TQ: How To Fix Michigan

Posted Oct 2, 2012

Tuesday Question: Bart Doan on How To Fix Michigan

Tuesday Question 

How To Fix Michigan

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By Bart Doan
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How can Michigan be fixed.

Once upon a time, there was a dual-threat quarterback who had many a column written about him and his unique talent. Somewhere sprinkled in that column you'd be likely to find the words "they just need to let him play his game, and no one will stop him."

An unbeaten season and stunning national title upset win later, Vince Young was etched forever in college football lore because, in theory, "the coaches just let him play." Whether any of that is a legitimate thought or not, the same theory probably should be pressed to Michigan.

The Wolverines' season is not any more lost now than it was right after they were thumbed by Alabama in Dallas. Sure, a national title would have been nice, but secondary to that is winning the conference crown. They'll only go as far as their Vince Young can take them, Denard Robinson.

Several times this year, Shoelaces has looked hesitant to run. Working on mechanics, trying to stay in the pocket, attempting to show he can make the throws. Truth is, the team is doomed unless he just starts doing it his way. No, it won't endear himself to NFL scouts or make him a better passer, but the shifty Denard needs to come back for Michigan to resurrect itself. The Denard that fakes run and hits a streaking wide open receiver as the confused linebackers collapse in. The defense is no longer good enough to deal with head scratching turnovers as they've gone to a youth infusion in Ann Arbor.

Robinson, on the other hand, needs to be who he was these past two years. Instead of making all the reads to show he can do it, he needs to stop thinking so much and let his talent take over. Film of him shows that where there have been opportunities to run, he's set in the pocket scanning like he's trying to do his best Matt Schaub.

Problem is, he's not.

He's a guy that individually is better than everyone else on the field. Is it a lot of weight to place on one guy? Yes. But Denard needs to be Denard the way VY needed to be VY back in the day at Texas. Then, and only then, will Michigan rewrite this season's legacy with a title. Win now. Worry about installing a new, more pro style system later, Shoelace A.D.