Ryan Lindley, San Diego State 6-3, 229
Overall Pick No. 185 CFN Overall Ranking: 99
It's all about the consistency. He has good size and a great arm with the ability to make all the NFL throws at a top level, and he has a gunslinger mentality with the ability to shine in a shootout. No, he didn't win enough close games, but they weren't all his fault and often got hurt by a shaky defense. The problem is that he'll make a Pro Bowl pass on one play and will hit the hot dog vendor the next. While he timed fast there's little mobility and he'll never take off, but he moves around just enough in the pocket to get by. Because of the gun and with good upside there's a good chance he could be a nice value pick in the middle of the draft, but accuracy can't be taught.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

16 186 Dallas Cowboys

TE James Hanna, Oklahoma 6-3, 252
Overall Pick No. 186 CFN Overall Ranking: 201

Really, really, REALLY fast, he's a mid-4.4 runner with the wheels to stretch the field and the hands and moves to make things happen around the goal line. With good size, he proved he could run even at a bigger size and can still get more physical. This offseason he proved to be far more athletic than he shows on tape with better raw skills and tools than just about any tight end in the draft. However, he didn't actually do much on deep plays and wasn't a go-to target. He's not a great blocker and he needs a lot of work on his route running ability, but he's too athletic not to develop.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

17 187 New York Jets (from Philadelphia through Indianapolis)

S Josh Bush, Wake Forest 5-11, 203
Overall Pick No. 187 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Can he stay healthy? Undraftable on some boards because of injury concerns, he came up with a great 2011 season and showed he has the talent and potential to be a hitter, but there isn't a big body of work to go off of. The athleticism is there and he can be used in any sort of a safety role, but it's buyer beware.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

18 188 Denver Broncos (from NY Jets)

OLB Danny Trevathan, Kentucky 6-0, 237
Overall Pick No. 188 CFN Overall Ranking: 189

Too small, too slow, too short, and not strong enough, he doesn't have the elite tools to be an NFL star. However, he's a tackling machine who was one of the best and most underappreciated linebackers over the last few seasons, making big things happen at a high SEC level. Intensity and want-to aren't a problem, and he never misses a tackle. While size matters, he was durable enough to get through game after game and still keep on producing. Unfortunately, he's not a pass defender, doesn't have top pass rushing skills, and he'll need to be in a linebacking corps with bigger more talented players.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

19 189 Oakland

DT Chris Bilukidi, Georgia State 6-4, 295
Overall Pick No. 189 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A pure project, he can work as a big end in a 3-4 or on the inside as a 3-technique tackle in a 4-3. An excellent athlete for his size and the tools are there, but he was a marginally productive college player and will only be seen as a flier and a developmental pick.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

20 190 Tennessee Titans

S Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State (FS) 6-1, 207
Overall Pick No. 190 CFN Overall Ranking: 52
Very, very strong, he put up 19 reps and the Combine and translates the weight room strength to the field. Big and with decent range, he's a highlight reel hitter who could be an intimidating force in just about any defensive system. When he gets a bead on a receiver or a ball-carrier, it's over. However, he tends to try too hard to go for the kill shot rather than simply come up with the run of the mill tackle and he needs to get it in his head that the routine is okay. While he's not elite in pass coverage, he's athletic enough to get by and makes up for most of his mistakes by coming up with the big plays at the key times. A great guy and a good leader, he has the potential to be a nice part of any secondary, even though he won't necessarily be a star.
CFN Projection: Third Round

21 191 Cincinnati Bengals

RB Dan Herron, Ohio State 5-9, 213
Overall Pick No. 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 181
What is he going to do in the NFL? He's way too slow with no straight line speed, but he's extremely quick and cuts well with nice shiftiness through the hole. A great worker and a leader, he'll do whatever a coaching staff wants and he could make a team by doing all the little things right. The problem is that he has to find a niche immediately or he'll be an extremely easy cut. He's an okay runner, an okay receiver, and an okay athlete, but the entire package doesn't add up to anything more than a dime-a-dozen pro back. He has the right attitude and he was a standout on a team that was surprisingly awful offensively without him, but he just doesn't have any special pro skills.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

