Mitchell: Election who plays Bama?
Posted Nov 6, 2012

On election day in America, what team is most likely to "win" the popular vote and end up playing the incumbent Alabama Crimson Tide for the title in Miami?

By Russ Mitchell
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LIBERAL – How is this anything other than Oregon, which might have one of the most liberal offensive schemes in the history of college football. Willing to try anything once, the Ducks have found a format that's explosive, and they're racking up some big numbers. In my opinion, outside of LSU the Ducks are the only program in America with a legitimate shot of beating the Tide.

LIBERTERIAN – Kansas State espouses to the Libertarian edict of "Maximum Freedom", and see that in the shape of wide open spaces...running as far as their 2012 season will take them. The Wildcats have an explosive rushing attack behind senior quarterback and Heisman candidate, Collin Klein, which has led to the fifth best scoring offense in the land. However, KSU lacks balance, with a passing offense and defense ranked 81 and 91 in the nation, respectively.

CONSERVATIVE – Notre Dame fits in nicely here. They might not be flashy, but they win with a stiff, steady defense – one you presume will be there week in and week out. Their offense leaves a bit to be desired – they tend to rely more on stout defense and faith in turnover margins rather than extravagant progressive strategies. As a result they don't score much, and often find themselves trailing…having to fight from behind.

GREEN PARTY – For a number of reasons we'll call this one for Florida. Obviously, Gators share the same color and they live in the Swamp... Unfortunately for the Gators, green is the color of spring and football is played in the fall; Florida's season seems to have mirrored that. The Gators started off with great success by running the ball first, second and third. In their past two games – both close contests (including the Party loss), the Gators have thrown on 41% of their offensive plays – a losing strategy for the 2012 election season.

INDEPENDENTS – Georgia beat the Gators less than two weeks ago…and followed that up with a convincing home victory over a better Ole Miss team than Florida's sputtering effort in the Swamp vs. a one-SEC-win Mizzou squad. They still have a Hail Mary's chance with a win over both schools from the state of Alabama. CFN's Week 10 ranking had LSU above both Notre Dame AND Georgia even with two loses, and there are many outside of the bayou state that feel that way about the 2012 Tigers.

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