Harrison's Final Thoughts Before Week 10

Posted Nov 2, 2012

Phil Harrison's Final Thoughts & Musings Before Week 10

By Phil Harrison
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-Of course the headline this week belongs to the two huge matchups between USC and Oregon, and Alabama vs. LSU. The two games could not offer starker contrasts between each other either. The Bama vs. LSU game will be a defensive donnybrook that despite the hour difference in start time might not end that much later than the Oregon vs. USC game that is sure to have plenty of offensive fireworks. First to 100 wins in sunny So. Cal.

-How will Florida respond after its first loss of the season? Chances are pretty good that the Gators take care of business at home against Missouri, but we'll see what kind of mindset the team has one week after the deflating loss.

-Ditto for Oklahoma who travels to Iowa State. The Cyclones have put up some very good fights this year and are likely catching a Sooner team sorely disappointed about its lot in life. The game of psychology can be so unpredictable.

-Is it just me or is Texas A&M getting more recognition this year? You have to wonder what kind of fate the Aggies would of had in the Big Twelve this year, and you also have to wonder if they would be so well respected if not rubbing elbows with the SEC royalty. Just sayin....

-Speaking of which, TAMU gets a shot at another ranked SEC team this week in the form of Mississippi State. Let's call this game the "will the real SEC team please stand up bowl" because it's hard to really tell what kind of team either is. The Bulldogs have really only played ‘Bama and got their doors blown off, while the Aggies haven't really beaten anyone of note either despite playing Johnny football.

-Just how healthy is Denard Robinson as he travels to Minneapolis? One thing is for certain, the frosty air and resulting hard ground won't make for a bed of roses for Shoelace. Doesn't it feel a lot like Robinson keeps dodging the big injury? Let's hope he is healthy and provides some entertaining moments down the stretch run of his career.

-Sleeper game of the week: TCU at West Virginia. The Mountaineers are a far cry from the point a minute squad that started the season, and seem to have lost their urge to hunt. WVU might be ripe for an upset.

-Stanford at Colorado: Poor Colorado. That is all.

-What will the Irish do for an encore of last week? The Domers had their biggest win in arguably ten years and will have to now avoid the proverbial letdown. Pitt has not been a shin-basher this year, but don't count out a spirited effort against a ND team that might be emotionally drained.

-Is Mack Brown heading for as close of a must win situation as one can get this week? His program has now embarked on a three year slump and the natives are getting restless in Austin. To lose to a Texas Tech team after watching A&M get more attention this year will only ratchet up the murmurs of needed change for the Burnt Orange. I mean, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas, especially perception.

-Most underrated game of the week: Nebraska at Michigan State. Sparty may be having a disappointing season, but there are signs that Andrew Maxwell is coming around. The defense never left. Nebraska better come ready to play big-britches ball.

-Indiana has a real shot at knocking off Iowa this week for its second Big Ten win of the year. The game is in Bloomington, and both teams are headed in opposite directions. Scratch that. Iowa's compass appears to be cracked and spinning out of control.

-Can Purdue stop the plunge off of the deep end of the college football cliff it's in the middle of? It's another tough matchup this week against a Penn State team reeling from a spanking at the hands of Ohio State. Advantage PSU.

-Is this the week that Kansas State goes down, or is there still magic in the fingertips and legs of Collin Klein? OSU will pose a challenge with its high flying offense, so viewers beware.

-On that note, if you are a big time college football fan, your remote control may need new batteries from all of the flipping in the 7PM to Midnight time frame. There are three huge tilts you can dial up all at once. Time to plan ahead.

-Underrated game No. 2- Arizona at UCLA. Defense is optional.