Doan: So What If Ohio State Goes 12-0?
Posted Oct 1, 2012

Bart Doan on the mess and the message it would send if OSU goes 12-0

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By Bart Doan
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So yeah, that sigh you heard? That's the NCAA and college football in general every time Ohio State wins a football game. It was a little louder this week, where Michigan State was expected to end the least talked about potential chaos the game has ever seen. But Sparty didn't do it, and the threat is very real that the game will be exposed to an NC-17 level if this keeps up.

For all the trainwreck talk of the B1G from a national narrative, Ohio State keeps winning. Braxton Miller keeps dealing. And the college football brass continues to get more and more nervous. The game's powers that be leveled these Buckeyes for a lot less than it appears North Carolina was guilty of but looked the other way. Or some will say, Auburn. Whether talked about or not, there is a growing movement that feels like the NCAA is very arbitrary and capricious in their rulings.

I know, you might think "this guy's getting so far ahead of himself, he's probably heading to the end of his drive looking for Thursday's mail in the box."

But the schedule suggests this thought carries less insanity than originally assumed.

Realize this: These Bucks won't see a game they're not favored in until the third week of November. Nebraska is homecoming (and shrewedly so). Purdue comes to the Shoe. A bye week precedes a sketchy Wisconsin football team.

After that, they're The Game away from 12-0.

The ramifications to college football could be immense. We know the system is dreadful. We know it's flawed at best. But imagine the nation's most talked about football team being the lone unbeaten, or one of two? And not getting a shot at a title. There's no playoff, no system, no fix for something like that. College football has screwed up before, in indescribable ways. Who can forget 1993? Or 2011, if you want a more recent frame of reference.

How would the AP...who has no dog in the national title fight anymore...respond? What if the BCS champion has one loss? Wasn't the BCS supposed to erase this stuff?

Make no mistake, this Ohio State team is flawed. Yet there is one thing about them that no stat, no analysis can quantify. They win. When Braxton Miller went down in the fourth with what was assumed to be a hyperextended knee, the assumption was that this was it. He came back. Not necessarily because of him, they won. Urban Meyer, begrudgingly the greatest offensive mind of our football generation (that hurts to say) is back to his old ways, vitriolic as ever when bad football is played under his team's logo.

Sure, the cart might be put ahead of the horse, but you'd best prepare yourself for the absolute chaos that ensues if OSU runs the table. The warts, the flaws, the idiocy of college football's system will come to a crescendo. It should be great theater.