22 192 Atlanta Falcons

S Charles Mitchell, Mississippi State (SS) 5-11, 202
Overall Pick No. 192 CFN Overall Ranking: 242
A good athlete with enough skills to play just about anywhere in the secondary, he could find a niche right away as a fifth defensive back in dime packages. He jumped out of the stadium at the Combine and was quick enough in shorter drills to think he could be a free safety from time to time. Willing to work to be better, he'll be thrown to the special teams and won't be a problem. Being stronger against the run would be nice and being a more consistent tackler is a must, and he's a bit too much of a finesse hitter for an NFL strong safety, but there are just enough all-around skills to hope for a big payoff with a little bit of patience.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

23 193 Washington Redskins (from Pittsburgh)

OT Tom Compton, South Dakota 6-6, 314
Overall Pick No. 193 CFN Overall Ranking: 172
A good-sized tweener who could be a decent guard in the right system if he doesn't end up locking down a right guard spot. Still scratching the surface, he could still add about ten pounds of good weight and not lose a thing, but he's fine as is. Now it's time to go to work to get his technique up to a high level. He has the athleticism and the upside, but his mechanics and footwork have to be broken down and built back up by an NFL offensive line coach. The tools and the attitude are all there, and as is he'll be a good backup for a few spots, but he might need a year or two of seasoning before growing into a terrific starter. He'll do the work needed, and he should be worth the payoff.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

24 194 Philadelphia Eagles (from Denver)

WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa 6-2, 216
Overall Pick No. 194 CFN Overall Ranking: 129
The former quarterback is smart, tough, and knows how to find the seams and knows what he's supposed to do; he plays receiver and thinks like a QB. Bulky, he's physical and he isn't afraid to mix it up, and he has the speed to go along with the size checking in under 4.5. It took a little while, but he's getting the finer points down, even if he doesn't really look the part. Ready out of the box, he can step into any system and be a part of the passing game, but he's not going to be anyone's No. 1 and he'll be erased by any good NFL corner. Yes, the wheels are there, but he's not the best of athletes and he still has plenty of work to do and some tuning. There are plenty of negatives, but he'll turn in a fine, productive career.
CFN Projection: Third Round

25 195 Houston Texans

OT Nick Mondek, Purdue 6-6, 300
Overall Pick No. 195 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Just versatile enough to be used as a guard or a right tackle, he's not a starter and doesn't have NFL skills, but he could be a live body for a backup job in several spots. While he's not massive, he has a great frame and is strong. However, he doesn't have the best feet and he's not going to maul anyone.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

26 196 Detroit Lions (from New Orleans from San Francisco)

CB Jonte Green, New Mexico 5-11, 182
Overall Pick No. 196 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
There's potential with good quickness and nice athleticism, but he's not an NFL corner. He might hang around a roster as a special teamer and a swing backup, but he doesn't have the wheels to hang with speed receivers or the toughness to beat up the bigger ones.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

27 197 New England Patriots  (from Green Bay)

S Nate Ebner, Ohio State 6-0, 205
Overall Pick No. 197 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
He's not an NFL player. If he doesn't make a big impact on special teams, he doesn't have any value at the next level. He's an okay defender, but he's nothing more than backup at best. However, there's a chance he could find a role as a backup safety who helps out at times against the run.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

28 198 Baltimore Ravens

WR Tommy Streeter, Miami (Jr.) 6-5, 219
Overall Pick No. 198 CFN Overall Ranking: 140
Very tall and really, really fast, he brings sub-4.4 wheels in the body of a thin tight end. With the frame to add at least 15 more pounds, he could get bigger and still find a nice niche as a devastating deep threat. No, he'll never block anyone and yes, he'll be a one-trick pony, but that one trick could be devastating. He'll be eliminated by anyone who applies a jam on the line, and he'll never be a full route tree target, but get him on the field, air it out, and let him go run under it. Along the way, though, expect a lot of drops and plenty of mistakes.
CFN Projection: Third Round

29 199 San Francisco 49ers

C Jason Slowey, Western Oregon 6-2, 295
Overall Pick No. 199 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
While he's a feisty battler, he's undersized and under powered. He was great in offseason workouts and started to climb up the draft charts, but he's a swing blocker for the interior without the quickness and ability to be a top option in pass protection.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

30 200 Philadelphia Eagles (from New England)

OG Brandon Washington, Miami (Jr.) 6-4, 320
Overall Pick No. 200 CFN Overall Ranking: 162
A big pounding run blocker, the sky's the limit with tremendous upside and the potential to be a steal if he wants to work for it. Not an athlete in any way, even though he might end up seeing a little time at right tackle, he's at his best when he's able to see-guy, hit-guy, and bury his man. The frame is there and he has all the tools, but he has to live with an NFL strength and conditioning coach to tighten everything up and he has to camp out with a position coach to learn the finer points of the position. There's a lot to work with, but he's a huge risk if he doesn't decide he wants to be special. Give him a year or three and he could blossom, but it'll be a shock if he produces right away.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

