Why the Big Ten's Plus-1 model wouldn't work

Posted Jun 4, 2012

At least, it wouldn't work for the Big Ten but might be great for the SEC.

The Big Ten & A Plus-One

Why it wouldn't have worked

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The Big Ten wants a Plus-One format? Really? The league apparently didn't do its research. This is what would've happened if the Big Ten's way was implemented from the start of the BCS process.

- 1998: Ohio State would've had a great shot to finish in the top two, but it would've played No. 1 Tennessee and not Texas A&M in the Sugar Bowl. However, the big stink would've been about Wisconsin, who beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl and wouldn't have been close to getting in.

- 1999: Not even close. Even with Michigan beating Alabama in the Orange and Wisconsin beating Stanford in the Rose, Florida State probably would've played Nebraska after everything shook out.

- 2000: The Big Ten didn't even have a team in the top 15 in the final BCS rankings. Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami and Washington would've been the four teams in the mix, and there would've been a monster mess.

- 2001: Again, the Big Ten wouldn't have been within 100 miles of the national title. Miami probably would've played an Oregon team that would've destroyed Illinois in the Rose Bowl.

- 2002: Would Ohio State have beaten USC in the Rose Bowl? The Carson Palmer-led Trojans destroyed Iowa in the Orange, so instead of Ohio State being a sure-thing to play Miami in the Fiesta for the national title, it would've had a brutal playoff game. Meanwhile, SEC fans would've been screaming that Georgia deserved to be in the mix if USC beat the Buckeyes.

- 2003: Again, the Big Ten would be out. Try to figure out this disaster. Remember, there was a debate about Oklahoma, LSU and USC for the final two spots. Oklahoma would've played Ohio State in the Fiesta, LSU would've played Texas in the Sugar and USC would've beaten Michigan in the Rose. If the Sooners, Tigers and Trojans all won, nothing would've been settled.

- 2004: The Big Ten's highest ranked team in the final BCS rankings was Iowa at No. 12. USC would've won the Rose Bowl with easy; Oklahoma would've played an unbeaten Utah in the Fiesta; and Auburn probably would've played Texas in the Sugar.

- 2005: Nope. Penn State would have been obliterated by USC in the Rose Bowl and Texas would've taken care of Ohio State or Notre Dame in the Fiesta.

- 2006: In a Plus-One, instead of Ohio State going to the national title game, it probably would've lost to USC in the Rose Bowl. However, Michigan might have had a shot to play Florida for the national title depending on its bowl matchup.

- 2007: Again, instead of Ohio State playing for it all as the BCS No. 1, it probably would've lost to USC in the Rose Bowl and LSU probably would've played the Trojans for the national championship.

- 2008: No. 8 Penn State had no shot of playing for the national title after losing to USC in the Rose Bowl. Nothing would've been settled. Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, USC, Utah and Boise State, depending on the bowl matchups, would've all cried about deserving a top two spot.

- 2009: No. 8 Ohio State wouldn't have been remotely close no matter what happened against Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State all finished the regular season unbeaten. Alabama would've blown away Cincinnati in the Sugar and Texas would've beaten TCU in the Fiesta in what would've amounted to a real, live playoff.

- 2010: Oregon would've beaten Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, Auburn would've beaten TCU in the Sugar, and Cam Newton would've been holding up the trophy after beating the Ducks. However, if the Badgers were able to beat the Ducks, they probably would've played for the national title.

- 2011: Oregon beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Meanwhile, LSU would've played Stanford in the Sugar and Oklahoma State would've played Alabama in the Fiesta. Nothing would've been settled because Oregon would've been screaming that it deserved to be in the national championship over the Fiesta Bowl winner.