Final Thoughts: Is Iowa About To Get Hot?
Posted Oct 12, 2012

Week 7 Final Friday Thoughts - Phil Harrison: Is Iowa About To Get Hot?

Final Thoughts Before Week Seven
By Phil Harrison
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- Remember last week when Ohio State became Oregon East? Now OSU is going on the road for an encore in Bloomington against the Hoosiers. Yeah it sounds like coach speak, but the Buckeyes have to avoid a letdown a week after coming out of the Jack-in-the box to show everyone it's ahead of schedule along the Meyer plan. Indiana is a much better team at home and played Sparty REAL tough last week. Tread lightly Brutus.

- Contender or pretender game of the week: Oklahoma vs. Texas. West Virginia will be watching--along with its mascot that totes a dangerous weapon.

- Now is about the time that Iowa generally heats up to almost boiling. It seems like every year, the non-conference is a display of utter inconsistency, then comes conference play where things get much better. Things have a shot at getting a lot better with a win over Sparty in East Lansing. MSU on the other hand, needs something to get it back on track.

- Welcome to the Leaders division "championship" game when Wisconsin travels to Purdue this weekend. Both teams have about as much spice as a wet noodle, but the winner will have a serious leg up in getting to Indy. It's a sad but true tale.

- Okay Virginia Tech, you simply cannot let the Blue Devils beat you this week. Sure Duke is having a surprisingly good year so far, but it's Duke, and it's not basketball. It's time to turn things around.

- North Carolina vs. Miami: Two highly schizophrenic teams clashing means you should stay 10,000 miles away from betting anything on this one. Either team could play up to it's athletic potential, but either team could also look more disinterested than a vegetarian at a hog roast.

- Somewhere, sometime, Missouri is going to get its first real signature upset in the SEC. It plays Alabama this week at home and........nah--the Tigers will have to wait. This is an adjustment year by all shapes and measures for Missouri. Be happy if the game is close and move on to the next one.

- While we are on the topic, what's with the SEC "Tigers?" You've got LSU, Auburn, and now Missouri. There's more Tigers in the league now than the jungles of Southeast Asia. Princeton, you're on the clock for annexation by the SEC.

- A lot of folks are calling for Texas Tech to give West Virginia a game this week in Lubbock. Don't buy it. As good as the Red Raiders defense has been, the level of offense coming to town is about a gazillion times better than what Tuberville's crew has faced to date. Let the lasers and pyrotechnics show continue.

- Is this the week that Touchdown Jesus sees a loss? Stanford is by far the best team that Notre Dame will have faced in 2012. The Cardinal is a team that can match up physically with the Irish, and is already playing with the confidence of taking down USC. This is one of the must see game of the weekend. It figures to be a donnybrook.

- Can Oregon State keep a magical run going at BYU? Perhaps, but the Cougars' offense will test a very good Beaver defense. OSU's run will likely end at some point, and just might end up being a surprise one this week.

- Is it possible that Florida could have a let down at Vandy? The Gators are by far the better team, but they're coming off an emotional win against LSU and have a gargantuan matchup with SEC and national title implications next week against the Gamecocks. Will Muschamp better pull a Knute Rockne moment out of his back pocket if he has one, because Florida would be well advised to take care of the front-lines first.

- Speaking of which, look for the Bayou Tigers to bounce back in a big way as they play host to the The Gamecocks in Death Valley. The crowd will be ready to go ballistic at night, and LSU is ready to spit the bad taste out of its mouth from last week. The ‘ole ball coach is bringing a talented team into the dark Baton Rouge night, but many a team have fallen prey to this setting.

- Most intriguing game: Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech. There should be some offensive fireworks with a very legitimate Tech team leading the charge.