Offseason Thoughts - The Realignment Effects
Posted Jun 9, 2012

Final Thoughts - Phil Harrison's offseason thoughts and views

Final Thoughts 

June - The Offseason

Phil Harrison

- How could we not start with the playoff chatter? Please, oh please college football Gods, let there be a playoff. Not a plus-one, not the "status-quo" but a four team playoff at the least.

- And while we are on the topic, can someone please think big picture and have some foresight. It seems all stakeholders in this thing are looking at the playoff proposals from a "now" perspective. Remember that the shoe will be on the other foot in the future at some point. Now is the time to get it right.

- Can Ohio State ever get out of the news? If it's not for Urban Meyer defending himself, it's recruits going rogue, or former players testing their elimination methods. All of this after the email/tattoo/mini-trinket avalanche. Does anyone need a vacation more than OSU AD Gene Smith?

- Remember when the Big Twelve was on life support? Somewhere between there and now, it's gone through rehab and is now more healthy than Richard Simmons on steroids (okay a stretch). Now we'll see if remission occurs going forward.

- Is anyone else looking forward to the future of the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry? It's time to go all-in on Hoke vs. Meyer with these two ancient rivals.

- Speaking of rivals, how in the world did selfish feelings lead to letting Texas vs. Texas A&M go dark? There's been a robbery in the heart of Texas and all college football fans are the victims. Shall we start a petition now?

- What program will be wishing that it didn't defect to a new conference a few years in? The early call on this is Boise State. You get the feeling that the Big East is about to implode.

- What program is going to be loving its new digs a few years from now? Hello TCU--the new Texas A&M of sorts.

- Can Urban Meyer's spread offense work at historically tailback-heavy Ohio State? Umm, did Woody Hayes have a temper?

- It'll be interesting to see if West Virginia is as good in the fall as the shellacking against Clemson showed in January.

- Likewise, it'll be intriguing to find out if Dabo Swinney can get Clemson over the hump--all season.

- Only three months to football Saturday's again. We can barely wait.