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Mr Pac Ten
Posted Aug 28, 2012

CFN's Matthew Smith looks at the key issues, makes predictions, and more.

2012 Matthew Smith CFN Blog

BCS Analysis
- Part One: The Computers
- Part Two: The Coaches' Poll
- Part Three: Revenue Discrimination

College Football Expansion Analysis
- Part One: The Candidates
- Part Two: Logistics
- Part Three: Three-Division Format
- Part Four: Ethics
- Part Five: 16-Team Structure for the Big Ten
- Part Six: The Mountain West and Automatic BCS Qualification
- Part Seven: What makes sense for Texas
- Part Eight: Pac-12 Divisions
- Part Nine: Fresno St and Nevada to the Mountain West
- Part Ten: The Next Phase?
- Part Eleven: How the Big East Could Shake Things Up
- Part Twelve: How USC Could Shake Things Up
- Part Thirteen: What the Pac-12 Needs to do to Keep USC (and others)

Other College Football Articles
- Ohio St and Institutional Control

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