31 201 New York Giants

. OT Matt McCants, UAB 6-6, 308
Overall Pick No. 201 CFN Overall Ranking: 144
Long and tall, he has the right frame and the right NFL body. However, he still needs to get bigger and has to get up to about 320 to be a true left tackle. A good fighter, he'll beat people up and has the right attitude to bury his man and make a big play happen, and he has just enough athleticism and hustle to make plays down the field. He needs help from the coaching staff to get his mechanics right and he needs to work on plenty of the finer points. Still a work in progress, he's going to need time to develop and he's hardly a finished product, but there's good potential. Any time a prospect has this kind of a body and can become a left tackle, he's worth the time and effort.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

32 202 New York Jets (compensatory)

RB Terrance Ganaway, Baylor 5-11, 239
Overall Pick No. 202 CFN Overall Ranking: 94
One of the most intriguing of the top backs, he's the biggest of the best runners and is shockingly athletic for his size. He might not have any straight-line speed, coming in at the mid-4.6s, but he plays fast and he hits the hole hard. Even though he didn't need to provide too much power in the Baylor offense, he has the strength to blast away for the hard yard when needed and can be a nice ying to a speedy yang in an attack. Even with his style there's still plenty of tread left on the tires considering he only really produced big for one year – there's a lot of football in him left to play. A perfect fit for any locker room, he's a good character guy with intriguing skills and upside after a little bit of work to polish his game.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

33 203 New York Jets (compensatory)

OG Robert Griffin, Baylor 6-6, 340
Overall Pick No. 203 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
Baylor's other Robert Griffin, he can't move and he won't do anything outside of see guy, hit guy, but he's MASSIVE. A short-range run blocker who brings the attitude and grouchiness to his play, he'll be a powerful part of a running game in a reserve role. He can only play two downs and in short-yardage situations, but there's potential to be decent in the right job.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

34 204 Cleveland Browns (compensatory)

ILB Emmanuel Acho, Texas 6-1, 238
Overall Pick No. 204 CFN Overall Ranking: 168
Where is he a fit? He's not quite big enough to be a top interior presence, and he's not fast enough to work outside. While he's smooth and he moves well, he's a 4.7 40 runner who doesn't time nearly as fast as he plays. Coaches are going to bend over backwards to want him to work out. With ideal character and the perfect personality for a locker room, all the intangibles are in place to go along with good tackling skills, but he's missing too many NFL tools, doesn't hit with a purpose, and has way too many deficiencies to be a star of a starting linebacker. Even so, he'll be a nice swing defender who can be used in a variety of spots and will do whatever is needed to be a part of a team.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

35 205 Cleveland Browns (compensatory)

DT Billy Winn, Boise State 6-3, 294
Overall Pick No. 205 CFN Overall Ranking: 84
A nice all-around player, Winn's an active run defender who can maul an offensive lineman, and he's athletic enough to be used as a strong interior pass rusher. Quick and with a nice repertoire of moves, at the very least he could be a specialist end in a 3-4 or could even be moved to the outside as a big 4-3. However, while he was a productive college player, he has limited tools and might have a hard-ceiling. A finesse defender, he's not an anchor and he has to get stronger, but he'll be a disruptive force if bigger defenders are doing the heavy lifting against the run.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

36 206 Indianapolis Colts (compensatory)

WR LaVon Brazill, Ohio 5-11, 192
Overall Pick No. 206 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
With excellent speed and return ability, he could fill a variety of roles and has the potential to be a nice late round flier. Productive for a team that didn't throw the ball, he's a good wide receiver who came up with a terrific MAC career. Tough for his size and a battler, he'll work his way into a role as long as he's not asked to be physical in any way.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

37 207 Carolina Panthers (compensatory)

P Brad Nortman, Wisconsin 6-2, 213
Overall Pick No. 207 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A big punter with a decent leg, he's a veteran who doesn't get rattled and is good at getting the offense out of a jam. Consistent, he makes up for the lack of a blasting leg by making pinning teams deep and getting good direction. He won't be a special punter, but he won't hurt a team.
CFN Projection: Free Agent